Russians 'trust Israel to probe bus crash'
Yael Branovksy
Published: 17.12.08, 14:21
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1. Eilat roads
Takan ,   Eilat   (12.17.08)
The road out of Eilat to Ovda is not dangerous. I have seen more dangerous and scarier roads in Switzerland, Italy, Yugoslavia or Greece to name a few. These 10kms are challenging but if you are awake, focused and careful, it should not be a problem at all. Egged drivers go through this patch every day without problems. With 22 prior road tickets, one can imagine the driver was probably over confident and not careful enough, but that is to be determined only after investigation. In any case, DO NOT BLAME THE ROAD.
2. driver lightly injured... aren't they always?
oferdesade ,   israel   (12.17.08)
"come to Israel let us pay the bill. if the terrorists don't get you the bus drivers will."
3. 22 Previous citations?
Vered, Israel   (12.17.08)
How anyone with 22 previous citations is allowed to drive professionally is beyond me.
Miriam ,   Israel   (12.17.08)
Condolenses to the family of the dead. With 22 traffic accidents, something must be done before too late for the next crash.
5. condolences
Ilana   (12.17.08)
My deeply felt condolences to all family involved, friends and co workers. I am ashamed that this driverwas allowed to drive a bus with so many traffic violations. Too much slack everywhere is allowed and the results are tragic.
6. 22 Violations
NYC Girl   (12.17.08)
This isn't a situation that's unique to Israel. We've had cases of drivers in this country who end up killing innocent people and it turns out they've had numerous citations in the past...and that's only the times they've been caught.
7. eilat bus crash
zoot1a ,   tel aviv   (12.17.08)
the bus driver should be locked up and the key thrown away, If the investigation shows that the second driver did not slow down to let the bus overtake him, then he should also be locked up>>>but of course it will never happen in this country.
8. Shame on Transport authorites
Haim Nissim ,   New York,USA   (12.17.08)
How do they get the licence, I get the feeling corruption is picking up and Police needs to do their frequent checks. This is diaster in country like Israel.
9. Russians 'trust Israel to probe bus crash';
observer   (12.17.08)
the dead tourists were Jews?
10. #9 huh??
oferdesade ,   israel   (12.17.08)
11. Why be mad at Israel?
Simple Jew ,   New York, USA   (12.17.08)
The Russian spokesman says that : "The people aren't mad at Israel". Why should they? Can anyone please explain why such a statement needs to be made? Now what is the investigation all about, that Russia "trusts" Israel? There was no fowl play here, just a tragic accident.
12. to 11 simple jew
ygalg ,   israel   (12.17.08)
my premise he was answering accordingly to the questions made by Israeli journalists.
13. My deepest condolences to loved ones and survivors
Jake   (12.18.08)
and to the Russian people. I also believe that the Russian authorities handled the aftermath of this tragedy with sensitivity and respect to Israel.
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