Report: Hamas cooperating with Muslim Brothers
Roee Nahmias
Published: 08.12.08, 15:30
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1. report: pope is catholic
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (12.08.08)
come on, ynet. tell something we don't know.
2. Al-Qaeda in Gaza
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (12.08.08)
Defense officials have warned that Al-Qaeda operatives managed to infiltrate Gaza since the Hamas takeover of the region in 2006. The Al-Qaeda members are reportedly active in local terrorist cells. In February, PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas said that Al Qaeda agents crossed into Gaza from Egypt when Hamas gunmen blew up the barrier separating the PA from Egyptian Sinai in January. As far back as 2006, Abbas told the London-based Al-Hayat newspaper, “We have indications about the presence of Al-Qaeda in Gaza and [Judea and Samaria]. This is intelligence information.” Al-Qaeda is of course most welcome in a pro-terror region as shown at:
3. Black is white
Adam ,   Czech   (12.08.08)
Funny how this paper reports that it is The Hamas that Undermines the talks when all credible sources of inforamtion say it is the opposite. Israel the US and Fatah are working to undermine Hamas position in talks. Just towing the official line I suppose.
4. storm incoming
Mp ,   Tehran,IRAN   (12.08.08)
We requests from terrorist leader of Hamas and even Hezbullah to cut connection With our terrorist regime (Islamic regime) we don't want you and we don't want you suck our money more than this and finish national sources ,we are papering our self for new revolution in Iran certainly all your brother branch in Iran will not be safe so just try to take your luggage's as soon as possible because storm incoming
5. #4
i wish. i pray. i hope and i talk to god every day that what you say is true. we israelis know what these terrorists want and what they do. for your government to support these terrorists is a stain on iran's reputation and will suck all the money from iran's population to give to terrorists. ahmadinejad is a freak of nature, a terrorist togethervwith your ayatollas. iranians are going to die for nothing! i feel sorry for the situation in iran that so many iranians are suffering under a cruel regime, no freedom, no free press, jihadi mentality, no economy, poor and homeless and heroin addicted people, gays hanging from cranes in the city center, torture, imprisonment for free speech, decency police, poverty, food shortages, severe unemployment and drug use. the people of iran need freedom, a new revolution and taking the power from the crazy murderous regime that rules over you now. you did this revolution in 1979. YOU CAN DO THIS AGAIN TO BETTER YOUR LIVES AND CREATE PEACE IN THE REGION. i am telling you that israel will bomb your nuclear plants. this will be a fact soon and a lot of people will get hurt for no reason. you are the innocent victims of your regime.
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