'Jesus boat' off Kinneret shores
Published: 19.12.08, 14:15
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1. Jesus boat
Hanna ,   Jersualem   (12.21.08)
You have "discovered" something that has been on display in the museum for at least 15 years! Shame on you! Your jornalists may be ignorant, but somebody must supervise what they write, and this SOMEBODY must know the country he loves in.
2. Jesus Never Existed so there was NO time of Jesus, a myth.
JMK ,   NYC   (12.21.08)
Was a beautiful Kibbutz, the ex wife was a member.
3. To JMK, NYC
Jesus Follower ,   USA   (12.21.08)
Won't you be surprised, JMK, when Jesus returns! How sad you live in a secular belief -- or non-belief -- system. But then, the Word of God tells of such people who will deny to the very end that Jesus was, is, and is to come. I'll pray for you
4. #3 If you actually read the New Testament applying
JMK ,   NYC   (12.22.08)
any sort of aptitude, you would realize that the NT is fiction, the stories are myths and are entirely derivative from the egyptian and greek and babylonians and iranian even from the indians, the the words and acts of the nonexstent jesus are taken directly from the hebrew bible and its mistranslation from the greek in "fulfillment", and from extra jewishness material in the hellenistic period, there was no jesus, have you heard of Nag Hammadi, biblical criticism two hundred years of biblical scholarship, there is no extra (NT or christian writings) that has not been disproven as lies and interpolation to the supposed life, it is religious fakery, forgery, humans are pathetic but do we also have to be so stupid as well, I could recommend a hundred books but you can start with David Freidrich Strauss.
5. It doesn't say it was a recent discovery....
JewishDragonfly ,   Torrance, CA, USA   (12.24.08)
only that it was a discovery. And it was a boat from arround the 1st century, when, if Jesus lived, he would have been living. And the fishing industry of the Kinneret is of interest for Christians, whether or not the story is a work of fiction or fact.
6. trompe l'oeil
gawain ,   israel   (12.24.08)
actually, i think it;s JMK that doesn't exist!
7. Jesus Boat
Ncofske ,   Maine   (03.15.09)
It was discovered in 1986, why the travel channel put it on in Dec. is probably because of Christmas. It is nice to know that it could have been the boat of Jesus and his disciples .
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