NATO chief: We can't intervene on Iran
Roni Sofer
Published: 04.12.08, 14:22
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stude ham   (12.04.08)
This is the guy that lies through his teeth about the horrific mess NATO is making in Afghanistan... and now he's lying through his teeth about iran... europeans continue to have the same brain injuries that led to Sarajevo and to Munich and to most of the murderous wars still in progress since 1945.
2. At last: the voice of reason. The EU,WEU, US and
Arab Alliance should be as wise.
3. Iran's Nuclear Program
Ziggy ,   Sydney NSW Australia   (12.07.08)
Iran nuclear issue? Iran is conducting completely legal nuclear development under the NPT - so there is NO issue. There is nothing to discuss. Iran is not obliged to abandon its nuclear program and as long as Iran is a signatory to the NPT, nobody has the right to try and stop it. Would Israel abandon its nuclear arsenal? Iran has demanded this, but Israel is not complying. So leave Iran alone and mind your own business.
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