Yemeni rabbi: Jewish community threatened
Associated Press
Published: 14.12.08, 18:59
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1. let's see those muslims who say jews live in peace under
israeli   (12.14.08)
muslim rule
2. what`s the reason the're still there??
jorge ,   mexico   (12.14.08)
3. Come to America!
I'd say "come to Israel!" but these people deserve good schools and jobs, and deserve to be as religious as they want without facing discrimination from secular Israeli Jews. There's a big Yemenite community in the New York City area. Come join them. Get out of the Middle East. There's nothing for you there!
4. Come To America #2
Ronald ,   South Africa   (12.14.08)
Yeah, right just like German Jews who thought Germany better than Palestine, America will become the Germany of 1930/40, its decline is going at a rapid rate, of course Jews will be blamed.Yemins Jews must go to Israel & make adifference there. You stay in decadent "has been USA".
5. #3,4 Yemenite Jews can go any place except Israel;
observer   (12.14.08)
they are not welcomed there. Those poor Mizrahim deserve no discrimination, deserve no abduction of their kids, deserve no humiliation.
6. Yemenite Jews did go to America and they were mistreated
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (12.15.08)
Ultra Orthodox Anti-Zionist Jews did bring Yemenite Jews to America and they mistreated them. THe Yemenite Jews should move to Israel!
7. #2 & 4
Shuki ,   Tel Aviv   (12.15.08)
This is not the Israel of the 1940s and 50s, Yemenite Jews will feel much less persecution in Israel. They can find an existing community where they will feel most comfortable somewhere within Israel. Do you think that Americans would be willing to accept more "Arabs" into their country? Israel is our home. If Yemenite Jews want to live in peace and prosperity, and even have good schools, come home to Israel!
8. Yemen's Pres claims Mossad creates terrorism in his country.
Matt C ,   Canada   (12.15.08)
I think that needs to be said. The President of Yemen claims that Israel needs an unstable middle east to exist; therefore, Mossad is the one responsible for terrorism in the region. That is the sort of person the President of Yemen is. He is not exactly tolerant of Jewish people.
9. No. 5 Observer
NYC Girl   (12.15.08)
First of all, I don't know what the hell you think you're observing, but nobody is going to abduct the children of Yemenite immigrants. That was a set of circumstances that occured decades ago...around the same time, in fact, when black people in the U.S. were forced to live in completely degrading circumstances that permeated their everyday lives. Not only that, but if you think America is the answer to their prayers, I can assure you there are plenty of Americans who are out of work these days with very few prospects for the future, so exactly how do you think that people who've lived in a place like Yemen their whole lives are going to manage in this country? Maybe, at one time they would have been able to start up their own small businesses, but even well-established businesses are ending up in the crapper here these days.
10. #4 RONALD
Brian ,   NYC USA   (12.15.08)
Your comments about "has-been" America are ironic, considering you live in a third-world slum where, I'm willing to bet, most people would give their right hand for the chance to move here. At the very least, they'd be leaving behind electricity shortages, race riots, famine, the AIDS epidemic, and the world's worst murder rate behind. Consider where you live before you cast aspersions on someone else's infinitely more successful country.
11. #7 "Good schools"?
Yuval ,   Long Island, NY   (12.15.08)
What country are you living in? No person in their right mind would choose an Israeli "school" over a suburban American school unless their desire was to open a falfael stand or kiosk, or live of the Israeli public being lazy and rude in a government job from which they couldn't be fired. People who actually care about being educated (or successful) by global, not Israeli, standards don't stay in Israel. They go to USA/Canada/EU/Australia.
12. #5 Relax!, I haven't adviced them to go to America
observer   (12.15.08)
13. Time to bring them home
Talula ,   israel   (12.15.08)
They need to leave Yemen and come home. For sure it will be very difficult for them and the culture shock will be traumatic for them - but at least they will be safe here. Moshe Yaish Nahari was murdered and for what? what did he do? It's very upsetting and a sign that it's time for them to come home. I for one will welcome them all. I adore Yemenites, I just love them!!!!
14. #12 is directed to #9
observer   (12.15.08)
15. #13 Talula
Observer ,   toronto, canada   (12.15.08)
What exactly will they be "safe" from in Israel? Getting murdered because they are Jews? You do realize where you live, right? A Jew has no greater chance of getting killed by an Islamic terrorist--or an underworld mafioso--than he does in Israel.
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