Settlers to Ethiopian troops: Niggers don't expel Jews
Danny Adeno Abebe
Published: 04.12.08, 11:39
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61. Excuse me, 59 is directed toward 56, not 49
Darren ,   Oakland, CA   (12.05.08)
62. If the roles were reversed you wouln't tolerate or ignore it
Hanna ,   United States   (12.05.08)
Are you kidding me, you simply condemn those statements and instruct the Ethiopians to ignore it?! You should be ashamed of yourselves! If Jews anywhere in the world were confronted by groups of masked Anti-Semites you would be rallying the entire world to be outraged and intervene on your behalf! Absolutely disgraceful and hypocritical!
63. Settlers to Ethiopian troops: Niggers don't expel Jews
George Rehman ,   Dallas, TX   (12.05.08)
Where is the ADL now? Notice how the hate mongers wear masks when they shout their slurs. Come out into the light you cockroaches, so that we may stomp you into oblivion. Death to the illegitimate bastards. Death to the scurge of mankind. The world is waking up to your ploy, you haven't much time. Run and hide while you still can.
64. kill each other
I hope you all kill each other, then there will be more air for humans that deserve to live
65. INternational Law
Justin ,   Bethlehem, PALESTINE   (12.05.08)
So funny... do you people know that these settlements are illegal according to international law??? hmm Geneva Conventions... you continue to steal the land of Palestine, ruthlessly. Funny, to think that a country such as Israel wouldn't exhibit such behavior, based on its policies... JOKE! You're all a joke, and when justice is served, and it will be, I will be laughing with my Palestinian brothers and sister... hahaha Justice is coming, you ready?
66. No names???
tom ,   Alabama, USA   (12.06.08)
Um, did you read the parts that said "officers reported hearing from masked settlers," and " "a bunch of veiled people started yelling at us." How exactly would they get names from MASKED and VEILED people? And the journalist was reporting on what the officers said. The journalist wasn't on scene when this happened. So, how exactly would this journalist get any names??? Instead, deal with the real issue: a court order was issued, and the "settlers" refused to obey it. And the "settlers" don't even live there! They are outside agitators...
67. Racism
Peter ,   San Jose, USA   (12.06.08)
Racism is a terrible thing. I don't know why certain Jews can't accept people that are different from themselves.
Mikael ,   USA   (12.06.08)
They're only doing their job by carrying orders . Why insult them personally ? They got evicted from their land as well .
69. I'm glad I read the talkbacks
David ,   New England   (12.07.08)
and found out that it wasn't actually the n word. I wonder where you were Terry, because when I hear whites use that word they seem ignorant.
70. Hypocrites
Disgusted ,   Columbia, USA   (12.09.08)
If the roles were reversed, the entire Jewish community would be up in arms demanding the entire world support them in their outrage! Furthermore, a weak amoral response of "just ignore it" would not be accepted nor tolerated. Disgraceful and barbaric!
71. Ethnic slurs
sb ,   ohio usa   (12.11.08)
The rascist youth must be Americans.
72. Racist Propaganda
Real Stupid ,   Taxpayer USA   (12.17.08)
The land is not just yours and yours alone and the only reason they are there is to try and calm the violence. It is funny how racist bigots always claim to be the victim and your Real Jew comments only show your ignornace - Hopefully the UN can bring some peace to you all as you certainly are not trying to find peace you are just playing the I am better than you victim card.
73. Racism??
Katz Freedman ,   nyc   (12.17.08)
See, that is what happens when you let in a bunch of Russians.......too bad the Russkies took over Israel.
74. What
Almaz ,   Israel Israel   (05.02.11)
We KNOW that is just means black BUT NOT in the way that they are using it is it still nasty
75. Racism and the right to ignore the ignorant
El Shaddai Gebreyes ,   Vienna, USA   (05.26.11)
This situation in Israel of Ethiopian soldiers participating in a conflict that did not begin with them reveals that there are parallels and intersecting histories involving America, Israel and Ethiopia and tensions that have not been entirely resolved yet. But, I'm hopeful.
76. response to" I say send them back to Ethiopia. "
Yardena   (03.12.13)
should we send back the Russian jewish soldiers to Russia too and the moroccan jews to morocco because they too weren't brought to israel to expell "real jews" right? or is your problem just that these people are ethiopian so they all have to live up to your potential but every other jew can be secular or left or whatever and doesn't need to get "sent back"
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