Livni: We won't permit Wild West in Hebron
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 03.12.08, 20:44
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1. Of course you'll permit it
George W ,   Washington DC   (12.03.08)
Settlers have been doing the Wild West act in the West Bank for 41 years now. The Israeli government trips all over itself to support the building of more settlements, roads, roadblocks, and everything else, while looking the other way while radical settlers commit absolutely vile, loathsome thuggery. Every now and then the government frets and says stupid things like "Israel cannot be a country that includes Wild West areas" but apart from possibly a brief arrest here or there, the government does absolutely nothing about it.
2. What's this "All citizens are subject to the law" nonsense?
George W ,   Washington DC   (12.03.08)
"Under no circumstances should a civilian hit a soldier"? True enough. Also, according to the law nobody should steal land from someone else or beat them up or cut down their olive trees or anythine else that settlers do on a daily basis while the IDF sits by watching.
3. wild west
colin   (12.03.08)
Livni wont allow the wild west in Israel She is afraid the westerners(pioneers) will send her to cook and look aftre the children. OOPs Livni compares brave pioneers to her cowardly minister of evictions barak and wishes some sheriff will bring some order in this mess in hebron.WHO WILL BE SHERIFF???? Ltes call on amnesty international!! Maybe peace now?? Hang on the leftest media has the most means to twist and lie.
4. Why are arabs given Carte Blanch?
Yoni ,   Chiloquin   (12.03.08)
So arabs riot more violently against the fence but "oh those right wing scoundrels"? Not to mention left wing protests that incite arabs to escalate violence, where is the tough rhetoric for the left? No, this is a left wing government that knows the support of the majority is for the right and against any land for peace schemes. Livni and company are doing their best forestall the inevitable Kadima slide into obscurity by attacking the only viable resistance to arab aggression.
5. Agree on borders with Palestinians and Wild West ends
Bufallo Bill ,   Quiet East   (12.03.08)
6. So it is okay for a soldier to hit a civilian?
jason white ,   afula,israel   (12.03.08)
To throw Jews out of their houses and to beat Jewish children? To destroy Jewish houses to please the arabs and this evil coalition? I want to vote for a political party that will t ry and punish this coalition of cowards and traitors. I want a political party to stand up and say we will make sure that there will never be a coalition like the present one again. The kadima, labor, sh-ass and gil parties and their members will be be banned from politics forever and family members of this coalition will also be banned from politics.
7. It is just about time that someone dealt with this!
This people are lawless and fiesty! Time to teach them a lesson!
8. But we will in Gaza for those in Sderot
Marcel ,   Florida   (12.03.08)
What worthless cowards who have great courage to go after fellow Jew's who only want to live in their homes but turn a blind eye to the immediate Gaza threat. When the wicked are in authority ,the people mourn.
9. Lame duck Livni says:
Juan ,   Spain   (12.03.08)
...civilians 'must under no circumstances hit soldiers' I would just say to her: These people are standing up for the land which was won by Israel's soldiers, and you and your party wish to give away to the enemy. All in a false agreement for a false peace. Just like the 'peace' in Gaza.
10. Livni: We won't permit Wild West in Hebron
Yonatan ,   Jerusalem   (12.03.08)
but we will allow arab mk's to continue breaking the law
11. To Jason White: Just Frustrated People
Dav Lev ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (12.03.08)
To Jason White: I am a proud US born Jew..(both parents Jewish). I am also an activist for Israel's thriving and survival. I believe in Zionism (one small state for my Jewish brethren, in this violent world). However, Israel IS a democracy. It must be a nation of laws, and not men. Allowing all the violence since Oslo 1..has just aggravated the turmoil. Protests at the fence, lawlessness by some Arab-Israelis, permissive tolerance of Kassams, back and forth incusions into Gaza with no end, continual freeing of people like Kuntar, countryclub prisons, Barghouti's possible release (he should have been hung), the "disengagement", all tolerance galore. It's time Israel acted like a mature country, not, condone as Livni correctly said, the wild west. Israel has become a country of anarchy..with no end in sight.
12. LOL..."we won't permit wild west" BUT..
Zev in NY ,   Israel   (12.03.08)
...we will continue to release Palestinian prisoners (for nothing in return) many of whom have blood on their hands. example: Famed Jew killer Samir Kuntar who now trains with Hezbollah and claims he will not rest until every Jew is killed! But hey, what is balance?? Abbas the guy Israel calls a 'man of peace' has yet to change his charter of hate and refuses to take down his santioned poster which shows all of Israel, Palestine. Heavens forbid though we treat our own people with such a broad stroke of whitewashing and forgiveness!!! I am more or less a liberal somewhat secular Israeli and even I can say this horrible treatment of ones own will not come without a huge price from above.
13. marcel when will u & ur opinions come on aliyah?
because you know for a Floridian cracker prisoner you sure have a great deal of opinions!
14. Serving Israel's interests ?
Marcel ,   Florida   (12.03.08)
The Gang of Four, Livni,Barak,Olmert and Peres work for foreign interests and not Israel.This is why Hamas in gaza are safe and the Jews of Hevron are not.
16. Good Cop Bad Cop
Lawrence ,   Zefat Israel   (12.03.08)
I do not wish to elaborate but I am not fooled.
17. Earth To Livni
Lawrence Tendler ,   Zefat Israel   (12.03.08)
This is the Middle EAST not the Wild WEST.
18. 1701+kassams+undemolished terrorist homes
trumpeldor ,   eurabai   (12.03.08)
livni: you are the outlaw leader with olmert
19. There Once Was A Lady Named Tzipi
Lawrence Tendler ,   Safed Israel   (12.03.08)
Who could sometimes be rather "dippy" , She Said "look here I know best, we won't permit the Wild West so don't you settlers start to get Lippy"....
20. soldiers beating the hell out of women and children is ok
Abby ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (12.03.08)
Like the Federman's - she didn't say a word about that.
21. The State is Above God
Marcel ,   Florida   (12.03.08)
This is what the arrogant politicians assume. They are in foir a rude awakening because there is Someone higher and more powerful than they. The corrupt Israeli leadership assume they are above God and this is why they make war against the Jews of Hevron who have a higher law they put before the corrupt criminals who rule Israel to ruin .
22. When It Comes to Harming Jews
Erich ,   Liberated Jerusalem   (12.04.08)
Livni and her Kadima comrades suddenly become resolute. Elections now!!
23. YESHA'YAHU 10:1-4
David ,   USA   (12.04.08)
"Woe to those who enact unjust decrees and draft oppressive legislation to deprive the impoverished of justice and rob my people's poor of their rights. Looting widows and preying on orphans! What will you do on the day of punishment, when calamity comes from afar? To whom will you flee for help? Where will you leave your wealth, so as not to squat among the prisoners or fall among the slain?" If were Livny or Olmert or Perez or Barak, I would be giving this some thought.
24. shuld call them right-wing jewish terrorist in Hebron,
sami ,   son of yaffa   (12.04.08)
not right wing jewish activists.
25. You are all* insane! (response to: #1-#21)
Avinoam ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (12.04.08)
*almost all. All just sounds better. I list the exceptions below. :) What part of "All citizens are subject to the law and under no circumstances should a civilian hit a soldier. Political and social leadership in Israel, and particularly leadership that has influence among that group, must be clear and condemn it, because otherwise the phenomenon won't disappear." doesn't make sense to you? No matter what your background or agenda. Does it matter that Livni said it? Does it matter that it is in the context of this dispute in Hebron? Livni is absolutely right. I only hope her words are not empty. Exceptions: #1,#2: you're right, but some omission paints an inaccurate picture. #10: we shouldn't, but how is that relevant? #11: you got it right. (recommended) #12: not exactly sure about your post. you make a good point about balance, but "a huge price from above" seems to indicate that you're not all that secular. And who is treating who badly? Agreed that in-fighting is bad for us Jews, but that applies to the settlers more than the soldiers. The soldiers have no personal agenda in this, they're merely a tool of the government. If you have a complaint take it to the government. #15: in theory you are correct, but the police is powerless on this scale. Also, the territories are technically military zones, so do in fact fall under a IDF jurisdiction. #20: you don't offer a reasonable alternative. Soldiers that act incorrectly, or any sanctioning of such actions, should be dealt with. Yet this does not nullify the authority of the IDF. Other responses: #3: yee-haw! #4: I really doubt that Arabs are given carte blanch. Even so, your solution is anarchy? Well done, let's burn the country to the ground. #5: Well done. Let's solve world hungry too. Honestly, I think that would be easier. #6: The short answer is yes. The long answer is more complicated but also quite obvious. Soldiers and the police do have the authority to use force in certain situations. Civilians have no such authority. #7: yes, and? who? #8: "who only want to live in their homes" - lies, there is a clear Zionist agenda here. I have no problem with that, but don't pretend it is something else. #9: and you don't notice the irony that soldiers are being hit? #14: it sounds like a conspiracy theory to me. Corrupt? Maybe. Confused? Definitely. Deliberate sabotage? Not likely. #16: I get what you're saying, but I think your point is lost without elaboration. #17: Yes, here we load our 6-shooters with low grade uranium bullets. #21: Yes, the state is above god, but this has nothing to do with Hebron. Pointless or unsubstantiated: #5, #8, #9, #10, #13, #16, #18 Simply incoherent or amusingly insane: #3, #6, #7, #17, #19, #21
26. "Wild West"
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (12.03.08)
Livni agreed to anti-Jewish pogroms in Acco. Livni agreed to ethnic cleansing of Pki'in by rioting Arabs. Livni agreed to the weekly Wild West in Bilin and Na'alin. Livni agreed to the Wild West, serving under a corrupt Prime Minister who is under criminal investigation and a Vice Prime Minister who sat in jail for sexually assaulting a girl.
JEWISH VOICE VOICE ,   ..............DACON9   (12.03.08)
28. George W. #1
YHWH's servant   (12.04.08)
George W., who are you to lecture the Jews about settlements? Aren't you a hypocrite and a low life scoundrel? Your Crawford, Texas ranch is situated on land stolen from Mexico. For that matter, the entire north American continent was wrested from Native Americans who were wronged by your European forebears and usurpers. Who are you, George W., to lecture the Jews about land?
29. the Palestinians made them do it!
Edithann ,   USA   (12.04.08)
Love it..just love it, love it, love it... what I really love is how you all are in collective did it guys..and now you are blaming others.. I know, the Palestinians made you do it...because they wouldn't give you their homes and lands.. TATA
30. the olmert / Livni / Barak regome created this problem
zionist forever   (12.04.08)
The jews legaly own Peace House the courts have confirmed that. The government is creating the cinflict by its attempt to evict the jews to satisfy the palestinians. Just like Olmert the would be next PM puts arabs before jews and then blames it all on the jews.
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