Settlers to Ethiopian troops: Niggers don't expel Jews
Danny Adeno Abebe
Published: 04.12.08, 11:39
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31. Funnily Enough Part 2
Lawrence Tendler ,   Safed Israel   (12.04.08)
I said the same thing to Ms.Condoleeza Rice yesterday in one of our regular telephone conversations.Needless to say she was FAR from thrilled.
32. Can this movement sink any lower? ,   Johannesburg, SA   (12.04.08)
Balaclava-clad Jewish youths hurling insults and stones at IDF and Border Police troops? Can this movement sink any lower? Incidents such as this convince me that not only will the Settlement Enterprise fail; it will fail because it deserves to fail. A lifetime ago I believed the settlers to be the heirs to a glorious Zionist legacy. Now I just see one more force aiming to bring Israel to its knees. Maskil Mostly blogging here: my comments at
33. Barak cowardly using Arabs, Druz and blacks
Mike ,   Haifa   (12.04.08)
This is nothing but politicalmove by Barak. Nothing more nothing less.
34. this is so wrong!
oded   (12.04.08)
i'm of the opinon that the house of peace should remain in jewsh hands as it was bought free and clear..... but degrading our borthers to racial slurs is unacceptable!
35. sadly, nothing new here
david ,   nahariya   (12.04.08)
These dumbs, and by that I mean religious people, are known for their racism. The ashkenazim ultras won't even allow sfaradim kids in "their" ganim (kindergarten). It's time to wake up and return religion to where it belongs, together with astrology, mythology, roman gods and every other lie that has poisoned civilization
36. That's why these "Jews" came here? To expell real Jews?
Real Jew   (12.04.08)
I say send them back to Ethiopia. They are useless.
37. ynet is soooo dumb, they're really starting to piss me off
sam ,   israel   (12.04.08)
all they ever want to do is start fights. di kvar!! nigger? did they say nigger? or did they say kushi? which is not the nicest word, but it definatley does not translate as nigger. stop trying to make things look worse than they are!
38. civil war soon ?
39. Leftist propaganda (again...)
41. Looks like YNet has an agends. All Anti settler articles!
Freejay3 ,   Israel   (12.04.08)
42. Another Anti settler story with no sources given?
jayjay333 ,   Israel   (12.04.08)
Why is Ynet being allowing itself to be used as a political platform by the left to blatantly attack right wing settlers, using false headlines and unproven stories, with not one name of the source given. Dont your editors have a responsibility for truthful reporting? Wheres the balance in stories for the settlers to defend these accusations. This is clearly biased. Is this how a professional news site works?
43. proper term? matter of defense? yerushalayim eviction?
chava ,   yerushalayim   (12.04.08)
People say things when they're angry or scared. But, what do Ethiopians want to be called? Ethiopim? And what about other blacks, not from Ethiopia? And why was Barak, Sar HaBitachon in charge of the expulsion? It wasn't a matter of national DEFENSE? And why can't anyone evict the Arabs living in the house in Yerushalayim that was decided by the courts to belong to a Jewish man? Strange.....
44. #36
yaakov ,   Yerushalayim IL   (12.04.08)
That's why these "Jews" came here? To expell real Jews? I say send them back to Ethiopia. They are useless. "Real" Jew (12.04.08) Please tell me, what is a "real jew"? one who eats gefilte fish and dresses either like a penguin or in a bizarre combination of crocs, knitted kippa, oversize american clothes from k-mart and a 9mm tucked into his back pocket? i laugh inwardly when i see fanatics - a disproportionate number of whome seem to have red hair... who believe that they are "indigenous" to this country yet can't shake their foreign accents in hebrew, or the fact that their pasty pink skin will peel in the judaean sun in a matter of minutes if care isn't taken.
45. On Kushi and racism
it's more than black   (12.04.08)
8 is right that kushi is not the same as 'nigger,' nevertheless, that's how the hilltop klan is using it--they could be shouting purple, as long as the hate gets across. Get the army out of there, save the soldiers and their dignity and let the Palies evacuate those idiots.
46. What more evidence
Andrew E. Mathis ,   Philadelphia, USA   (12.04.08)
What more evidence do we need that the Hebron settlers represent the very dregs of our people? History has taught these people NOTHING. The should have been removed in '68.
47. Terry, why do you continue to live in Israel?
Darren ,   Oakland, CA   (12.04.08)
I am planning on making Aliyah in 2009, but the current political reality (namely the bottomless lack of integrity among Israel's leaders manifested on days such as this) has me seriously questioning my sanity in making the decision to start my life over again Ba'aretz. My question to you is, after reading a few of your talkbacks and knowing that you are an Oleh, why do you continue to live in Israel? Is there any redeeming quality that allows you to say to yourself, when you get up in the morning and look at yourself in the mirror, "I'm glad I live here"?
48. What language were these slurs uttered in?
Kate ,   USA   (12.04.08)
Hebrew or English? I have noticed that quite a few extremist settlers are American. I would not be surprised if they were the ones to use the N-word, in English. When in the West Bank, I have personally heard them call Palestinians 'animals'.
49. To Terry and other settler defenders....
Matt ,   US   (12.04.08)
you are quick to defend the settlers rights not to be evicted until all the evidence is there. But say the story were reversed and it was Arabs living in the dispusted house. I'm sure you, and the rest of the Israel, would be the first to demand their instant eviction. Your double standard is laughable.
50. to 44 - who are real Jews
Real Jew   (12.04.08)
Real Jews are Jews who are both: 1. Eather were born to a Jewish mother or converted to Judaism 2. Practice Judaism at least on a level of keeping Shabbat. These Border Guard Ethiopians are neither, when they have to be both to be Jews. They are nothing but savage African mercenaries for the Israeli goverment. Same about the non Jewish Russians. Ship them all back!
51. #35
Nathaniel ,   New York City - USA   (12.05.08)
So well said... Nothing but a bunch of talking monkies
52. To: 50 - Who are real jews.
Nathaniel ,   New York City - USA   (12.05.08)
Real Jews are Jews who are both: 1. Eather were born to a Jewish mother or converted to Judaism 2. Practice Judaism at least on a level of keeping Shabbat. These Border Guard Ethiopians are neither, when they have to be both to be Jews. " How do you know they are not either of the two? Your hate comes across in your words "Pious One" "Real Jew" or Talking Monkey?
53. #49 You haven't been paying attention
nr ,   los angeles, usa   (12.05.08)
Arabs don't get evicted - regardless of what Jews want. That's part of what all the shouting is about. The other part is evicting people from a home that rightfully belongs to them without due process. The N or K word, that's just leftie subtefuge - that's not the issue here at all.
54. #49 - Matt, The double standard is there all right...
Joe ,   Ramat Gan   (12.05.08)
There are thousands of structures in Israel proper that have been illegally erected by Arabs and are presently, illegally dwelt in by Arabs. Many times over, Israeli courts have ruled that these Arabs are indeed squatters and that Arab presence on Jewish property is illegal. The thing is though, Matt, very, very few Arabs have actually been evicted by the same government that declared their presence on said lands and by the same government that is throwing Jews out of homes that, according to what evidence the press has leaked to the public, were legally purchased by Jews from Arabs. You are 100% correct in your assertion that there is a double standard. Where you are in error, however, is in your assertion as to who is being negatively impacted by said double-standard. Read up a little bit more about Israeli Law, International Law and current events before you proceed to comment. Thank you...
55. "Caught By Rense Dark Side" ...
avi   (12.05.08)
you know, I always wondered how can one be wise enough to understand true parts of our world and remain dumb on others ... oops, you said business ? remains me of an "iranien" clown, not to say an "american" one !!
56. How Could Any Sane Jew Want To Make Aliyah...
World Citizen ,   the world   (12.05.08)
to a country as sad as Israel? All one has to do is follow the comments approved for posting on this website. Israeli society is deeply flawed. Its overall culture is racist towards Arabs, Palestinians, and persons of colour even if they are Jews! Who in their right mind would want to bring up children in a country as full of hate, as jingoistic, and as paranoid as Israel? And because of this, Israel as a modern state, will pass into the dust heap of history.
57. Bad Timing
King T ,   Dallas , US   (12.05.08)
for all of those racists out there, one thing i wan to say, bad timing. If you haven't heard, ni'gger is in the big house now, the white house. By the way, Obama actaully has some ethiopian blood in him. So, who you calling ni'gger now? you'r lifeless good for nothing hater.
58. Nice People!
Tristram S. ,   Nottingham, UK   (12.05.08)
The original racist epithet was bad enough, yet you manage to repeat the offensive word no less than 5 TIMES in the article. Why?
59. 49 Because the world is filled with fascist creeps like you
Darren ,   Oakland, CA   (12.05.08)
who have no value for objective truth and support genocidal maniacs. Thank you for your response, World Citizen. You have mitigated my need to hear back from Terry because you have cemented in my mind the notion that as many problems as Israel has, the rest of the world is worse. PS, Arab is not a race- it's an ethnolinguistic identity. Anyone who styles themself "World Citizen" should be highly knowledgeable as to what this means. Get a life, you troll.
CARLOS schlinger ,   sao paulo sp   (12.05.08)
tx for the clarification! its really stupid a real Jew act like a racist pig although there is....
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