Sad holiday in Gaza Strip
Ali Waked
Published: 08.12.08, 07:45
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1. Hate to say it, but fire off some rockets to celebrate?
JPS ,   Jerusalem   (12.08.08)
Never has the world seen such a dismal situation of a people who seem to be able to do everything possible to screw themselves. A day before the holiday, and what do the Pals do? Fire off more rockets trying to kill unarmed Israeli civilians. Are they "resisting the occupation"??? Of course not. They're committing repeated acts of aggression (which also constitute war crimes) doing their best to keep the borders closed. Yes, the Palestinian government run by Hamas does NOT want open borders with Israel. They don't want to open the border with Egypt either. Any sign of normalcy is counter to what Hamas wants, which is an Islamic state in all of Israel, the west bank and Gaza. So, no matter what anybody says, they'll keep firing the rockets. And to celebrate the holiday you can bet that instead of seeking peace, they'll be looking for a fight.
2. You vote 4 Hamas; we vote 4 Bibi
Russel ,   tlv   (12.08.08)
Let's see how much progress we can make - NOT!
3. cry me a river...
4. I'm crying
larry ,   chicago   (12.08.08)
I am so sad, these poor religious muslims have to spend their holiday in poverty because they elected a terrorist government that sees shooting missles at Israel more important than getting an economy going there. I am really crying but all I get are dry tears.
5. Feeling a bit down in Gaza?
Cameron ,   USA   (12.08.08)
6. there are many places in the world to feel sorry for
Rami   (12.08.08)
like the poor slaves of north korea and china - but this is not one of them. it just shows the unbridgeable gap between the journo elitists and the normal reader - no one cares about this boo hoo hoo story.
7. I'm crying...Can share some becon to BBQ on fuel from Kassam
Bob ,   Moscow   (12.08.08)
8. To #2 Russel: Yes, and a death warrent for the weak!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (12.08.08)
I hope that Bibi Netanyahu manages to persuade the Treasury to budget for bigger cemeteries for the sick, the aged and the handicapped! Oh, and don't blame Olmert for this because he merely followed Bibi's plan. Never in the history of the State of Israel has one man done so much to hurt so many! Oh, and Hebron, well that's Bibi's fault too. He gave in to President Clinton and signed the Wye Plantation Agreement and and gave the cornerstone of Judaism to the Arabs! Good guy, huh?
9. Hear, hear #4!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (12.08.08)
Its time those idiots in Gaza woke up to the fact that you cannot eat hatred. They should wake up and see the parallel of Gazastan to Zimbabwe. Haniya should be ousted and tried for war crimes against the Gazan people!
10. The world is poor now, not just Gaza!
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.08.08)
11. Dispose of Hamas, your life will return to normal!
Sheila ,   Jerusalem,Israel   (12.08.08)
We can all return to normal if you will "deal" with Hamas. Doctors and nurses will return to train in Hadassah, men and women will once more work and bring food home to their families and life for Israelis will lose its daily fear.
12. festival
colin   (12.08.08)
It is the festival of sacrifice.The fazans are not suffering THEY ARE SACRIFICEING.. happy holiday
13. They can feast, many in the world cannot
S   (12.08.08)
the arrogance of some people is amazing.
14. Sell those rockets and you have loads of money to spend!
Suzanne   (12.08.08)
16. Happy news, let these gaza squatters have it.
Johnny ,   Stockholm Sweden   (12.08.08)
They deserve it.
17. Rocket For Sale ,Hardly Used Only
Lawrence Tendler ,   Safed Israel   (12.08.08)
One owner,four new Tyres comes with certificate of authenticity...Best offers,no Timewasters ...
18. “Poor inhabitant of Gaza”.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (12.08.08)
When Israel pulled out of Gaza, the world waited to see what the Palestinians would make of it, as a prelude to their having a full state including the West Bank. The first thing the Palestinians did was smash all the greenhouses the settlers had built, instead of using them to aid their economy. Then they turned Gaza into a mini-terror state, launching a war against Israel that continues to this day. And now they wonder why life in Gaza is so wretched, when it could have flourished. To those who say we should not isolate Hamas: Hamas isolated itself, with its aggression not only against Israel but also against other Palestinians. When the aggression will stop, the isolation will stop. But the aggression will never stop as long as Palestinian extremists continue to enjoy support from their self-righteous cheering section, which has chapters all over the world and in many universities and trade unions
19. Who shivs a get?
Petra ,   usa   (12.08.08)
They must love 'sacrificing' ( if that's what you call the results of terror upon their Israeli neighbors.)
20. Whay,whay,whay. Keep it up and we'll call them a whambulance
Vote for the devil, ,   get his dictatorship   (12.08.08)
21. Remove Israel scavengers from your land
Anjum ,   India   (06.17.10)
Pathetic message from you. Its like saying take off all your armour and face the Israeli tanks ! What a cannibalized way of thinking
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