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Nefesh B'Nefesh launches 'Go North' campaign
Itamar Eichner
Published: 15.12.08, 11:48
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1. looks like i immigrated too soon
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (12.15.08)
where was this program when i came?
2. Me too!
Josh B ,   Rehovot, Israel   (12.15.08)
I guess I made Aliyaah a year too soon? I don't have a car, and we would have been willing to settle up north.
3. What about Jobs
Moshe ,   Jerusalem   (12.15.08)
Are they being given jobs as well so they can pay for the petrol and car service. 100,000 shekels does not go far one has to eat pay rent or a mortgage, school fees , food etc
4. a car for an oleh
sas ,   israel   (12.15.08)
i came here more than 30 years ago. what did I get?????????????????????????????????i think it disgusting that you are treating people that will leave as soon as things get better. they should get whatever other immigrant gets. what about the ethiopians?????????????????? and the poor russians?????????????????? I presume you all consider them 2nd class citizens. you are disgusting if this is the way you think.
5. mmm...
tal ,   tlv   (12.15.08)
why american jews get more benefits than other olim (like south america for example)? i guess they really need that free car and intensive hebrew lessons... i wonder how regular immigrants like myself survived here with a sal klita of 1000shek a month (for six month), no car and no special hebrew lessons...maybe if i had moved to the US first...
motti ,   bet shemesh   (12.15.08)
Keep in mind that Most Americans make a choice to move here. They often leave very comfortable homes and communities to deal with a very hard transition. No shame in replacing a life style. Compared with many other olim who did not have a choice (russia, France etc) who ran here for shelter or a better life.
7. Really very happy...
edu ,   Herzlia   (12.15.08)
for the americans olim, but why I cann't feel happy for the rest of the olim? -
8. Souns good,can they move to the Golan too?
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (12.15.08)
My brother and his family are making aliya in June and would like to live in the Golan. This benefits package would help them.
9. to Judah, # 8
Drew ,   Scottsdale, USA   (12.15.08)
The article states that they can move to cities like Katzrin, etc. Come on, yo'ure from the Golan, you should know that katzrin is in the golan! so the answer to your question is yes...
10. Why not get rest of Yemeni Jews out of Yemen
Zuri ,   Sydney Australia   (12.15.08)
It may be a great gesture, we should really turn to the world leaders and without saving any effort or funds to get the rest of Jews out of Yemen.
11. 9#,Drew, you are right,I did not recognize the spelling
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (12.15.08)
12. retro-active?
gene ,   tel aviv   (12.15.08)
is this retroactive? what about olim who came here last year? also, i really hope those free cards are hybrid (or perhaps will be electric) no need increasing pollution, traffic, and the burden on enemy petrol/oil! As for Olim from other countries, they did not not (except for France and the British Commonwealth) come voluntarily, they came because they had too! - and btw, the russians are not as poor as you think (think: cash businesses!!) and the ethiopians cost NIS 100,00 EACH (not per family) to absorb- not including other benefits that they receive fir much more and longer than everyone else... so i think the US Jews- the last great reservoir of Diaspora Jewry should get a break too!- esp if its for living in the North, which is already 60% Muslim!!!!! kol haKavod NFB!
13. in the wake of of economic crisis; only-two-year car
observer   (12.15.08)
next year it will be only-one-year car, next next year it will be only-zero-year car. next next next year what? suckers!
14. English speaking Jews
observer   (12.15.08)
I thought they were wanted only on the hill-tops of the west bank, because they can not speak Hebrews, so nothing would deviate them from harassing Arabs.
15. #14 did you take your prozac today?
trumpeldor ,   eurabia   (12.15.08)
16. I'd join you there as I cant stand the heat and I have
Al   (12.15.08)
anti-freeze in my blood being a Quebecer. It was a balmy -20 Sat so its all good. Problem is the Golan is on the short list to be given to your piss partners and I'm afraid you will be disengaged. Truth is Jews all over are going to get it in the neck including my beloved Quebec. Born and raised here, speak french like a true Quebecois and I like Poutin. Problem is Israel really doesnt do it for me. I cant stand schnorrers moochers and drei kops and there are way too many there. I try to teach my kids to be totally independant that includes the ability to hunt fish and earn a living the old fashioned way that is by physical work. The Jews of Israel have become the Ghetto Jews of old where jealousy, self pity and schnorrei is the rule. I dont know what to do. I'm stuck as are millions of other thinking Jews here in the goldenah medinah. I just hope to hell we Jews here survive. Israel will survive as its G-ds land.
17. 50 years too late
Jake   (12.15.08)
The Galilee is a wonderful place, and I could never understand why Jews were not flocking there in droves. I get the impression that the powers that be in Israel have no interest in developing the country for Jewish habitation beyond the confines of Gush Dan. On top of that, the Israeli Left has always regarded the "Judaization of the Galilee and Negev" as a form of "occupation" and actively lobbied against it. At the same time, they actively lobby on the behalf of dozens of unrecognized villages of Bedouin in the Negev. I bet anything that if Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria were evacuated tomorrow and moved to the Galilee, the Israeli Left would start clamoring for the IDF to start taking action against "Extremist hilltop youth harrassing Palestinian farmers in the Galilee".
18. i'm american jew that made aliyah 10yrs ago and got nothing
but a 4 month ulpan & a small rent subsidy for a few yrs. I got NO grants, allowences of any kind from the state or my parents, no car nothing........ i survived and i'm still in israel. it's possible to get by w/o all the help. help yourself!
19. I agree with #10
Yakov   (12.16.08)
The money could be spent bringing in Yemenite Jews to the North. Firstly, they would come much better prepared to settle the North as it is now. They come with the ability to speak Arabic out of the box. So they will do just as well in the Negev as they would in the North. These areas would continue to have the distinctive character that they have now.
20. wish them luck with the cars
i ,   jerusalem   (12.16.08)
another stain on the inept police in this high tech banana republic: cars stolen on regular basis never to be seen again, unless you stake out in Jeniin and Ramalla and other lovely places where the leeches in blue fear to tread
21. Al, diaspora Jew,you just don;t get it
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (12.16.08)
First of all the Golan is been in Israels' control for 41 years and we aren't going anywhere, only Olmert is. Second of all you seem unable to distinguish between Israeli charities asking you for money and the people of Israel. The last thing I want is your money. So you keep can stay in Quebec with the Quebecois and freeze your tuchas off. I think your only joy besides drinking a Canadian beer is sending your constant annoying anti-Israel emails.
lora druker ,   israel   (12.16.08)
23. Me three!
Yael ,   Tel Aviv   (12.17.08)
Can I make yerida and start again?
24. Begging American Jews to move to Israel? Pathetic.
Saul ,   California   (12.17.08)
How about instituting basic tax structure and economic reforms to enable educated people to make a Western living in Israel? A lot of people, myself included, would consider Israel an option if it wouldn't negate all the hard work we went through educating ourselves so we could earn a decent living and not have to struggle the way most Israelis do. ...You shouldn't have to pay for everything in life with "tashlumim." Let's put it that way.
25. Hey wait a minute
Millicent ,   Israel   (12.17.08)
Where was this progam whn we moved to Israel over15 years ago, we weren't met at the airport by ministers,didn't get any special incentives, heck we even had to pay for our own plane tickets to get here!We settled in the Haifa area, went through the entire Summer Lebanon war in Haifa,lost our business because of the war,did the gov help us no, we are struggling to make it, but yet the gov. ignores those of us that are already here in favor of getting more new people to make aliyah what is wrong with this picture you ask...allowing those of us here already to struggle while giving handouts to newbies who will leave once things get better in the US!
26. NBN not a gov't program!!!
shira z ,   J'slm, Israel   (12.21.08)
To all those who lack the necessary reading comprehension skills: the $$$ is not coming from the Israeli gov't. NBN is a private organization that relies on charitable donations. When NBN was started, American olim often didn't even get sal klitah; we still get much less governmental help than olim from many other countries. BTW I am an NBN olah, been here 5 years, learned Hebrew, and can even translate Heb-Eng (1-way street). The Misrad HaKlitah, like my 'shaliach' in America, was the opposite of helpful, while NBN has always been there for me.
27. NBN Financing
Josh ,   T-A   (12.21.08)
Israeli Gov't is financing NBN too not only private sponsors.
28. A lot of whining
Zehava   (07.12.09)
Wow! What a lot of sour grapes. Get real - situations and opportunities evolve and change. And things in life aren't always exactly fair and even ... or didn't your mommies tell you that? Try always doing the best you can with the opportunities available at the moment - then you may feel more like celebrating other's (different) journies, rather than curling up in a sniveling, jealous fit.
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