Last defendant in Ze’evi murder case gets 30 years in prison
Aviad Glickman
Published: 01.12.08, 15:39
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1. Don't unpack - you'll be out soon.
Talula ,   Israel   (12.01.08)
2. big deal,gangster olmert will release him soon
chaim ,   brooklyn ny   (12.01.08)
3. ze'evi killers
alexi   (12.01.08)
No problem-Olmert will soon realize all of them. he loves abbas, he will concede everthing, as he told bush who asked why would you trust syria -he had no answer the sh**ck that he is. Meantims, Livni, who is weak, sits there and can't get up the nerve to push olmert out beyond weak wors. Its hard to beleive how weak israeli leaders appear to the outside world. Why didn't all the mks stay away from olmert's cabinet sunday meeting? Most of them sat there and nodded in approval before defendant Olmert called the shots. Even Barak, who reports are now indicating had his military records inflated and protected to appear like a war hero, when in practise, his conduct is that of a detached military coward. Ge t his, he was not in favor of the bombing of the syrian nuclear site. Olmert had to prevail over him. Can you believe that about him.
4. Zeevi murderer's sentence
Alon Bart ,   Jerusalem, ISRAEL   (12.01.08)
He is probably already part of the 250 Olmert is giving to Abbas. Might as well not get too comfy in your cell cuz you will be home for the weekend, buddy.
5. He Will Be Home For Christmas
Lawrence ,   zefat Israel   (12.01.08)
I'm not sure which Christmas though.
6. Terrorists murderers should be sentenced to death.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (12.01.08)
The State Attorney’s Office seems not to have been bothered by the fact that terrorists with blood on their hands continue to constitute a grave danger to the civil population. Quite simply, the rarified intellectual and moral universe that Menahem Mazuz and his fellow prosecutors inhabit is not the intellectual and moral universe that most Israelis live in. The prosecutors live in a world in which morality is an abstract issue, best adjudicated by professors, judges and themselves in the name of enlightened humanism. More at :
7. till olmert's next good will gesture
Bernie ,   formerly Seattle   (12.01.08)
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