Defense Ministry official in Russia to thwart sale of missiles to Iran
Roni Sofer
Published: 18.12.08, 08:39
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david   (12.18.08)
3. Why should Russia listen?
Moshe ,   telaviv   (12.18.08)
Why look should Russia listen after what we did in Georgia? Dont you think we have enough problems in our area so as not to look for new ones elsewhere? Our problem is that we have idiots pretending to be leaders.
4. No. 1 and we must fighted them to death
Chocko ,   NY, USA   (12.18.08)
5. No.3 - Good Point
Chocko ,   NY, USA   (12.18.08)
Its like asking why does Israel require Submarines? Kinda over the top really. Unless there are plans to spread influence in other theatres of operation. Makes you wonder really?
6. Why would Israel fear defensive weapons
Johan Odin ,   Oslo, Norway   (12.18.08)
- unless Israel is planning to start a war in the region, which in that case the sale of defensive weapons is all the more important to maintain peace in the region and to maintain the balance of power. Short of selling the weapons directly, perhaps Russia could simply sign a mutual aid pact that would extend its military and nuclear umbrella to cover Iran and other Muslim states, thus thwarting any future Israeli or US aggression and reducing the need for a military buildup in the region.
7. reply to #1
hehehehe, if you couldnt fight Hezbollah, and fled Georgia with your tails between your legs, how do you propose to fight mighty Russia? Face it, you are nothing but a paper tiger.
8. #6 Johan Odin, Norway
Moshe ,   telaviv   (12.18.08)
I agree!
9. Send Liberman not Amos Gilad
zionist forever   (12.18.08)
Liberman is a Russian he speaks the language, he thinks like a Russian understands and knows how to deal with Russians. Liberman is also head of a party that has support of alot of Russians who together probably still have relatives with votes still in Russia and some probably vote in the Rusian elections by mail and with 1 million Russians in this country it provides a very powefull lobby group if we make use of it. To start with though send a man like Liberman to discuss weapons sales not a light waight diplomat.
10. 6
zionist forever   (12.18.08)
Pacts promising to provide a nuclear umbrella weather provided by Russia or the US are not worth the paper they are written on. Can you seriously believe that if it came down to it any country would risk getting involved in a nuclear war to protect another? A more practical purpose for a treaty like that is to use it as toilet paper rather than somethng you can say is proof that your country will be secure. Even a pact to provide conventional military support garuntees nothing if push comes to shove. Can you imagine if Israel had a pact like this with the US and it was attacked today by Syria and Iran because Syria wanted to take the Golan by force. Can you imagine the US diverting troops from Iraq or Afghanistan to come to Israels rescue. How would the American people feel counting the coffins od US soilders who are going to fight a war that they didn't even start. In todays world its kill or be killed dont rely on others to come to your rescue.
11. S-300 already installed in Syria
observer   (12.18.08)
after Israel's destroying of the first delivery. In Syria is not as in Iran? well,Yes!, it is most effective in Syria
12. s-300 for iran
skip ,   vancouver, canada   (12.18.08)
What do you expect Russia to do, if Israel and America keep poking the bear in the eye don't be surprised if it turns around and bites ( i.e. missile shield, Georgia, economic isolation, etc).
13. #12
Moshe ,   telaviv   (12.18.08)
I agree with you 100%. Well said.
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