Barak presents gestures to PA ahead of Muslim holiday
Roni Sofer
Published: 07.12.08, 19:16
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1. barak steals home from Jews and gives terrorists
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (12.07.08)
freedom. He should be in prison.
2. At Jew Settlers Are Honest
marge, USA   (12.07.08)
The jew settlers do not hide the fact that they hate Palestinians and desire to kill them. If only the other Jews would be so honest, perhaps honest dialogue would lead to some form of solution.
3. nice things
x ,   there   (12.07.08)
well, this is something groovy but should barak keep releasing restrictions on pals, a reduction of violence would probably occur, hopefully
4. Sick, pathetic and truly evil
ralph ,   afula   (12.07.08)
5. Is the P.A. a “Peace Partner”?
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (12.07.08)
Did the PA end its terrorist ways? Stop state-sanctioned incitement against Israel and the West? Change Fatah’s charter (forget about Hamas) calling for Israel’s destruction? Alas, no, no and no. We are heaping riches on the PA for other reasons, one of which I discuss below. Despite a tiny (and decreasing) number of Christians, the PA is a land of Islam – Dar al-Islam. That makes Israel, the object of the PA’s destructive animus, Dar al-Harb, land of war, right? Right. But not according to the PC script of the “international community.” We never, ever discuss the Islamic context of “Arab-Israeli” conflicts. But how else can we hope to understand them? Jihad ideology inspires the Arab struggle against Israel. It also explains it. As the only non-Muslim country amid Middle Eastern Dar-al Islam, as the only “dhimmi” nation to reclaim its land once conquered by Islam, Israel’s very existence is a religious offense to the “umma,” or Islamic community as explained at :
6. Arab gestures ahead of Jewish holydays
Frank ,   Canada   (12.07.08)
Attack Israel, bomb hotel, kill people. Enough with the loony Left. Arabs must appease Jews.
7. Barak is living in alternate universe
Rina   (12.07.08)
He is so disconnected from reality he could probably float across the country like a zepplin.
8. And, In Their Next Gesture For Peace
MK ,   Philadelphia USA   (12.07.08)
Kadima and the rest of the moron government will start firing rockets at Sderot, so that the arabs will stop. According to highly placed sources in the dumbest Jewish government ever, "We are embarking on a radically new idea for stopping rockets from Gaza. We have now instructed the IDF to shell Sderot. Seeing this, Hamas will no longer have any reason for their rocketing and there will be a peaceful border. We must be willing to sacrifice for peace ..."
9. Eid al-Adha holiday is a Muslim holiday denying the truth of
Jabadini ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.07.08)
the Torah. Israel is such a nice country they allow their enemies to celebrate a holiday which calls the Bible a lie and implies it was Ishmael who was the chosen one not Yitzchak. I would love to see something similar in Muslim countries.
10. And what gestures has the PA given back? Wheres Gillad?
freejew ,   Israel   (12.07.08)
I hope after Feb. there is an investigation and all these criminals in the government get thrown in jail for treason! There is no Palastinian people to make peace with.....just extremist displaced Arabs that want us dead!
Rich ,   Raanana   (12.07.08)
....How many "gestures" has Israel made to the PA (which is weak and couldnt fight its way out of a paper bag) in order to prop it up....??? And how many more will Israel's weak leaders have to make to prop up this phony PA "government" which will never be democratic anyway???? Where are their "gestures" to Israel ??? Have they annulled the PLO charter ?? Have they stopped the incitement against Jews and Israelis ??? Have they fought tooth and nail to catch most wanted terrorists ??? NO MORE "GESTURES" to this phony PLO government until they make and completely follow through with "GESTURES" of their own to us. It's ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS AND COMPLETELY INSANE to ACCEPT ANYTHING LESS !!!!!
12. Last time a "gesture" was given...
Leor ,   NY   (12.07.08)
Abbas visited (newly released Jew killer) Samir Kuntar in Beirut as an obvious gesture. And after Abbas paid him a visit Kuntar took time off from Hezbollah training to give Israel a "gesture" proclaiming he would not rest until all of Israel is destroyed ie: every Jew killed. (mimicking Abbas santioned Fatah poster which shows all of Israel, Palestine) Oh how good we are. Our generosity of gestures to those who vow to kill us all has no end...nor responsibility of giving back except of course to kill us.
13. Keep ur gestures, End Jewish Occupation of Palestine
Ron ,   USA   (12.07.08)
14. Where are the gestures from Arabs? Kassams, hate education
David ,   Boston, USA   (12.07.08)
Time to stop giving to the Arabs and make firm demands of them!
15. good gestures
Fadi ,   Lobnan   (12.07.08)
will release 230 prisoners ..and take them back 15 /day .we know were they live . will keep the blockade on 1.5 million palestinians in Gaza and remove several road blocks in the West bank ....but we can come in Ramallah anytime we want ,you know . happy eid MR PM.
16. Return gestures from Arabs:
KettleWhistle ,   (12.07.08)
Fayyad's lobbying Europeans against upgrading relationship with Israel Hate propaganda Kassams
17. Reciprocal good-will gesture fm Fayyad:
E-Gloo   (12.07.08)
- " Gilad Shalit isn't withheld in Alaska, w'all'ah"!
18. to #9
Fadi ,   Lobnan   (12.07.08)
they are all Holy Books . Isak and ismael are brothers .....,prophits ...neither jews nor Muslims ..they were befor Moses and Muhammed PBU them .... i don;t see your point . are you claiming Isak and Ibraham now ...even with 3000 years between them and Moses ..and the Torat., very shocking
19. #18
Obviously they're Jews. They are first ever mentioned by Jewish holy books. Why not mention Hammurabi??? He was also neither Muslim or Jewish. Abraham was the first monotheist, the first monotheistic religion is Judaism. 1+1=2 too bad you can't seem to connect the dots. Although perhaps it something else that clouds your mind. Unfortunatley Fadi I fail to see your point. (going to censor this also Ynet???)
20. What gesture?
The only goodwill gesture muslims appreciate is simple; total destruction of Israel and Jews, then, the free world. Period.
21. good wil gestures toward Arabs
Hilda ,   US   (12.08.08)
Israel is always ,making good will gestures to the Arabs and what do they get in return--missiles destruction and worse. Isnt it about time Israel a little good will gestures toward their own people insteading of evicting them from their own homes which were bought and paid for by Jewish money and blood.
22. Perhaps it is time for Tzahal to take control
Arie ,   BaGolan   (12.08.08)
One sometimes has to discern between a political leadership that cares more for the state's enemy then its own citizens, and the temporary abdication of political liberty for the sake of safety and security. Without a secure State, there can never be a true democracy. Israel is now governed by weak, EXTREME left-wing corrupt politicos whose only goal is their self-aggrandizement and glory. Anti-state media, such as haaretz, has set the tone for the dismemberment of the State! Perhaps it is time to allow the military, and not the political hacks like barak and vilnai who only care about the State paycheck, to take command of a proper and complete response to the terrorist atrocities! An fixed election date for a return to power of the politicians can be set beforehand. But for now, Tzahal must act to protect the Negev, for if they do not, they will be reacting to attacks everywhere! we must be proactive, not reactive. And our politicians can handle neither!
23. #18
Fadi ,   lobnan   (12.08.08)
Ibraham and isak and Jacob are all mentioned in the Quran ..does that mean they are Muslims .. again more than 3000 years between Ibraham and the Torah . you are right about Ibraham (Ibrahim) being the frist one to call for one God ,so does Judaism and all the prophits since Adam By the way . we recognize them all my friend is an inclusive message to all people ,all colors ,all the time . Mind is very clear by the way.
24. HA! I have a finger gesture that I personally would like to
present to both ,   Barak&the PA!Rueben   (12.08.08)
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