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Haredim plan kosher bus line to Western Wall
Uri Gilhar
Published: 03.12.08, 09:14
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1. no problem - but put the women in front !!
gh   (12.03.08)
2. Sick, sick, sick....
Olej Gamur ,   Israel and USA   (12.03.08)
adi ,   israel   (12.03.08)
4. I ride the no1 bus to the Kottel often
rebecca ,   modiin   (12.03.08)
And the black coats push and shove more than anyone. I too do not want to touch or be touched by strange men but they don't respect my space. All this could be defused with a bit of mutual respect. And by the way - not all Haradim are Anti-Zionist. Ynet too could have some respect and truth.
5. "The number one enemy of haredi Judaism".
DkS ,   J'lem, IL   (12.03.08)
The biggest enemy of Haredi Judaism are the extreme Haredim themselves. They cannot take a bus like any normal person? Let them walk or arrange their own transportation. Giving in to all sorts of fanatical demands will only lead to more.
6. let them take taxis
A ,   Jerusalem   (12.03.08)
There was nothing mehadrin about the way I was treated when I "mistakenly" got on the No 1 bus at the front so I could pay...
7. A "kosher" bus?
Cameron ,   USA   (12.03.08)
Too much, man.
8. Good for them!
Dave   (12.03.08)
Egged's policy should be the peoplle's want's and needs. Here are a group of people who are spending money (a.k.a. 'a market') with this company and would like a line that fits ther custom. Pure capitalism just like kosher cell-phones.
9. Separate buses
Religious Woman ,   Jerusalem   (12.03.08)
I don't like having to enter the bus from the front and walk a gauntlet of men to reach the back. Recently, I got on a bus that had ONE man on every row of seats throughout the entire bus. Where was I to sit even in the back? On primarily secular buses I've been fondled and once even attacked with fists. WOMEN NEED THEIR OWN BUSES LIKE IN JAPAN!!
10. How Can A Bus Be Kosher?
Lawrence Tendler ,   ZEFAT ISRAEL   (12.03.08)
I love the ultra-orthodox dearly but they sometimes pervert judaism,unfortunately.Same goes for kosher Toilet Paper etc.
11. Amtisemitism At The Bus Stop
Lawrence Tendler ,   ZEFAT ISRAEL   (12.03.08)
I once had a traumatic anti-semitic experience.I was waiting for a Bus when a stranger approached me and asked" When is the next bus Jew?" .I replied with a string of insults.Come to think of it,maybe he meant when is the next Bus due? Ha..ha...Ha....Lighten up Folks.
12. Separate bus lines paid 4 by those who want them...
this is yet another attack against the State of Israel -- maybe haven't they figured out that free wheeling capitalism doesn't always work - really look at the mess in America. but if they want their own bus lines and are welling to pay for it then let them go for it! but then let them be sure that they never come asking for our tax shekels to fund their insanity!
13. Waste of Money
Arielush ,   Ramat Ha Golan   (12.03.08)
Don't they have anything better to do with their money. Do we need more vehicles clogging Jerusalem? Next we'll be having separate side walks for men and women. G-d gave them 2 legs. Let them walk or ride a bike.
14. Great idea, now can we keep them off public transport?
Avi ,   Ramat Gan   (12.03.08)
good idea, let them start their own buses and hopefully their own airlines. Now they can not cause anymore trouble on public transport, which so far has included physically attacking women and causing riots on board aircraft. They are obvioulsy not capable of behaving like human beings and the men seem to have some kind of mental disorder in the ability to control their sexual urges at the site of a womans elbow. Good news lets ban them from Egged and El AL.
15. This nonsense.....
Reuven ,   Israel   (12.03.08)
This nonsense must be nipped in the bud, before it takes a hold like fundamentalist Islam.
16. Heard About The Halal Bus?
Lawrence Tendler ,   Safed Israel   (12.03.08)
Could only travel to Mecca.....
17. The Promiscuous Bus
Lawrence Tendler ,   Safed Israel   (12.03.08)
Everybody rode it.....
18. haredi wanted my seat & meal on a plane
zionist forever   (12.03.08)
I am sick to death of the haredi. I was traveling ELAL once I was sitting in the isle next to a couple of other men while in the centre of the middle row was a haredi who had a woman on one side of him. He then asked the stewerdes if she would get me to change seats with him. I refused I had spesificly requested an aisle seat he was in the middle so she told this very disgruntled rabbi who wanted her to find him a seat elsewhere which she said she could not do. So we are flying along and its meal time. I had ordered glat kosher and they serve the glat earlier than regular kosher. So he calls the stewerdes tells her he wants glat and she tells him there are non. Turns out he booked his flght late and you have to pre order it. So the guy then asked to change meals with me. I again told him no basicly because I was hungry they were serving me now him later. In the end the guy only ate the salad that came with his meal. Whats the problem as long as its kosher? I am sick of the haredi who think the world should revolve around them and what they want. If they want their own bus service fine then let them pay for it but dont expect any subsidy. Without the money of a company like Egged behind it this little bus service will close down very quick because it wont be able to afford to carry on paying the drivers, the gas and maintenence costs. Its easy to raise money to set up the infastructure but once its up and running either the prices will have to be very high or artificialy low meaning the service will have to run at a loss. Egged I am sure wont be feeling to worried about a small haredi kosher bus line especialy considering it will soon be out of business. Bus rides in Israel may be unpleasent experiences pushing and shoving jam packed alot of the time but if its all there is then you just accept it just the way you accept having to sit next to a woman on a plane and having to eat a kosher rather than glat kosher meal.
19. Nothing Kosher here
Jewish grandmother ,   Israel   (12.03.08)
I dont remember that the Torah was given to a rigidly sex-separated People at Sinai. Renewed calls for sex segregated public transport are just repeated attempts to force extreme attitudes of an extreme Jewish sect onto the general public. They want to pay for their own private buses to conform with their prejudices, fine, dont drag Egged into this mistaken religiousity.
20. intolerance is wrong
It is very sad to see the inciteful wording used in your article in Ynet, as well as the extreme intolerance of some your readership. Secular intolerance is just as wrong as any other form of hatred. The majority of us Charedi Jews are tax-paying, law abiding, peaceful citizens who raise many Jewish citizens in this country. We have the right, as you seculars have the right, to organize some private service to serve our needs, quite different than your own. But you won't need to, because your preferences are often catered to--movie theaters, discos, public theaters, posters that 10 yrs ago were deemed inappropriate. Let the charedim live and do their work of retaining the Jewish majority in the Zionist State, and find another culprit for your inciteful intolerance.
21. Kosher Bus,Egged But No Bacon
Lawrence Tendler ,   Safed Israel   (12.03.08)
22. Farce
Michael ,   Haifa   (12.03.08)
In the never ending farcical travesty of the State of Israel, we now have buses that either chew the cud and have cloven hoof, or alternatively, sport fins and scales
23. #20 Earth to 20
Arielush ,   Ramat Ha Golan   (12.03.08)
Yes, we do have our cinemas, posters, and lewd clothing because we do happen to be the majority. As for intolerance, we don't spit on Harredim, spray acid on their clothing, or gun whip them into lewd clothing. They are the ones who are intolerant of us.
24. #17 Parallel Experience
Arielush ,   Ramat Ha Golan   (12.03.08)
We had the misfortune to share a row of three seats with a Harredi. He sat next to him. My husband sat next to the window so he wouldn't have to sit next to me. The entire journey, his friend almost sat in my lap so he could chat with his friend. We offered to change seats but no he had to sit next to the window. Imagine sitting in the shadow of undeodorized arm pit all the way to Kennedy. To add insult to injury he asked me if I could turn off the movie. It was offensive. My days of tolerance are over.
25. It's called liberty
gaggingongolus ,   New York USA   (12.03.08)
If those haredim have the means to set up their own private bus line then col hakavod! Those who want such buses should use them. If they have a need and it is not met by others in the market place then here is an opportunity to get what they want, possibly generate a job or two and maybe even some money for their community (one can always hope).
26. And how is this private bus purchase newsworthy?
KettleWhistle ,   (12.03.08)
Shlomo   (12.03.08)
28. mixed journeys of promiscuity every day
Talula ,   Israel   (12.03.08)
OH. MY. GOD!! That's the funniest thing EVER!!!! Have they absolutely NO restraint? It's not as though those women are wearing low cut shirts and everyone can see their rack!! They are dressed head to toe in unflattering and dowdy clothes. Guess they simply cannot but CANNOT resist the urge to peek! Idiots! Now they want donations to pay for their mental state of mind. Really, they are society misfits of the highest order.
29. #21 you are just not funny - don't give up your day job
LW ,   Israel   (12.03.08)
30. Equality guarantee before law affirmed
H.H.M. ,   Isarel / Jerusalem   (12.03.08)
Equality guarantee before law affirmed State of Israel is based in all its laws on equality of mankind irrespective of gender and origin. Consequently such officially made demands for gender segregated public transport are unlawful in every respect and also do not allow for any public subsidizes out of State or publicly recognized funds.- Gender divided public transport which is being already operated against basic laws should be forced to return the already paid subsidizes for this lines as well as licenses for public transport used with gender restriction should be cancelled immediately. Equality before State of Israel’s law must be maintained.
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