Senior security official: Youths in Hebron motivated by hatred
Efrat Weiss
Published: 04.12.08, 00:55
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1. what's not to hate about this gov't?
Fary   (12.04.08)
Please, enough already, these evil clowns complain that patriots hate them.
2. Does this security official double as a psychologist..
LEE ,   NY, USA   (12.04.08)
This is Ynet's source for determining the settler's motivation? Maybe his comments are motivated by hatred?
3. barak has turned from war hero to terrorist against Jews.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (12.04.08)
This has been is stirring up trouble looking for leftist votes. Leave the peace house alone, let barak go away, peace will reign. Sharon was a total failure with Gush Katif and the settlers are not going like a lamb to the slaughter again.
4. Well then get the water canons and rout them out!
5. Ariel wanted West Bank settled by Jews!
Aaron ,   Israel   (12.04.08)
Olmert is Corrupt, Kadima has failed!, we want new leadership!
6. libel
Chana ,   NY, USA   (12.04.08)
The sheer corrosive libel YNET is spewing horrifies me. The way details are misconstrued, with complete bias against the settlers, only serves to prove why Israel cannot make peace. I wonder why there is no further coverage on the teenager who is in critical condition from being stoned by an Arab.... might that possibly burst a bubble you're so careful to maintain? Might it shed some reality-check on the actual nature of the situation? I don't deny that there are violent youths in the Peace House - youths from broken homes - and I will not excuse them, but that is NO excuse to paint ALL people who side with Hebron as fundamentalist rabid violent haters. If you have such hatred for other Jews, other Israelis - then there is no chance of peace between Jews and Arabs. You simply fuel their fire to incite even more against Israelis, because they know that you relish in the downfall of Israelis who believe differently than you do. We all know, deep in our hearts, that the actions of the Court were wrong. We know that Jews bought this house, fair and clear, and the movement against them is simply a political statement, an act of control. I am so disappointed in Israel, in Ynet, in people who hate, in people who spread hate.
Aharon   (12.04.08)
This is ridiculous! STOP HANDLING THEM WITH KIDS GLOVES! If these were Palestinians you can be sure these riots would have already been dispersed long ago - now send in the riot police, clear them out, AND ENFORCE THE COURT'S ORDER ALREADY. This isn't optional - in this country we follow the law. Whether or not the court's ruling was just, it needs to be enforced by the state. Stop cowering in the corner afraid to touch the settlers, the time has come to show them that if they want to live in this country they had better start respecting it and following its laws - otherwise deport them.
8. Sadly, after the Disengagement, many of the 'Jews' have ...
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (12.04.08)
Sadly, after the Disengagement, many of the 'Jews' have embraced the very 'Jew' versus 'Israeli' lingo. While it is not commonplace, some religious Zionists proclaim: "I am not a Tzioni, leave that for the Israelis, those who kick Jews out of homes and bash our children's heads in Amona like Cossacks." Without realizing it, the religious Zionist who embraces the 'Jew' vs. 'Israeli' lexicon is a victim of a propaganda aimed at destroying him by cutting him off from the state he helped build and defend. Instead of relinquishing his Israeli identity, he would be better off saying the truth: it is the post-Zionists who have lost their Israeli self. The settlers, the strong Jews of Israel are the real pioneers, the real Israelis. In order to know more about the rights of settlers :
9. it is normal
nayfeh ,   khalil   (12.04.08)
god give us the life but most of the people deny it .and when any one have something by the rule even it is not his right he think it is his right want to defened it hate any one want to return it even by another rule ... my father inlow took money from my husbound and built a house gave it to the younger son . the younger son hate his brother and father said that it is his home he paid for evry stone .. he believes that and want the others to believe that .. it is not selfish it is the normality of people
10. Why does the senior security official hide behind anonymity?
Steve ,   US   (12.04.08)
Such a brave senior security official. He or she hides his or her identity from the whole of Israel. Why? Maybe the Jews have learned the lessons from passivity and turning the other cheek from the Gush Katif experiment? Maybe that is why the Jews feel alienated from this traitorous Kadima government.
Andrew ,   Miami,FL   (12.04.08)
12. Jewish youth....
jason asman ,   boston, mass.   (12.04.08)
They fight NOT because they hate the state, they fight because they love the state.
13. How could Hebron youth hate a nation
Tom Hill ,   Toledo   (12.04.08)
that uses an entire Infantry Brigade to protect them.
14. If the Shoe Fits...
Roy ,   USA   (12.04.08)
If the Rightist IDF haters already hate the military enough to hurt soldiers and police just doing their jobs, GIVE them something to REALLY HATE! Shoot them in their legs, so that they are disabled and prevented from doing dangerous things to soldiers and cops, but not serious enough to kill them! Problem solved!
15. Failed left ,your time is over
Marcel ,   Florida   (12.04.08)
And the jihadists are motivated by ? but you are afraid to say this you security coward. It's time for you to leave After 15 +years of failed land for no peace YOU ARE FIRED . '
16. No not are wrong....Motivated
Mr Lincoln ,   usa   (12.04.08)
by Gush Katif and Amona. They see thousands of Jews kicked out of Gush Katif and they are still Homeless and Jobless. They see the missiles raining down on Sderot, Negev and Ashkelon from former Jewish communities. They know that Fatah is a joke and if Judea and Samaria are handed over to the arabs, Hamas will quickly obtain power and again, former Jewish communities will become bunkers and missile launching points like Gaza and Lebanon. Hatred no...Survival, just Survival.
17. Now Ynet has gone WAY too far with this headline
Adam Eliyahu Berkowi   (12.04.08)
An unnamed source states an unsubstantiated opinion that is straight up slander and whose only intent is to generate hatred and incite violence. This doesn't even pretend to be reporting or anything that should appear in a media source. Get real. After the left wing gets voted out you guys are going to feel like idiots for spouting every stupid quote they handed you in the futile attempt to keep a few seats.
18. Truth: Youths motivated by oppressive govt and crooked court
Adam Eliyahu Berkowi   (12.04.08)
Who do they hate? The state? Even if they hate Olmert, Barak, and Livni, and any other politician that wants to uproot Jews out of their homes, that is not hatred for the state. That would be hatred for a specific poltical party or political movement. Olmert and Kadima are not "the state" (thank god). Hating a decision of the courts is not hating the state. Stating a lie as a headline does not make it true and it doesn't even make it journalism. Shame, shame, shame on you. Get a job and stop taking a paycheck for writing like angry chldren. Do some research, write a few facts, and get a real job
19. why protect the identity of this violent man?
Fair   (12.04.08)
Why is the face of this stone-throwing man scambled in the photo? YNet should expose - not protect - settlers caught on camera committing violence.
20. this hosue has been bought by jews. it is fact.
elie   (12.04.08)
21. Purchased legally - the irony of law
Avinoam ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (12.04.08)
It is quite ironic that in order to defend a house that was "purchased legally" this group resorts to clearly illegal acts, and has complete disregard for the law in general. So what significance does the legality of the purchase actually hold? Absolutely none. The entire fiasco is a criminal use of force by civilians, and nothing more. They don't like the law and see fit to take it into their own hands. I am quite happy to extend the label of criminal to those who are ideologically driven as well, although I am not at all surprised that many of those involved are hooligans for hooliganism's sake alone.
22. Who is acting irresponsably?
David ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.04.08)
This whole article is specious. I didn't know that Dichter was anonymous. They and everyone else that will join and is joining them, are doing it for pure reasons, to save the country. To call them criminal is just plain incitefull and irresponsible. The police say they want to quell this? So, let the truth of its ownership be known. Let the documents, video and audio evidence speak for themselves. The courts, police and government are acting outside the law, so then how can you expect the youth not to follow your example. Both the media and the government are bringing a great disaster upon our people and our country. But how can we expect Olmert, who is about to be indited, care? How can Barak, who is only interested in advancing his political career, care?
23. Ynet violently motivated by self-hatred!
David ,   Shilo ISRAEL   (12.04.08)
24. You Created this monster...
tzioni ,   NY   (12.04.08)
By ignoring the right during Oslo, Blaming the entire Right for the murder of the late Yitzhack Rabin, Throwing them out of Gaza, alowing the state run media to marginilize them. They have no choice but to act like the "opressed Arabs" whom the police and media have so much respect for. Maybe if they use the tactics of the arabs the police and media will begin to respect the opressed Chebroners. You are to blame! And by the way this is the future of the Right. This is the Revolution. These guys are not going anywhere.
26. Youths in Hebron motivated by hatred
israel ,   johannesburg   (12.04.08)
I object to Israel been called a Jewish state. I wish it was, but it’s not. It’s a confused puppy dog – trying so hard to please our enemies – Lying on it back, tail wagging and peeing on its stomach. – while our enemies want the very air we breathe. Pathetic leaders…..Pathetic State!
27. stop the nonsense, right-wing talkbackers
RobertK ,   Jerusalem   (12.04.08)
Right-wing talkbackers who cannot say a bad word against the young hooligans in Hebron damaging property, cursing at soldiers, etc. etc.--very sad that you cannot make elementary distinctions. These jerks ar harming the Right with elections imminent. They don't know or care about that, they have no secular education, just primitive passions and hatreds, they're hoods and losers. If you think being a Jew means attacking the property of someone, any old someone, because he's an Arab, that's really a shame. The settlement enterprise means a dignified endeavor to live in main parts of the Jewish homeland as good neighbors, respecting the rights of all. Try to make distinctions and if you can't, then join the violent, cursing young idiots in Hebron.
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (12.04.08)
It should read security officials and Ynet motivated by hatred. The reporting by the media is bringing back memories of the media in Europe just before another progrom. The incitement , libel and pure hatred ,flow freely from our protecters of Liberalism , with the twisting of facts at an unprecedented level. Our Hellenist will go down to a new level of barbarism to protect their power base , not seen since the days of the Kozaks. While rockets rain down on the Negev , all these fools do is get all worked up about a legally bought house. Our security officials and media rather harrass religious Jews and are itching to draw blood , then to stand up and protect its citizens. These young people love the land and have no connection to the state and its corrupted officials . One can say that many of us have no loyalty nor trust in a state that is based on Hellenist principles. For sure Ynet loves to inflame division and strive , just for their own benefit.
29. This article is libel....why no sources named?
freejay ,   Israel   (12.04.08)
Why is Ynet allowing Mr Weiss to print articles with no sources named? What he is printing surmounts to libel! Ynet shows no responsibility! Disgusting!
30. Ideologically indoctrinated youth
Yehudi ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.04.08)
These young people have been indoctrinated by the messianic ideology of fanatical settler rabbis. This is a serious sickness that Israel has to cure itself of. The leaders of the settler movement incite hatred and they should be arrested and given severe prison sentences. The young people who throw stones and commit hate crimes should also be arrested and put in correctional centers where they can learn true Jewish values and become responsible citizens. Many of them may need psychiatric intervention.
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