Senior defense official: We won't accept half-truce
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 19.12.08, 00:52
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1. WEAK, WEAK, WEAK - too frightened to do anything but lick
I know this is offensive to many, but unfortunately its now the case. Its coming...and its going hurt even more than it should or would have if Olmert and co, had kept up keeping hamas in check after Gaza withdrawal. Israel will lose a lot more good people because of this foolish government.
2. N-E-T-A-N-Y-A-H-U Spells "Dictator", Not "Democrat"
GET REAL ,   USA   (12.19.08)
N-E-T-A-N-Y-A-H-U Spells "Dictator", Not "Democrat" December 18, 2008 Prior to the Likud’s last primary in 2006, party chairman and former Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu decided to let the Likud’s entire membership choose who will represent the party on its Knesset list and therefore in the next Knesset. Ostensibly he did this to remove the party’s reputation for corruption which it had earned by having its Central Committee choose the Knesset list. Prior to the party’s successful vote to make this change, Netanyahu went so far as to say – as reported by YNet - that the proposed change would be passed because “we listen to the heart of the people, the hearts of our friends, our voters, those who want to once again be our voters.” Only two years later, still-party chairman Netanyahu decided to go against his own sage advice. In order to keep Manhigut Yehudit leader Moshe Feiglin from gaining a spot on the Likud’s Knesset list from which he would probably ascend to the Knesset, Netanyahu altered the rules of the election after they had been approved. He did this to dilute Feiglin’s support and destroy the chances of Feiglin’s associated candidates to earn two other “realistic” spots on the list, even though Feiglin and company support the Likud’s official Charter and Netanyahu himself does not. The Likud’s Charter calls for the Land of Israel to be annexed by the State of Israel. Feiglin supports this position, but Netanyahu does not. The Likud under Netanyahu had polling places removed from areas Feiglin demonstrated strength – shrinking the total number of polling places from over 200 to 91, and had the number of voting machines in other Feiglin strongholds reduced. The effect of these maneuvers was to cause Feiglin supporters tremendous hardship in their efforts to vote. Additionally, prior to the election, an unheard-of group which claims to be true to the Land of Israel placed advertisements in these same Feiglin strongholds proclaiming that the Likud would lose seats in the next election if Feiglin were on the list in a good position, even though history – and post-election polls - has shown that the Likud actually gains seats when it stands firm and attached to its rightist ideology as espoused in its own Charter. These dirty tricks must have cost Feiglin hundreds if not thousands of votes, yet he still finished in the 20th position, which was a “realistic” or “safe” spot to gain entry into the next Knesset, as pre-election polls showed the Likud winning between 30 and 37 seats. Feiglin finished a mere 210 votes behind the candidate who won the 19th spot, but these 210 votes are proving crucial. One of Netanyahu’s close associates filed a highly doubtful technical claim with the Likud court which succeeded in pushing Moshe down one spot. As spots 21-35 were reserved for certain specific types of candidates or candidates from specific areas, being pushed down one slot actually pushed Moshe down to spot number 36. Even this is not good enough for Netanyahu, as he – according to Channel 2 News - had election officials literally going house to house earlier this week – of course seemingly only to Netanyahu supporters – to gain approval for him to add 4 more candidates from an outside party onto the Likud’s list. Of course they would be placed immediately in front of Feiglin, pushing Moshe Feiglin further down to spot number 40 and therefore into a seemingly hopeless position. Channel 2 News correspondent Amit Segal quoted a source close to Netanyahu as saying, "The voting [about adding the new party] will continue until we win."
3. Shameful Israel psycho babble!
GET REAL ,   USA   (12.19.08)
Israel has shown its FEAR by not retaliating! Closing border to free food and supplies for a day or two and firing at 'tripod' that launched rockets into Israel is pathetic Israel has raised the white flag to hamas. hamas is the PA through elections!
4. The residents of the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip wish to emigrate
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (12.19.08)
A Palestinian poll released This month showed that most residents of the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip wish to emigrate, compared to 25 percent in the West Bank. According to the poll, 74 percent of Gazans support continuing the cease-fire between Israel and Hamas in the Strip. The poll showed that 64 percent believe the Western-backed Abbas' term should end now. Only 24 percent believe he has another year. The poll was released by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research. Pollsters surveyed 1270 Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. The margin of error was 3 percentage points. The time has come for these people to stop with politics and terrorism and search for a solution for their families based on well-being and peace. Most of the inhabitans of Gaza hope for this solution as explained at :
5. Blah blah blah
J K ,   NYC, USA   (12.19.08)
Do something already! How many times have we heard this?
6. Tough words?
Arie ,   BaGolan   (12.19.08)
Under the current 1% government, that's all it is - just words!
7. All talk, little action.....
David ,   Hartford USA   (12.19.08)
A 'half-truce??" Israel's response to attempted MURDER of civilians has been to bomb empty rocket launchers! Now that will intimidate the bad guys! Hamas, the PLO, Hezbollah, all these psychopathic groups only understand power, brute force. At the moment, Israel has given all of them the idea that THEY call the shots, that they make the rules. Time for Israel to stand up for itself and say that this is OUR land and we will protect it with all force necessary. If that means flattening much of Gaza, then JUST DO IT AND BE DONE WITH IT.
8. Sure you will accept a half truce
Marcel ,   Florida   (12.19.08)
You've been doing it for a long time now . You just can't say no more. on top of that you accepted a fake peace with the Palestinians since September of 1993. You are so crazy for a false peace that you will amputate most of Israel Israel's choice pieces for it.
9. Senior defense official: We won't accept half-truce
Yonatan ,   Jerusalem   (12.19.08)
the jokes keep coming
10. Blah blah blah....more talk but still no action!
Freejew ,   Israel   (12.19.08)
11. Meanwhile, the number of forces in the area
and now for somethng ,   completely different   (12.19.08)
. . has not been massively reinforced. The IDF's Southern Command did not order a special deployment ahead of the lull's expiry, yet forces along the fence, as well as intelligence and Air Force units, were instructed to remain alert.
12. Walk the Talk Already!
Jewish Refugee ,   U.S.A.   (12.19.08)
When would our leaders learn that by talking and doing anything our enemies will not respect us. Hell with the respect they will not fear us. While fear is the most important aspect in Middle Eastern Politics. Kadima and Company has been talking tough for many years now even before this unecessary truce that was made with terrorists. Enough with words you know what just stop talking, and if you do anything just do it without prior notice. Join and invite others to Where we are not afraid of political correct information, on the contrary we welcome it after all truth is important.
13. so then DO something!!!!
eli ,   ashkelon   (12.19.08)
we know that you can talk, this whole despisable government doesn't do something else!! When will you actually DO something??? Just before the elections? That's when you want to drag us into a war???
14. Change of policy coming?
You've been accepting it from the beginning. Seen this movie.
15. IDF
Jerry ,   Phila. USA   (12.19.08)
Why report on non news events. IDF press releases and reports are not worth the paper they are printed on.
16. "mah nishtana?"
tom ,   toronto, canada   (12.19.08)
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