The post-lull era
Alex Fishman
Published: 18.12.08, 12:10
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1. How many Q(K)assams equal one "lull"?
Gideon Reader   (12.18.08)
Sorry. I lost my place, Exactly **how many** rocket are allowed to be fired during a "lull"? I have been checking ALL of my books on warefare, and I am having a terrible time even finding an approximation of the circumstance known as a "lull", officially recognized as an element. Even in assemetrical warfare, a "lull" is usually a natrually occuring cessation of hostilities as a matter of circumstance. such as when someone goes to the latrine, or runs out of ammo, or trips and breaks the telescope on his rifle, or, well, you get the idea. I am very confused by the entire approach of how Israel is "managing" this Gaza situation. First it creates "it." Then it ignores "it.". Then it supplies "it" and finances "it", feeds and fuels "it"and then it kvetches bitterly about "it" and makes claims and proclamations about the success it is having with "it", all the while disregarding the victims of the violence caused by "it"
2. complete rubbish article.
Freejew ,   ISrael   (12.18.08)
What a stupid leftist, do nothing, article that tries to justify this governments complete inaction and inability to counter the terrorists that attack us daily! It is not too late to raid Gazza and sitting back and doing nothing only allows Hamass to get stronger! We didnt miss the train....the government didnt even go to the station to catch it! Your claim that there has been a lull is also a blatant lie! ANd your claim that we need to prop up Fatah, to fight Hamass is suicidal. You know as well as i do that Abass wants Israel destroyed just like HAmass! Their Charter clearly states that, but of course you and the other leftists turn a blind eye to the facts,
3. gaza truce
Dofek nashim ,   karachi pakistan   (12.18.08)
The vaunted defense official stated that we need to think before IDF reacts. unfortonately. a mother in Sderot does not have thatluxury in response to CODE RED
4. lull
leib ,   madison wisconsin us   (12.18.08)
two states for one people is better than one state but wait till Israel turns over complete authority to Fatah in the West Bank and removes Israelis; Then see Gaza and West Bank come back together. The key to Fatah's collapse in Gaza was to give it credibility as a partner in Judea/Samaria while Hamas built up its strength in evacuated Gaza which Israel was much less inclined to go into as opposed to the West Bank. Another good cop/bad cop variation. Eventually the scissors will close. The underlying unity despite enmity between Fatah and Hamas versus Israel will remain; they can afford to wait before a final shoot out-they're waiting for Israel to be destroyed; then they can fight over what's left.
5. Gaza Truce
John ,   Woodland Hills, Ca   (12.18.08)
The people in Gaza were suffering a state of near starvation and a sense of deprivation when the truce was in effect. This was a strategic blunder on the part of Israel. In order for the truce to succeed Israel should have made life much easier on the people. The Palestinians will find it in their best interest to maintain a truce that has brought them a better life. Israel needs to find other means to deal with the Palestinians. A policy of revenge and mass deprivation has failed in the past and will always fail in the future.
6. madison wi
anon   (12.18.08)
I am confused. By many things you say, but mostly by the fact that I think you are not way left like most of Madison. But maybe I misunderstood your words. Your message was not clear to me-sorry
7. A very disappointing article.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (12.18.08)
I expected better from Mr Fishman. This is just another rationalisation for doing nothing.
I LOVE JOKES ,   ..............DACON9   (12.18.08)
SOME ARTICLES ARE WRITTEN ABOVE MY ABILITY TO COMPREHEND. It may be written in a sarcastic tone that i may have missed.. and again this is happening to me on this article. so let me laugh now before I explain why. Hahahhahahahahalololololollol thats was funny, hilarious. Ok ..Mr.Fishman said, "Had the lull not been in effect and Israel had embarked on a Gaza operation, we would no longer have Mahmoud Abbas, there would be no Fayyad government, there would be no negotiations, and the Palestinian Authority would have collapsed. " LIKE THEY THINK ISRAEL IS THE PROBLEM , NOW ISRAEL THINKS THAT ABBAS IS THE SAVIOUR. I THOUGHT IT WAS ASSRALLAH OR ASSAD OR AMEDENAJIANNEJIANNEJIAN.. HAHAHA FUNNY Wait ,i gotta laugh again... NO ABBAS? SO WHAT NO NEGOTIATIONS?SO WHAT NO FAYYAD? SO WHAT PA COLLAPSE? SO WHAT I KNOW MR FISHMAN WAS JOKING SPECIFICALLY WITH ME. HAHAHA , I CANT WAIT TO SAY TJE JOKE OVER THE SHABBAT TABLE. Mr. Fishman must be trying out the joke for his shiur on shabbat..
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