Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
Is worst yet to come?
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 05.12.08, 13:11
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1. Short sightness
gedaliah   (12.05.08)
The deciet of Barak may have been sucessful yes. But only in this short term. The plan to evacuate had been completed. So now what? Do you think that by way of deciet that the leaders are going to open up more doors of dialogue in the future. Aside that Barak is about to go into forced early retirement, the government officials who care to lead this country and represent all the people of Israel must condemn this act by Barak. The future is dim for any future negotiations. The resistance and seporations will grow.
2. Containing Leftist Jews' Idiocy Is Impossible
MK ,   Philadelphia USA   (12.05.08)
3. Good article
cfs ,   france and algeria   (12.05.08)
4. On the use of the term, ''Jewish Radical''
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (12.05.08)
I'm not defending all of the bad behavior of the kids in Hevron. But, I do object to the use of the term, ''Jewish Radical'' - If anyone should be called ''radical'' (but not necessarily Jewish) it is those who wish to up-root & evict as many as 200,000 Jewish residents in the West Bank. That's radical. Those that support a two-state solution in the face of overwhelming evidence that this presents a security risk to Israel should also be called radicals. Those that support dividing Jerusalem are not just radicals, but extremists since 80% of the country is against such a move. Those that support ceding the Golan are even bigger extremists & should be labeled radicals. Those that support Palestinian rights over Jewish rights are radicals. So, Mr Ben-Yishai, it looks like you're the ''Jewish Radical'' .......
5. Easy to write these articles
Ben Plonie ,   Galus, Chutz L'Aretz   (12.05.08)
These columns can be easiy adapted from the British Mandatory administration reports and statements about Jewish radical violent terrorists, that they used to justify violent British warfarte upon the Yishuv before being forced to leave the country. Go on, 'rule of law, blah blah blah'.
6. How many provocators have infiltrated, have you checked?
m   (12.05.08)
7. containing violence of
elliot ,   usa   (12.05.08)
'right-wing jewish radicals'--more epithets...why not call them vermin or allege they have no god because they are not green enough...of course they should not do some of the things some of them are accused of or be forcefully evicted.
8. Paying for past transgressions
Karen R ,   USA   (12.05.08)
Thus we see that the government's previous habit of turning a blind eye to the lawbreakers in the settler movement has led to the point where "Zionists" have become anarchists and mini-terrorists in the Jewish State, attack the very forces who are charged with protecting them, and do their best to incite incidents in which Jews will be killed or injured. The settler movement is bankrupt and the circles in government which have protected them are now revealed for what they are - true anti-Zionists and enemies of the Zionist enterprise.
9. Terry, for Haaretz they are 'Jewish terrorists', not just
Freethinker   (12.05.08)
radicals. For me, it's sheer joy to see Jews finally defending themselves, whether from murdering Arabs or traitorous governments. This should always have been the meaning of 'never again'. I hope the day will come when we see the propagandists at Haaretz locked up for 'aiding and abetting the enemy in time of war', Oh, and while I'm indulging in wishful thinking, WHERE IS BARAK'S BRAINSTROKE?
..............DACON9   (12.05.08)
THEY ARE NOT SETTLERS.... they are citizens. THEY ARE NOT RIOTERS. they are loyal to the LAND. THEY ARE NOT INFILTRATING. BUT LIVING AND WALKING HOLY GROUND, THE JEWS GROUND. THEY ARE NOT RADICALS. they are torah believers. THEY WERE LULLED INTO PASSIVITY, their youth allows them to stilol believe in a mans face value, his words. The goverment certainly has experience in demolishing JEWISH HOMES, AS YOU STATE. THIS IS NOT A 'JEWISH INTIFADA but a protest for THE JEWISH SOUL,OUR LAND. THE 'SMOOTH EVACUATION' PROVES the CITIZENS are basically PEACEFUL AND MERELY WANTING TO LIVE IN A HOME THAT A SYRIAN JEW FROOM BROOKLYN NY HAS VIDEO TAPE OF THE ACTUAL PURCHASE AND TRANSFER OF FUNDS. YOU Mr Author are the cause of any chaoa and civil war becuase you are the radical. they are the believers in the future Thank You DACON9 jewswithviews@gmail.comj
11. 1922 again?
Hinda ,   SF Bay Area   (12.05.08)
Except in 1922, Haj al husseini (relative of yassir araputz) organized pograms on Jewish homes. Now decades later the Kadima government who has been kissing the tuchuses of Araputz's minions is recreating the pograms. I do not think the Kadimah Government is even Jewish. I believe they are Arabs in disguise.
12. An Idea
Hinda ,   SF Bay Area   (12.05.08)
Anytime there is an attrocity made against an Israeli by an Arafater, why not relocate them to Sderot. Create a settlement just for them - let's see how well they will enjoy being attacked by their bretheren.
13. Transfer Proposel!
TzVi   (12.05.08)
I propose transfering all the leftist- eruv rav out of Tel-aviv and Israel and to Europe. Leave the Holy Land Now. You obviously ARE NOT for the Torah and What G-d says and wants. Leave now. We dont need you. You leave to Europe, Arabs to Saudi Arabia, and then their will be peace! By the way, you just wait for what awaits you when you will die. It will not be pleasant at all I can assure you that.
14. Govt actions in dispute - Not house!!!
sy ,   Los Angeles USA   (12.05.08)
This house was deeded to Jews. Dispute should be completely resolved in court. Govt trickery of calming our Jewish brothers and then blindsiding them with the evacuation is cause for civil unrest. You and articles like yours referring to our Jewish people as radicals fuel this civil unrest to the rest ot the left wingers!!! Maybe it will take PA terrorist rockets landing on your home for you to understand this.
15. What lessons can be gleaned from our rich yet tragic ...
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (12.05.08)
What lessons can be gleaned from our rich yet tragic history to help us overcome the hurdles we are encountering today as an independent nation in our own state? In today's Israel, the 'Jew' is the new 'Israeli'. Israel was supposed to be the breeding ground for a strong new Hebrew who does not cower. Yet in today's Israel, it is the secular-post-Zionist-left which is the cowering Jew being led to the slaughter. The religious settler is now the emancipated Israeli, armed with the classic fundamentals of Zionist ideology; that is, to ingather, to build, and to settle the land of Israel. In order to know more about the rights of settlers : http://xrl.us/bj5ng
16. IDF
Ed ,   USA   (12.05.08)
Only if the Israel Destruction Forces can be limited will Jews truly be safe in their homes.
17. Settlers Are Acting Like Polish Nationalists In The 1930's
tbart ,   usa   (12.05.08)
Settlers are showing very bad image of Israel .
18. Civil unrest = social reform
steve ,   london, england   (12.06.08)
Israelis are not fools, We are mostly Jews. Moreover, we would not be a healthy country if our citizens were not proud to exercise sovereignty over our Land .... including freedom of movement and settlement. Today settlement is highly contestable. Where Palestinian interests are concerned the issue is defined in terms of land rights ... not righteousness as such. The hostilities generated by these Jewish militants will not be abated for long. An intelligent governing party ruling the State of Israel should publicly call the militants to account for their actions justifiability in terms of how it is making a progressive positive impact on the peace process. The governement should require the militants to articulate their public demonstrations in the context of a calling out to Palestinians to seek non-violent relations and a negotiated peace. That is the only direction the road to peace follows. It follows that peaple who call out for it are the ones who eventually enjoy it.
19. Jewish Intafada????
JAyfree33 ,   Israel   (12.06.08)
What a ridiculous article full of slander and mis-information. The author is trying to justify the governments illegal actions and demonize the settlers by making up terms like Jewish intafada! All this slander just before elections......Yishai, you are nothing but a stupid leftist puppett!
20. What kind of a fantasy does the author live in?
joshua ,   mexico   (12.06.08)
this form of regretfull propaganda is disgusting and shamefull, its offensive to try to indoctrinate people like this....jewish intifada?? pogroms??...isn't it enough that we have so many enemies trying to destroy us from outside that we have to stand antisemitism from inside our very country. SHAMEFULL!!
21. Author a Short Sighted Bird!
John ,   Canada   (12.06.08)
The "settlers" are the best thing that Israel has going. Ok, maybe you dont go for the violence but I would be angry if you evacuated me out of a legally purchased house. The "Settlers" are you front line of defence. The more land and homes that are evacuated the stronger Hamas & co. become. This is not rocket science as can be seen in Gaza. The "Palestinians" have their state, Jordan. If you think giving them land and destroying your homes will make them love you or bring you peace, think again, they hated you before '67! Do not give in to world opinon, it has never done much for the Jews anyway. Cheers from Canada
22. Yes law and order
Yonah ,   Hebron   (12.06.08)
Who are these people that incite, violent and break the law? The answer? Olmert, Barak, Livni, Dichter and company, that's who. They ignore law, the ignore justice, they ignore right and wrong. How long will we suffer these people and the media whores, like this writer that lie with the objective of destroying our country. All this will bring the arabs to attack us. Where do you think they will concentrate their attack? Tel Aviv. I would strongly suggest that people with any sanity leave Tel Aviv, as this country's crazy leadership is begin the arabs to attack, by it's actions of conssesions.
23. The author
Yisraeli   (12.06.08)
Ironic you dont see that you are taking the language of our enemies against our own people. But for an unrepentant leftist as yourself it is clear for all to see that you are not just part of the problem but have now identified with our enemies. There is no help for your kind and the mental illness you and your ilk carry. But know this - you are insignificant, go away and play in the corner.
24. Ronny is 100% right [ironic]
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah   (12.07.08)
B"H Of course Ronny is 100% right. If we didn't have an Israel to defend, there would be peace. Peace of the cemetery? Yes of course, but who cares? We want peace, and peace is peace! If we didn't have a Torah, if we were all "secular", like Ronny, we would be exactly like the nations, just a nation amongst the many and they wouldn't have any reason to hate us. The Jews wouldn't have enemies, as they themselves would be just like them, their enemies. So, the best way to peace is to beat the hell out of a Jew, any Jew, who cares about his Torah. He who hates his Jewishness, like Ronny, is the best way to peace: let's do everything possible to be just like the goyim, let's drive on Shabbos and let's eat cheeseburgers on the festivals! The Jew is the obstacle to peace. Why? Because he insists of being – different. So, let's go and get rid of him! Let’s organize an Israeli pogrom police and let’s unleash them on Torah-Jews. Or, as Borat put it: "My country has a problem and the problem is the Jew: Let's throw the Jew down the well, so that my country can be free..". Hm, sounds familiar, doesn't it? Barak, Olmert, Livni and all the Rons out there, you're 100% right! Let's give over Israel to Palestine, as the map shows in Mr. Moderate Abu Mazen's office! That’s a great peace plan for you all, Torah-less, Jew-hater geniuses!
25. Civil war?
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (12.07.08)
I would say you are bordering on hysterical.
26. the true zionist dream does not belong to them
avramele   (12.07.08)
It is over. Jewish sovereignity over the land we all cherish from the Jordan to the sea cannot last and should not last. A Jewish state will share the territory with a Palestinian state. That state must and will be democratic in the western and Jewish sense of what democratic means. The Israeli Arab should and will have the opportunity to live and prosper as a free and equal citizen of the Jewish state. The religious Jews need not compromise there version (s) of halacha and no land on earth will be as comfortable a waiting place for mashiach. Governments will be formed and will fall, some of the right others of the left. peaceably I may add. Haredim and Arabs will serve in the cabinet. the IDF will protect the legitimate borders of the state and will continue to serve as the "iron wall" of our survival. Our Arab neighbors will know this. this is not a dream or a heresy -- it is zionism. em tertzu ein ZU agadah!
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