Likud veterans prevail in primaries
Amnon Meranda
Published: 09.12.08, 03:23
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1. many gave up and went home
and that plays against Feiglin
2. If Feiglin wins, they will draft a law to get him out
USA   (12.08.08)
Like they did with Meir Kahane. All this stinks and Israeli democrazy stinks.
3. its good news for Feiglin camp
Yisraeli   (12.09.08)
After listening the reshet bet all night, I can tell you Feiglin & Co. is seen as a big success as most of the candidates recommended by Feiglin got into realistic positions. And the few that Bibi pushed for didnt. If you check Feiglins list of names (who are loyal to the Land of Israel and was against the Gush Katif expulsion) you will see that they did well. Whats important for Feiglin is that you dont have these hidden leftists in high positions, hence Kadimah has already said the ones elected make Likud list Extreme right. But they would say that anyway to attract centerists and leftists. #1. I assure you that Feiglin voters would never have left any ques on the contrary they would stay no matter what. Its rather the non feiglin groups that wont bother staying thats why Bibi went ballistic and had the primaries extended way later to counter the feiglin voters exactly for the reason I gave above. #2. Bibi may try but he wont succeed, Feiglin now has to much support and especially in the central committee.
4. bibi causes another blunder
bezalel ,   tel aviv   (12.09.08)
bibi is at fault-he reduced the number of polling booths to minimize feiglin's chances and caused longer waiting times-not only computer glitches-bibi glitches
5. #2 Considering the fact that Kahane's party was linked
Roman ,   Lod, Israel   (12.09.08)
To a terrorist attack, and considering how his brief, one-man platform was mainly about kicking out ALL non-Jews (Kahane didn't even care about loyalty to the state) and then declaring war on a bunch of countries to claim the land... Yeah, no big loss. Meir Kahane ran away from the US due to increasing FBI investigations into his actions, and then proceeded to found something that Israeli law didn't anticipate - an entirely racist party. For all my dislike of Feiglin, comparing him to Kahane does Feiglin a disservice.
6. All off them better than the kadima losers.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (12.09.08)
7. primaries
colin   (12.09.08)
CONGRATULATIONS Bibi has hisnew team. He can now get rid of the leftest propganda and start giving the people of Israel hope .Many foul ups of the last 4 years will have to be rectified in haste.Build Israel again to be proud and to move forward.
8. #2 is hopefully right
Micha   (12.09.08)
Hopefully the entire Likud will be outlawed. Only parties committed to a complete withdrawal from all occupied territories should be allowed to run.
9. where does Kadima see extreme rightists?
Moish ,   Jerusalem   (12.09.08)
Is Itamar Gvir or Noam Federman on the list? The only extremists I see are in Kadima, they are a collection of misfit refugees from other parties extreme in their leftist desire to dismantle the State and unleash and free every murdering terrorist the IDF catches! Labor on the other hand is a group of extreme cowards headed by Israel's biggest Coward Ehud Barach on whose head is the anquish of the people of Sderot and soon of the residents of Kiryat Malachai and Ashdod!
10. ★ Channel 1 Broadcast Live from the election ★
Menashe ,   beer sheva   (12.09.08)
for you that live outside israel:
11. Degenerates fest
Northern ,   Ashkelon   (12.09.08)
Right wingers parade at its best. All the degenerates in one place - in Likud.
12. to #2
Northern ,   Ashkelon   (12.09.08)
Rightists have no right to complain about democracy.
13. Accompanying Photo
W. Rice ,   Modiin, Israel   (12.09.08)
The accompanying photo shows a group of young kipa sruga types, i.e the radical settler faction. This is not representative of the Likud and is a clear editorial distortion in favor its Left Wing agenda. One does not even need words to destroy, a glance will do. Ynet is a tool of the Left, nothing less, nothing more.
14. Accompanying Photo (resend)
W. Rice ,   Modiin, Israel   (12.09.08)
I resent with my email address.
15. #8 If Israel withdraws from all ---
Ely Greenhut ,   Tzfat Israel   (12.09.08)
Occupied or what the world calls Occupied Territories all those including you & I will be forced to withdraw as well. Don't you get it? The Arabs do not want Jews here. I do not exactly trust Likud either to lead Israel either. End of story.
16. "hardliner" could Ynet translate this ?
a person believing and living as a jew - Now do we need antisemites when we have ynet?
17. Every deluded leftist is a settler
PNA, Fatah, PLO, Hamas, Qassam Brgiades, Islamic Jihad, Martyrs' Brigades, Al-Quds Brigades and rest of the 23 Arab countries see every city inside the pre-1967 borders as a settlement.
18. Kadima: Likud captive by extremist right
Sam Lottner ,   Petach Tikva   (12.09.08)
People in glass houses don't throw stones. Better the extremist right than extremist crooks
19. #8 commit suicide on your own, don't drag us in with you
Ben ,   Gush Etzion   (12.09.08)
20. #12 Democracy Belongs To Everyone.
David ,   Jerusalem   (12.09.08)
21. Likud election and the future of the state of israel
harvey goldberg ,   uk   (12.09.08)
As it seems probable there will we a shift to the right in israel....the country has been gouverned by a leadership of appeasers they have been free to expell Jews from Gaza,faught a desasterous war with Hizbola,allows continuous rocket attacks from Gaza to take place and now have the Hutzpah to talk about an extream right wing leadership that will create severe trouble in the country.I for one just cant wait for the february elections,to say good by to Olmert and his gouvernment.
22. A decent list - I'm happy for Sa'ar
Laura ,   Israel   (12.09.08)
He's a great guy with lots of potential. Also Steinitz, who has my respect on national security issues.
23. what's wrong with Zionism?
meir ,   israel   (12.09.08)
it's still the same old story a fight for love and glory.............lechi and marack. the "alta Laynah". History repeats and repeats....Jew against Jew..........nebech
24. #8 Wow, and you call the rightists undemocratic...
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