Israel complains to UN of Iranian incitement
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 11.12.08, 23:01
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1. Someone With Guts to Stand Up For Israel
emanon ,   USA   (12.11.08)
This is more resistance than Israel's own leaders have shown to the Arab steamroller. All they have done is cave into every demand without any reciprocity from the Arabs.
2. ROFLMAO You circumvent numerous UN rulings
lydia ,   Brisbane   (12.12.08)
Yet cry foul and run to the UN expecting the UN to intercede on your behalf, presumably with some drastic action when Iran condemns your barbarism against the Palestinian people. Iran is only phrasing what the World community has been saying about your illegal occupation of Palestine. Fuuunnny! What a topsy turvy World you lot live in! Talk Peace!
3. YNET please follow this story
Avinoam ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (12.11.08)
I am very interested in how this develops. It's also very important to see the reaction of the UN. Either outsiders will see the clear anti-Israeli bias that exists in the UN, or diplomatic action will be taken against Iran. It's a win-win situation.
4. #2 Lydia the Brisbane bimbo
Australian Guy   (12.12.08)
Bimbo, You conveniently ignore what exactly is at stake and what the article and Israel's claim is all about. Israel is not the ONLY country that does not implement UN rulings. Australia has its OWN issues regarding ignoring the UN ( And that's because the UN doesn't always get it right. Countries may have gripes about what the other does or does not do - but it is another thing altogether to openly state repeatedly for another country's destruction. That my little bimbo friend , is NOT PEACE - its INCITEMENT TO WAR. You're a bloody idiot.
5. #2 Israel violates not one binding resolution
Jake   (12.12.08)
Not one Chapter 7 Resolution against Israel exists. The only binding language used in a resolution concering Israel, is the word "decision" in part of Res. 338: "negotiations shall start between the parties concerned under appropriate auspices aimed at establishing a just and durable peace in the Middle East". You say "talk peace". Listen to how you talk, full of malice and slander. Get it into your head: There is no "occupation". There is no country of "Palestine". But I'll make a deal with you. The day you fold up your tents and return Australia to the Aborigines, we will be more than happy to return Jerusalem to the Jebusites.
6. #2 Interesting, so calling for the "removal" of an entire
Roman ,   Lod, Israel   (12.12.08)
nation is "condemning barbarism"? Ah yes! Probably it's the cries of "Death to Israel!" or somesuch. Those are the cries for Change, right? But hey, seeing as how your interpretation of the word "barbarism" means "not letting Hamas do whatever it happens to like to Israeli citizens"...
7. #2 lydia
to sound remotely intelligent when arguing facts on the ground, you must realize that iran's request for a seat in the un was REJECTED! by the national body at the un. i imagine they had a very good reason as to this outright rejection, don't you think? if it was such a wonderful country and such a stellar spottless regime, i am sure that all nations unanimously would have voted for an iranian seat, especially on the human rights commission. but they did not! as the saying goes, people in glass houses should not throw stones. iran has the most severe and barbaric human rights record, fat far far worse than the israeli state. i am not an israeli and neither a jew so please do not profess ot chastise me for my "biased pro israel views". i live in egypt and am a comptic christian. ypu know....the repressed and persecuted christian minority by the muslim brotherhood and most muslims in our cocuntry. some even say, those that are the intellectuals amongst us egyptians, that as of now, living in israel under their true demcracy would be much more preferential to living here in egypt. that is a fact. i have been to israel and neither you nor the un or any anti israel political body knows the truth of that country. the reality on the ground that you profess to know is far from the truth. it is your wishful reality and the un's reality, but not the accurate israeli reality. been there, seen all, talked with people and visited the arab sector in most of israel. they enjoy life there. they have rights to state funded programs, health care that is top notch in the world, voting rights, parties in government, equal opportunities under the civic code and quite a few perks that you do not realize because you adamently refuse to give israel a break or believe anything positive about the jewish country. i recommend you go post haste so that you can realize what the propaganda and injustice ocuring in the un is really all about. considering other countries such as in europe and canada and the usa have minorities that happen to be foreign to it and poverty and lack of jobs is also rampant in these communities, no one can accuse israel of having developed a systematic exclusion policy on all its arab communities. arabs are treated very well and do enjoy living in this land as opposed to what you believe. you are not here first hand and have no knowledge of the facts so i would recommend you not fall for this constant lie that arabs are living in misery in the israeli nation. as to the palestinians, the picture may be entirely different because they themselves are not imune from blame. they are ruled by the worst leaders that through the ages have not done much for them with the complicity of all arab nations. and you know this to be true. it seems to me that the hamas motto is more destructive to the gaza palestinians than the treatment the israeli give them. i do blame hamas and i do like fateh. through fateh, the palestinians can possibly have a reasonable arab voice to support them in the future and make a palestinian state on the ground a reality. most israelis i spoke to support the two state solution with all their hearts and minds. because of internal palestinian strife between hamas and fateh, this hope was shuttered in israel and israelis got a bitter taste in tgheir mouth from the rockets from the gaza strip. i do not blame them, do you? how would you like your home destroyed and your children afraid? we copts suffered enough from the muslim brotherhood to know tghe hamas mental set. they are a branch og the muslim brotherhood and even egypt doesn't want them inside egypt from gaza. egypt has a b order with gaza, but doesn't permit any hamas infiltration. not because israel told them to, but because egyptians fear a blood bath should hamas infiltrate from gaza. so, please do not blame israel and see the truth through other eyes.
8. Hey Brisbane - Yawn "illegal occupation"? Got anymore fake
GZLives   (12.12.08)
cliches we've all heard a million times? Know why no one here care? Because they're so silly and tiresome. The Arabs tried to kill us and failed ... boo hoo. they tried, they lost and they lost some land. Guess they made the wrong decision eh Brisbane?
9. Oh nations
Gabriel ,   Jewish mother   (12.12.08)
Deuteronomy [Devarim] 32:43 "O nations -- sing the praises of His people, for He will avenge the blood of His servants; He will bring retribution upon His foes, and He will appease His Land and His people."
10. Someone with the guts to stand up for Israel
Millicent ,   Israel   (12.12.08)
Unfortunately most other countries don't have the guts to do so even our so called European friends like Britian,France,Italy.Only America will stand by us that is while George Bush is still in power, and if mcCain would have won,Obama is talking the talk of being Israel's friend but when push comes to shove will he? Most likely Israel will stand alone against the Arabs and their desire to destroy her because the world is too invested in ME Oil and Gas that they will put up with all the hoops they have to jump through to get it, even if it means the destruction of Israel!
11. Relocate the UN to Africa
Dave ,   US   (12.12.08)
They can use the money.
12. Donations needed, lydia
dave ,   america   (12.12.08)
They want to print more copies of The Protocols of The Elders of Zion.
13. Lydia
Yaron ,   USA   (12.12.08)
Give Australia back to the indiginous Australians, you hypocritical excuse for a human being. You are of the same ilk who have no knowledge of the history nor the situation and is spoon fed BBC while you languish in your ignorance. All that is fine with me up until the point that you posted your ignorant comments in public, for which I feel obligated to call you out as a fraudulent, hypocritical, ignorant, loud mouth that you are.
14. This story needs more circulation!
Paul ,   Louisville, KY USA   (12.12.08)
These remarks from Iran need to be circulated world wide. It's as if the Iranian President is winning some popularity contest, when he is plotting to stab any non-arab in the back with a smile and still progressing nuclear arms in Iran.
15. Ahmadinejad should be held accountable for inciting ...
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (12.12.08)
Ahmadinejad should be held accountable for inciting genocide, a crime under international law. Throwing an economic lifeline to a terror-sponsoring regime dedicated to the acquisition of nuclear weapons capability would be nothing short of diplomatic malpractice on a Carter-esque scale. Not only has the Islamic Republic squandered billions on nuclear weapons, destabilizing Iraq and Afghanistan, and sponsoring terrorism, but it has also pitched itself to countries like Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Sudan and Senegal as a pillar of an ideology that will defeat liberal Western democracy. Nothing would be a more powerful signal to those applauding Ahmadinejad's rhetoric than watching the Islamic Republic collapse under the weight of its own follies. More about Iran at :
16. Yes, Lydia, you would dream so, wouldn't you?
When everyone comdems Israel for.. being constantly bombed by your criminal Gazan friens who have already turned Gaza into Hamastan, when everyone condemns Israel for ...being systematically attacked by terrorists in the heart of the country, you Lydia and those of your ilk, sincerely hope that Iran, this true concentration of criminal muhllas and terrorist politicians, will not only help the "poor" terrorist Hamas and Hezbollah, but in the process, they will stump out Israel. Maybe in your wet dreams ! And one more thing - we never, never run to the UN for help, we only call them UM-SHMUM. Ask them for a translation if you don't understand the logic. The term epitomizes the real meaning of UN and the real feeling of so many Israelis.
17. #2 you must be so jealous of jews to have such hate
rachel ,   usa   (12.12.08)
18. #7 Egyptian copt
observer   (12.12.08)
how big is Egypt's Muslim Botherhood? Certainly, they are much much less minority than Egyptian copts. Do you know that every Israeli Jew dreams that next day Arabs are eliminated and a all Jew state is established. Have you ever experienced that in Egypt?
19. Israel complaining at UN is,probably,an incentive to them
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (12.12.08)
to just get worse toward Israel.
20. #5 Jake,we didn't have to return Jerusalem to nobody
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (12.12.08)
Even not to Jebusites,from whom Jerusalem WAS BOUGHT!
21. #7
Walter ,   N.Y.   (12.12.08)
Why don't we ALL reread #7 again? This guy knows facts on the ground, and people should understand and listed to him. Walter
22. #15 In US its not against law to make those statements
mike honcho ,   ny,usa   (12.12.08)
There is no law against inciting anti-semitism and destruction of Israel and thank g-d. I know in Israel there is no freedom of speech but in america everyone is entitled to there opinion. Netenyahu calls for the destruction of Iran but thats ok thats his opinion under freedom of speech. Ahmedinejad hasn't killed any jews and there is 100k of jews in iran. Israel dream of land from sinai to euphrates is challenged by iran and rightly so and iran challenges you from colonizing palestine and lebanon. I have a idea go back to pre 67 borders and leave your neighbors alone and I guarantee Iran will make peace with you. But that means the end to Israels empire and hegemony in the region. Israel use terrorist tactics to create your country you blew up king david hotel and killed innocent british soldiers just like a palestinians are doing now but this time your in british shoes.
23. #18,0bserver, wrong again on all counts.
24. #22 Here is yet another moon walker.LOL
25. #22 mike honcho?
Mary ,   Canada   (12.12.08)
there is no law in America against inciting anti-semitism? Well, dear Micky it's about time there was- if this is true, you guys are way behind- ever heard of Human Rights? I guess not. If you lived in Canada, you would be seing the inside of a jail for spreading filth!
26. #2, Lydia, there is NO Palestine, no occupation
David ,   Boston, USA   (12.12.08)
Have you ever actually ready UN 242? Israel is asking the UN to uphold its own laws. It ignores them when it comes to Israel with double standards. IF the UN actually lived up to its own laws, there will never be a state called Palestine, other than Jordan. Under INTERNATIONAL law, there is none and its it the Arabs occupying Israeli Judea and Samaria and Gaza....under International law of course. Your own comment was in complete ingnorance of laws and facts.
27. #18, observer and revisionist
David ,   Boston, USA   (12.12.08)
IF Jews didnt want Arab neighbors they'd be gone. On the otherhand Arabs didnt want JEwish neighbors and they ARE gone. What you are saying is the EXACT opposite of reality. Not a single Jews stayed in Jordan Palestine or Gaza, not once but twice, because the Arabs forced out all the Jews. In Jordan Palestine they still have laws banning Jews. Get real. Facts are facts. Israel has 20% Arab minority. Jordan Palestine has 0% Jews. Who doesnt want whom as a neighbor? Its clear by the actions what the truth is. Your propaganda cant change the facts.
28. #22, Mike Honcho, wtf?
David ,   Boston, USA   (12.12.08)
Israel has so much freedom of speach that the racist Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement hasnt been disbanded. They are as bad as the KKK or worse. As for land grabs. Israel settled for less than 20% of the land promised. Arabs settled for nothing other than trying to destroy Israel. It IS illegal for one UN member to call for the destruction of another. This is the leader of that country representing the country. I dont hear Netanyahu calling for any such thing, but if he did, he is not the PM, doesn not represent the country. Hmm, I would think your part of the US would educate you better on these things. Must have been a liberal education where they leave off the facts.
29. #27 then, as a start suffice yourself
observer   (12.12.08)
with the name Hebrew state, in place of Jewish state.
30. #22
Cynthia ,   USA   (12.13.08)
Hate speech is illegal in the US. If you knew anything about Israel you would know there is freedom of speech in the only democracy in the ME. Ahmadinejad may not have killed any Jews but public executions of Muslims have increased significantly since he became President. Funny how Ahmadinejad rants about Israel's treatment of Palestinians while Iranians live in one big prison and Iran has one of the worst human rights records. There haven't been 100,000 Jews in Iran since 1948. You need to update what limited knowledge you have. Clearly, Iran's expansion program does not include making peace with any country. Iran's closest allies are terrorist groups, Hizbullah and Hamas. Don't worry Mike, Israel has been around for thousands of years and when you're long gone, Israel will still be going strong.
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