Will hunger stop rockets?
Orly Noy
Published: 01.12.08, 19:40
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1. 'Aza if Filled with goods....
rachel ,   chutz4now   (12.01.08)
There has been stock piles of huge amout of foods and other goods as late as 19 November 2008! UN 1373 REQUIRES action against NAMED terror states! 'Aza is KNOWN to be ruled by HAMAS. FATAH is as well. By my reading, it is NOT Israel breaking he rules. READ this as well: The UN's obsession with demonizing Israel By Jeff Jacoby Globe Columnist / November 30, 2008
2. Orly you are right!
M   (12.01.08)
We should send them money for every kassam they send us, not only that but the 250 terrorists we released is not enough, for each kassam 50 terrorists go, it's only fair not Orly? I'm happy to see how an Israeli woman is so worried about the well being of terrorists families who have 80% voted for the great government they have. And of course we should listen to whatever anyone who wants Israel destroyed and also do their bids. You are probably voting Kadima.
3. am I missing something?
Just a Guy ,   CA, USA   (12.01.08)
Aren't these the same people who voted for an organization who's stated goal was annihilaiton of Israel? Shouldn't resources invested in rockets (targeted on random Israeli civilians) be invested in food/productive developement instead? Ought not the responsibility for the suffering of palestinian children be laid at the hands of their parents rather than those trying to defend themselves from these people? Funny how you want to tie the hands of the Israelis but not the palestinians. 9/11 wasn't that long ago for me and I haven't forgotten the cheering of those palestinian children you seem to be so worried about.
4. And to answer your question
Just a Guy ,   CA, USA   (12.01.08)
Yes, hunger will stop the rockets provided the hunger is sufficiently severe. An example from American Civil War history is when Sherman finally persuaded the South to stop fighting through through the use of 'total war' (e.g., starvation, etc.). This would work for Israel too and in the long run would result in fewer Palestinian deaths and reduced suffering for everyone.
5. Expulsiomn of Azatim to Egypt will stop the Rockets
Tomer ,   Herzeliyya   (12.01.08)
6. Noy should go live in Sderot (where all Leftists belong)
Jo ,   Karmiel   (12.01.08)
7. Nonsense--was it immoral to blockade Europe in WW2?
David ,   Montreal Canada   (12.01.08)
8. she is right...
Chris ,   Warsaw Poland   (12.01.08)
Even if Egypt is co-responsible, it does not exempt Israel from the responsibility. Even if Gaza has tunnels, it does not wash away the fact,that Israel is playing with fire of inducing humanitarian catastrophe.Even if Hamas staged some power cuts to make Israel look worse,it does not change that simple fact,that it is Israel which decided to block the transfer of most basic food and continues it. This time blaming the critics for the alleged antisemitism has absolutely no grounding.This is crossing a thin red line and playing with state terrorism.Sorry to say it...
9. Hunger in Gaza
Leon Rogson ,   Los Angeles, CA, USA   (12.01.08)
The responsibility for the rocket attacks is Hamas's, the responsibility to feed their people is also Hamas's. Lets concentrate on their infringements on our citizen's rights to lead a safe life, before we worry about their citizens. Leon
10. Correct, A Large Military Op Is Required
Ben S ,   Brooklyn   (12.01.08)
Absolutelt correct. While having a Terrorist group that openly calls for Israels destruction in its charter and are responsible for the purposeful murders of Israelis all over Israel targeted just because they are Jews and that fires rockets often at Israeli cities at random. Israel respondes by closing borders for a day or 2. The response obviously must be AT LEAST creating a BUFFER ZONE WITHIN THE TERRORIST ENTITY.
11. And what about Israelis in Sedrot?
Ariel ,   Tel Aviv   (12.01.08)
12. Great idea from the left
Yed Lita ,   USA   (12.01.08)
encourage rockets by giving them food and fuel. that's basically the idea of this artickle. i bet hamas couldn't agree more with those so-called liberals.
13. Trashy, deceptive article from an arrogant shrew
Jake   (12.01.08)
Blaming Israel for the collapse of a "ceasefire" with Hamas, marked by frequent rocket barrages and Hamas attempts to build more tunnels into Israel to abduct more Israelis? Blaming Israel for the failure of Gilad Shalit to be released for "failing to meet Hamas' demands"? Orly Noy, you are nothing more than a fraud, and an amateur one at that, with a big mouth to boot. Never have I seen someone so arrogant without a cause. What a charlatan.
14. The world public opinion would have all the Jews dead, to
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (12.01.08)
hell with what the world think. Ignore bimbos who want to negotiate with terrorists, you don't bargain with them you kill them.
15. To miss Orly
Salomoni ,   Montreal, Canada   (12.01.08)
You critisize ...but offer no solution. In fact, to be honest, I don't believe there is a solution. There will never be peace with arabs because it is a religeous impossibility , unless arabs leave islam and that is unlikely to happens anytime soon. A hudna, yes/maybe, but nothing more. You don't save people that wants to kill you. Period. As for the so called international community? LOL. Are you jewish? Do you live in Sderot? Do you have family that was murdered during the Holocaust? Are you a demagogue? Please!!
16. Orly Noy
Don Saliman ,   Nahal Oz, Israel   (12.02.08)
Why should Israel be the only country in the world to help an enemy that wants to destroy the State of Israel and it's citizens and that includes you that they want dead?
17. Firing missiles into Israel is moral...
Matityahu ,   Slovenia   (12.01.08)
...according to your half brain article.
18. Are you freaking kidding me?
J K ,   NYC, USA   (12.02.08)
Hamas and Islamic Jihad will shoot missiles at Israel whether or not they let supplies go through the crossings. I wont lose any sleep over the people starving there. Supplies surely get siphoned off by the 'government' there to manufacture more 'crises' such as hunger, etc. It would seem Israel cant force Hamas to stop the shooting. Maybe the cries of their own subject will when they cant get enough food to feed their kids. The only ones making them suffer is Hamas.
19. i knew it
Fadi ,   Beirut   (12.01.08)
Thank you orly ,i am sure that not all the jews are bad ..you are a good example of a good jew , the non zionist Rabbi (the victim of the indian terror attacks ) is another example . on behalf of my people ...thank you both again . thank you for the rabbi's family for fullfilling his wishes and making a point very well taken in the hearts of all the arabs and muslims ,not to be wrapped in an Israeli flag.. wow what an excellent PR from a true man of God who has had his heart and ethics in the right place .
20. Plenty of food in Gaza
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (12.01.08)
Who is such an idiot to believe these lies? Lauren Booth, Tony Blair's sister-in-law, was crying about "concentration-camp-like conditions" in Gaza even as she was posing for picures in lush gardens, grocery stores with shelves loaded with food (much of it from Israel, with Hebrew labels on the packages), and cafes with tables full of fat people shoveling delicacies down their gullets. Don't get me started on the "meetings in candle-light" with broad sunlight blinking through the drawn curtains.
21. Go cry us a river, Orly.
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (12.01.08)
Israel had no responsibility for Gaza's welfare before 1967. It has none now. Gaza is in a state of active warfare against Israel, and Israel is in the right to do what it must to protect its citizenry. If a siege is necessary, than so be it. A siege is a legitimate tool in warfare. That said, Israel is conducting what must be the most benign "siege" in history. All Gaza needs to do to end the siege is lay down their arms and surrender. But liberal nut-jobs like Noy would never demand they do such a thing. Thus they're complicit in the conflict's continuation.
22. Gazans elect Hamas; suffer consequences
Daniel ,   Los Angeles, USA   (12.01.08)
Israel has no obligation to nourish its combatant enemy. On the contrary, it would be immoral for Israel to do so.
23. Stop lying!
KettleWhistle ,   israelforum.com   (12.01.08)
Feeding Arabs is NOT Israel's responsibility.
24. What planet does Orly Noy come from?
JPS ,   Efrat   (12.01.08)
Not the same one we live on, that's for sure. Doesn't anybody proofread this drivel? Noy talks about Israeli violating the lull after 5 months. Duh?!?!? HELLO ORLY NOY!!! IS ANYBODY AWAKE IN YOUR BRAIN? Somebody please tell Orly Noy about the dozens of kassam rockets and mortar rounds fired from Gaza in the last 5 months. This article is full of errors and mistruths and is an insult to the readers' intelligence. Not to mention, of course, her total failure to mention the Palestinian war crimes of indiscriminate firing of thousands of anti-personnel weapons at Israeli civilians. Don't blame me, I didn't call it war crimes, Amnesty International did - and they're a LOT more credible than Noy' is. Poorly written, sloppily researched and weakly argued articles have no place on any website, let alone YNET.
25. How cool I am
Ignacio ,   Madrid, Spain   (12.01.08)
Bla, bla, bla, more topics here, bla bla... to hell with all the Jews, I am cool, bla bla, I have a radio nobody listens that would be labeled anti-Semitic if I were German, bla bla... my work for the Revolutionary Guard is better paid, bla bla. BTW the ICourt cannot judge Israel cause it has no legal authority to do so. As the rest of the "column", air and only air.
26. International law
Raphael ,   Netanya   (12.01.08)
I never heard, in the whole military history, that an attacked sovereign state had to supply the attacker with food, fuel, monkeys for the zoo, viagra to produce more human bombs, leftist whores for the warriors comfort.
27. no fuel
Flafel oil as fuel for rocket
28. subtitle wrong, should read: Gaza Strip firing of rockets
Fred Nerks ,   Wagga Wagga, Aus.   (12.01.08)
'Gaza Strip firing of rockets is immoral, won’t put an end to blockade' !!! you got it sooooooo twisted, sista! "There is something horrifying about the ease with which an Israeli defense minister can, by uttering a few words, disrupt the daily lives of about a million and a half people."" NO! should say: "There is something horrifying about the ease with which Hamas chieftains can, by uttering a few words, disrupt the daily lives of about a million and a half people AS WELL AS THE CIVILIAN POPULATION IN ISRAEL'S SOUTH" oh yeah, Orly Noy, you forgot to mention them . . .
29. Too stupid for words.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (12.01.08)
Out & out brain-dead.
30. Tears for Terrorists (tm)
Bob Golfarb ,   Miami, Florida   (12.01.08)
Is it moral to randomly missle innocent people? Do their launchers honestly believe that this will improve their circumstances? Are you kidding me? Are you for real? Where do you people dream up this garbage?
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