Hamas declares end to Gaza truce
Reuters and Efrat Weiss
Published: 18.12.08, 18:11
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1. There was a truce?
Matityahu ,   Slovenia   (12.18.08)
2. time to take over gaza!
yalla   (12.18.08)
3. When,WHEN is Israel going to put a period in this insanity?!
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (12.18.08)
When is Israel going to say enough to this wicked vicious circle?!? WHEN?!? This insanity must be RESOLVED(RESOLVED!!!)once and for all! The younger generation is growing up as if this madness would be something normal;it isn't and must be finished at any cost! Hopefully Israel is on the way to a govt that understands the elementary answer to this problem and anwers it already!
4. Only kadima fools would have trusted terrorists.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (12.18.08)
5. Hamas thugs
Brod ,   USA   (12.18.08)
are actually fanatical Iranian Islamist-Jihadist foot soldiers and officers right at the front line with Israel. Israel should not be fooled by Iran's tentacles-Hamas and Hezbollah.
6. Uh-Huh. You don't LOOK Lullish
Gideon Reader   (12.18.08)
,...and NOW they are going to shoot Q(K)assams into Sderot from their firebase in Gaza, which they won fare and aquare from Kadima/Labor in a game of Political Three Card Monte, where in incompetent kakistocrats acter as both dealer and player; providing Hamas with the house cut, and ALL of the winnings. The main thing here is will anybody be able to tell the difference between a "Lul"l and a "No-Lull"? Not in Sderot, they wont.
7. Quick give up the Golan to buy peace
Al   (12.18.08)
Your PM is running to Turkey to offer up the Golan. Dumb Dumb Dumb. Israel is imploding.
8. Such tough talk
Israel   (12.18.08)
From a bunch of savages who don't have any food, money and cry all day about hardship. Their mentality is so far removed from anything that remotely resembles human. They care more about the destruction of a country that they will never destroy. We should keep up a 24/7 bombing of Gaza.
9. What truce?
Roxy ,   Israel   (12.18.08)
Since when is sending Quassam rockets into Israel even sporadically a cease fire...seems to me that it isn't a cease fire a lull maybe but certainly not a cease fire under any interpretation of the word. Acording to Websters Dictionary the term Cease fire is a total cessession of voilance by both parties for a certain amount of time. Therefore the"ceasefire" was violated the first moment that Hamas allowed the terrorists to send Quassams into Sderot/Ashkelon!
10. The Lull
Ilana   (12.18.08)
WEll perhaps if the lull was not a lull, with so many rockets fierd directly at civilians with the sole intent of trying to kill them, perhaps it is best not to renew such a farce. Living under the constant threar of rockets is in a way like being a hostage. I know, because I live there. Both sides willnow suffer more I suppose. Believe me, it isn't fun to grab kids out of bed and rush for your lives to safety. Oh, the middle east...
11. Why do you print this nonsense?
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (12.18.08)
The only truce was on our side - the truce only existed in the twisted minds of our irresponsible political hacks. Now you print this crap from Hamas as if it meant something. No one wants to know what Hamas says - all we want to hear about is if we're bombing them.
12. what universe does hamas live in?
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (12.18.08)
they say israel didn't abide by truce obligations. and they did?? they say the "calm" is over. what calm?? maybe the calm they are talking about is the silence you hear between the mortar and rocket explosions.
13. End of the truce? How can you tell?
Nate   (12.18.08)
What is the difference between a truce with Hamas and not having one? Less Hamas self-righteousness without a truce, that's all.
14. Truce...
Natan   (12.18.08)
Truce?? was there one?????
15. remember
qassami   (12.18.08)
whatever you did and still doing, HAMAS is going on stronger . you seem walking along the same way your fathers walked before in Medina (smile)
16. Hamas declares
Bachrach Andres ,   Kfarsaba   (12.18.08)
Shortage in foodstuff,shortage in rawmaterial,petrol and oil are not the proper time to begin a war or some-kind of animosoty,bot more preferable to end it.So it was told by Cherchil to Hitler in the beginning of the world war 2. Andi mihakfar
17. GOOD ....Haniyeh & Zahar are dead men walking.....
Rich ,   Raanana   (12.18.08)
....Now that the IDF hands will soon be untied...its time to tighten the screws on these 7th century wacko's and "Hamastan" .....
Vicky ,   Ashkelon Israel   (12.18.08)
19. hamas acts like country and Israel acts like Zionist Entity!
GET REAL ,   USA   (12.18.08)
Israel does not deserve to exist! No country deserves to exist that does not protect ALL its citizens! Israel existence is based on appeasement and being liked by its enemies. The delusional mind of the Left in Israel has made ITS existence a process of appeasement! If Israel citizens want to live in a self built walled in Ghetto with Aucthwitz borders, so be it! Israel supplies hamas gaza with everything and hamas supplies Israel with rocket attacks day and night. Soon rockets will hit tel aviv!
20. eh ... what did Hamas say?
Gee ,   Zikron Yaahov   (12.18.08)
I can't hear what Hamas is saying over all the rocket and mortar explosions. Did they something about a cease-fire? Oh forget it.
Zohan ,   Tel Aviv   (12.18.08)
Israel is a Promised Land. Gaza & West Banks are occupied territories by Islamic extremists. And now they said Jerusalem is their holy city when Jerusalem was NOT even mentioned once in the koran. Now go get a lemon and suck it
22. Like any sane person would expect a different outcome
Cynic ,   USA   (12.18.08)
Kadima are a bunch of cowards begging Hamas to honor the truce.
23. If you cant stand the heat!
It shall be raining Qassam's from now on in the south. Halelluyah!
24. #15
Ze'ev ,   Haifa   (12.18.08)
Too many people rose to destroy Jews. Where are they now?
25. Gaza Truce-Truth
Punta di Lancia ,   Basel   (12.18.08)
I fully understand Hamas' declaration. They suffered like alcohol-addicts from not beeing able to fire a lot of Kassams. You know, it is really hurting not to hurt innocents, since, if you refrain, it will turn out, that they really are innocent targets. What will become of the Paradise lost- Palestine, if you do not shoot Jewish" occupiers"? If you accept to live side by side with an Israeli entity? If you care for your children and work for a Palestinian State which cares more for schools, hospitals and streets than for killing Jews? So, it is true: the truce has to ended and the truth has to be declared: Let's forget our children and kill some other Jews. "The enemy did not abide by its obglations" this wonderful Ayman Taha told us. He is right. For the Israelis did not commit suicide. They are guilty of defending their state, although they should surrender and leave their country. Hamas declares the end of Gaza truce. I expect, that it's declaration will lead to a truth for Gaza, that means, an end to truce on the Israeli side. The games are over. Gaza kids should stop playing. It is now a moment of truth.
26. NO to Britain
Brod ,   USA   (12.18.08)
It is NONE of Britain's business to be intruding in Israel's internal affairs. They should take care of their own affairs to safeguard their Anglo-Saxon people from the invasion of Islamist-Jihadists in Britain.
27. Amen Terry.
Yaron ,   USA   (12.19.08)
28. what calm
arthur ,   jersey city USA   (12.19.08)
during the calm not a day past without missiles from gaza. This was no calm this was a rearming of hamas
29. #24
qassami   (12.19.08)
You don't know where are they ? LOL About 150000 attended a green expedition in GAZA five days ago , Haneyah and Zahar were talking to the vast GREEN audiences ... tell me enow,darling : where is IAF? (smile,smile)
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