Herzog wins Labor primaries
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 05.12.08, 12:25
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1. LOL
Yisraeli   (12.05.08)
What about 14.000 voted, thats the labour party members? and half arnt even jews? what a joke. You Labour have become totally insignificant not to mention a joke. A sad joke for all the trouble you have brought upon us. Id love to see you get 3 seats in total.
2. Labour and Barak
DT ,   TA Isr   (12.05.08)
How unfortunate that these people have to follow such an inept useless egotistical politician as Barak
3. Numbers 1, 2 and 4 on the list
Sagi ,   Israel   (12.05.08)
call themselves social democrats but they are by far closer to pure communist ideals. I hope that this signifies the end of the Labor party and the outdated use of the term "Labor' and in the future the formation of a true social democratic party using the proper title and representing all the citizens of the left. I personally am an extreme right wing Likudnik but it is high time that the map of Israeli politics was put in proper order without 500 splinter parties and groups which are absolutely useless and serve no purpose whatsoever and in fact make a laughing stock of the whole affair.
4. voteing
colib   (12.05.08)
This is the result of internal voting Question WILL LABOUR OBTAIN ONE SEAT AFTER ELECTIONS???? The first item on hand GET RID OF THE COWARDLY GROVELING EGOMANIAC BARAK now known as minister of evictions of children of Israel
5. #4 Sagi...You a extreme right wing???
3Jayfree ,   Israel   (12.05.08)
HAhahahahahahahaha Im sure all the settlers, haradi and religious would disagree with you on that one. Thats the funniest one ive heard you say yet.
6. Why is Baraks position secured at number one?
3Jayfree ,   Israel   (12.05.08)
Seems a bit odd that top position isnt contested. Doesnt make much difference anyhow.......Labor is finished after the next elections. Their performance at the hands of Barak has been abysmal!
7. It wasn't much of a party ....
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (12.05.08)
Most of the guests didn't show up. Don't you love the headline? 100% of votes counted - to give a different impression of reality when the real headline should be, ''Labour Primary Marred by LOW TURN-OUT'' And look at the Part List - the most un-popular, most criticised politicians in the country, after Olmert & his Kadima crooks & sycophants. Labour is a joke. As #1 so accurately said, without the Arab vote, the total number of voters is ludicrous. And the Arabs don't vote Labour in the general elections, they vote for the Arab parties. They'll be lucky to get 6 seats in the Knesset.
8. the nightmare team : Peretz, Barak, Pines...hahaha
9. even labor does not want Barak
eliezer ,   jerusalem   (12.05.08)
Well it is not just the general Israeli pubic the can't stand Barak, but even his own party rejected him. Coming in 7th place shows what a loser he really is. Let him take his place in history next to other lousy leaders such as Olmert, Sharon, Sarid, Bailly, and the late great president, Katzav.
10. Herzog wins Labor primaries
Yonatan ,   Jerusalem   (12.05.08)
it would have been better if it was Jo the Plumber
11. pines thinks barack proved his leadership yesterday?
Randi ,   Jerusalem   (12.05.08)
by kicking jewish women and children and old men out of a house? while gilad shalit and hamas sit in gaza? while the world's belief in the legitimacy of israel as a jewish nstate declines by the moment? while he has lost an entire generation of young people who could have been the stars of the army ? that's leadership? who will protect us now? the children of the shenkinites in tel aviv? what a joke. we need a leader that can bring us together. not like barack who tears us apart by calling zionists a "cancer".
12. # 5 & 6
Sagi ,   Israel   (12.05.08)
You are neither clever nor observant. If you had read my posts with deep insight you would have understood by now that I am indeed very right wing but on the other hand I truly believe that the law should be respected. Law and order are the corner stones of democracy whilst chaos is the pillar of anarchy. I am happy that I caused you to laugh but what I say is intended to be very serious. Clever ? Barak's position was contested long ago, remember ? He won, unfortunate for his party, but he won.
13. Terry # 7 I hope
Sagi ,   Israel   (12.05.08)
your prediction of 6 seats is way off mark. I would settle for 3. It is more than enough for commies and pinkos who went out of style long ago when folks began to realize that unions and economic success are not pleasant bedfellows.
14. Herzog is a good man.But with Barak
Eric.... ,   Israel...   (12.05.08)
and Peretz on the list ,they cant get my vote.
15. The opening five
Sagi ,   Israel   (12.05.08)
Barak, enough has been said. Herzog, all heart, no balls. Penis, apt name or perhaps change. Braverman, going nowhere. Yechimovich, delusional pinko. Now that's what I call leadership.
16. #7 Sagi, Israel.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (12.05.08)
I would like to see them get zero but I think 6 is a realistic guess. They still have the alta-cockers from some of the Kibbutzim, union supporters from Histadrut, some ''nostalgia'' votes from the good old days (pre-Oslo). Labour is not communist really - it's a very bourgoise party of elitists with only a little rhetoric left over from it's origins & not particularly democratic either. Mostly, they let the ''peace'' crap take center place so all they stand for is appeasement - they're stuck at defending Oslo which obviously was a major blunder. Much of what is wrong with this country can be traced back to the socialist parties that founded the country. Their policies pretty much held back economic development & turned our politics into a quagmire. Not that I'm an expert but my gut feeling is that today's Labourites want to be ''good Europeans'' & are unable to face the fact that we are in the Middle-East & most of our population is of Middle-Eastern origin.
17. Is public indifferent to corrupt politicians
Ilan ,   Ariel   (12.05.08)
Barak and Herzog are two of the chief co-conspirators of the biggest election fraud in Israel's history. They escaped prosecution because Herzog took advantage of his 'right to silence' and refused to cooperate in the police investigation. A combination of political protection and a lack of evidence led to charges being dropped for insufficient evidence. At least it seems the voter for Labor don't care about honest politics or for the rule of law (when it is in reference to their behavior). Shame on them and their corrupt candidates.
18. But LOTSA party favors, right?
Gideon Reader   (12.05.08)
Seven Terry, Thank God you are on duty. I'm a bit under the weather with a headcold this morning and did not feel much like nailing these socialist rabbits today. Yer a good Man. Carry on.
19. Barak Is As Honest As The Day Is Long
Lawrence Tendler ,   Safed Israel   (12.05.08)
And it's a bloody short day...
20. #18 Gideon - Get well soon.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (12.05.08)
You will get better, no doubt, but Labour's illness is terminal. Only a few die-hards & some left-wing ''journalists'' (for want of a better word) will be sitting shiva. The rest of us will have an Irish wake & drink to their demise. Soon, Kadima will follow. To quote an old song, ''The times, they are a changeing'' ......
21. STREWTH Steady On
Lawrence Tendler ,   Safed Israel   (12.05.08)
That row of 10 mugshots published above well put me off my Breakfast.
22. These Are Some Of The Best
Lawrence Tendler ,   Safed Israel   (12.05.08)
Politicians in the country.In the city they stink but in the country they are great.
23. Herzog should replace Barak
NoraTel Aviv ,   Tel Aviv   (12.05.08)
Herzog is a true socialist that can represent a socialist party like Labor. Barak is a capitalist disguised as a socialist. He should be replaced by Herzog at the first opportunity. The faster the better.
24. I feel disgusted
Alexander ,   Herzliya, Israel   (12.05.08)
It makes me sick seeing those brain dead, left wing liberal, false, fraudulent, deceitful and insincere people "smiling" and polluting the flags of our nation. Who and what exactly do they represent except themselves and their perverted and obsessive desire to either get to or remain in office? How many of them actually care about the well being of Israel and how many of them try to save Israel demographically and territorially and to deal with Iran and to deal with the missiles and rockets that are sent by Arabs into Israel, and how many of them care about the morality crisis in the government and the authorities and the lack of trust between people and politicians and how many of the politicians actually care about our ancestral land of Eretz Yisrael and for how long will Israel remain a geographically castrated nation with indefensible borders and enemies close to our neighborhoods and how many of these politicians care about Jews and how many of the politicians will stop showing a complete disregard for Jewish dignity, pride, honor, sovereignty, independence, morality, moral clarity and strength? They are not statesmen. They are not even politicians. They are mafia and traitors using Israeli flags as a pretext to claim themselves to be "patriotic" but in reality they are all ready to destroy our land and surrender to our enemies.
25. The nonesense of pines and labor
Norman   (12.05.08)
Regarding evacuating Hebron Pines noted, "Barak proved his leadership yesterday. In the leadership test" Why don't you mention that Barak in a humiliating way had the IDF flee south Lebanan which created the Hizballah. Why don't you mention that he can not stop the ongoing kasam attacks from Hamas. Why don't you mention that Gilad Shalit are in enemy hands which Barak is proving again incompetent. Also the biggest threat of all Iran we are powerless under Barak. Does wipping a few unarmed Jewish youngsters make him fit to be Defance Minister let alone PM. Labor will get what it deserves next election.
26.  a party of the most pathetic losers next to kadima
JL ,   israel   (12.05.08)
27. Labor, the party of irrelevance!
Yonah ,   Hebron   (12.05.08)
Wait till the general elections. Then we will see that not only are they irrellevant, through his actions, time and time again, Barak has become not only irrelevant, but also a disgust in our stomachs.
28. For how long will Barak and Labor act as if...
Alexander ,   Herzliya, Israel   (12.05.08)
...they represent Israel? When will they stop claiming that they "love" Israel and say explicitly what they mean and what they are: "We are self hating Jewish mafiosi that only care about money and material standard of living and we don't give a rats ass about western democracy, individualism, the will of the people, the will of the Jewish people and Israel and we would sleep with the devil if we find it pleasant." I mean, how on earth do these people believe that NORMAL people will even vote for them in the first place? Throw them out of the Knesset and out of Israel and prosecute them for High Treason!
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