5 Qassams fired towards Negev Saturday evening
Ilana Curiel
Published: 20.12.08, 21:32
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1. why is the name of the kibbutz left out?
robins ,   Jerusalem   (12.20.08)
Is this a security matter? I'd like to know who is being hit and who needs our support
2. The Proper Response
David Samson ,   Toronto, Canada   (12.20.08)
Israel is at war and will either destroy its enemies or be destroyed -slowly by attrition, or quickly by nuclear annihilation. Until the rockets stop, and until Schalit is returned, the proper response is to have the IAF fly constant bombing sorties until every last piece of Hamas property, and its terrorist backers, is totally destroyed.
3. It is hard to understand
Phil ,   US   (12.20.08)
I know that an all-out war to destroy hamas and end their reign of terror would cost many IDF lives. War is never to be taken lightly and should only be considered after other, escalating steps to stop the provocations have been taken. However, the terorizing of Israeli Negev communities has been going on for a long time now and it is clear that the blockades have done little to stop the rocket barrage. It seems as if something, either international pressure or governmental cynicism and/or incompetence is preventing a response that would ultimately end the rockets. I know that there are defeatist Israelis who are claiming that nothing will stop the rockets, but they are the same people who constantly claim that war nevers settles anything and predicted that nothing would stop the Arafat planned second intefada. One of the responders suggested massive bombings of Gaza as a response to rocket attacks. Others have suggested targeted assassinations prior to launching an all-out war to depose hamas. In any case, something has to be TRIED or the Israeli Negev will become uninhabitable.
4. Barak is playing Russian Roulette with lives of other Jews
Tony ,   New York, NY   (12.20.08)
Make Barak, Olmert, Livni and the convicted sexual predator Ramon live in tents in Sderot with a bomb shelter hundreds of meters away. This is criminal negligence! Is the cabinet waiting for some mass death of Jews? Could the government be more calloused and heartless to Jews? They certainly do not want to harm the arab murderers who constantly fire artillery at areas around Gaza. I hope I live long enough to see justifiable reciprocity against the murderous hordes in Gaza. Somehow though I know it will never happen with Barak and Olmert, the Dumb and Dumber of Israel.
5. Truce
Ricardo Macher ,   KarneiShomron Israel   (12.20.08)
C[monn Barak, say it once more! "Next time I'll get really angry and hit back!" Meanwhile keep using those disposable diapers that let you be at office 8 hours! G!!!!! I am ashamed of what has become of somebody who once whas a hero!!!
6. qassams
Bear ,   zefat   (12.20.08)
Arrange for a qassam to land on Barak's house, THEN you'll see some action FAST!
7. sderot and the south
alexi   (12.20.08)
First, our sympathies on your never ending suffering. In the absence of the protection from the government led by the coward olmert, the ineffectual livni, and the missing from action soldier barak who is displaying cowardice before the enemy and would have been shot by a firing squad by the French army, I hereby command you as follows: buiild your own rockets home-made with ball bearings and rusty nails and fire them into gaza. Stop crying and do it. The hello with mazuz and barak. 2) Fire mortars into gaza as well. Acquire sniper rifles and shoot any traffic by the fence. 3)e-mail Olmert's sons at olmert and sorbonne BA program(ariel olmert).Prevent olmert from leaving his jeruslalem residence. Stop crying and take action.
8. this is nothing..!!
al quds brigades ,   gaza   (12.20.08)
The missiles just the beginning of the coming destruction and missiles and a large range. Sederot will be a second Holocaust. Leave our land and return to your country . سرايا القدس
9. The score today...
Ken ,   SA   (12.20.08)
Hamas: 14 qassams and 26 mortars. IDF: 1 missile fired at the launch site. Result: Hamas terrorists win. Come on IDF, surely you can do better than that!
10. The Only Response
Larry Carson ,   Columbus, Ohio USA   (12.20.08)
To Terror and Tyranny, "I Spit in Your Face" to those who make war on non combatants, innocent civilians, I defy your cause, it is a cause of Cowards- You are Cowards without a Cause- Yonatan Netanayhu, said, "We cannot cave into terror, demands, of people, animals who have no respect for Human Life, "If you give them a finger they will cut off your hand, if you give them a hand, they will cut out your heart" For every rocket they send to Israel, send them 10 in return, give them back their own, 10 fold. Mr. Olmert, Mr. Barak, you should be ashamed of yourselves. This would never be what it is today, had you given back the purpetrators of terror what they truly deserve. Let Loose the mighty sword of Zion, it is long overdue. Turn the IDF loose, teach the people who shoot rockets on innocents, that it will no longer be permitted. Give them back 10 fold, 15fold, 20 fold, whatever it requires to get a message clear to them. The Government of Israel and the IDF, The Free World, and the United States of America will not tolerate this type of activity another minute- You must behead the head of Terror, it has no place in a free world,- Until this is done, no one is safe, and everything that all of us believe in is truly in jeopardy- our children and their futures.
11. You must respond to rockets with YOUR OWN rockets
GZLives   (12.20.08)
Enable your government to use same tactics as Arabs. They can blame you for responding and keep clean hands. When rockets and mortars are fired at you, fire back with same kind of rockets. No one will blame you or condemn you but it will focus everyone's attention on situation. Let the rockets and shells fall wherever they fall and kill or destroy whatever they hit. Who could care given the same is being done to you. Its the only way to end this.
12. #1, so would the arabs who use Google earth
Tony ,   New York, NY   (12.20.08)
It makes their artillery targeting more effective. That is why most photos have a very small field of view. I don’t see why Israel has not cut phone, cell phone and internet access to Gaza already. But I do understand that the Israeli government is run by mental midgets like Olmert who would gladly give away Judea, Samaria and the Golan for a few cash envelopes and some free airfare.
13. These are terrorists!! ,   Nashville, USA   (12.20.08)
These are terrorists and need to be held accountable. What is Barak waiting for? What a joke.
Lawrence ,   Safed Israel   (12.20.08)
15. to al quds brigades - THIS is our land
GZLives   (12.20.08)
You are from the Arabian peninsula. YOU invaded and YOU occupied our lands. Your Allah has forsaken you. The world has left you behind. Live forever in your own pig sty or learn to live in peace with your neighbors. Its entirely up to you
16. I agree with GZLives
David ,   USA   (12.20.08)
Give the residents better weapons than the muslim terrorists and let them fire back whenever the kassams fly. Then when the babies cry to the UselessNations say that you try but can't catch them. Or pretend to catch them with a big photo-op and let them go the next day.
17. No other people would take it
alexi   (12.21.08)
All repeat that no other people would take rockets without reply.. So what is it about Jews. That they have not had an independent country for 2000 years and look to others for protection? Or Barak waits until the last possible moment hoping that Hamas will stop firing because it doesn't elicit any reaction? or that jews are hypersensitive to abridgement of human rights and therefore seek endorsement from the supreme court on each action. Right now, this situation is morbidly ridiculous. Hamas fires rockets with nails and ballbearings aiming at civilian slaughter-sliced legs, blood and gore, killing kids, the more the better. Lets see, the supreme court says you can' t use artillery or rockets or missiles unless its only on the guilty party. That they hide amongst the civilians and are supported by them is irrelevant. So the IDF cannot reply unless it only goes house to house and roots out the guilty which is impossible. Acccording to the israeli supreme court, the russians would not have been able to beat the germans if they followed the supreme court. What does the court know anyways-they gave the olmert asskisser Winograd who came out with a stupid report that gave olmert a way out of resignation. In summary, israelis are unduly sensitive to human rights and this is what is killing israelis. They cannot defeat hamas or hezbollah according to the supreme court restrictions.Israel has to use brutal asymmetric tactics and kill lots of arans if it wants to defeat is enemies.Otherwise it is doomed. Areil sharon never did what barak and olmert and rabin did which was virtually nothing. Israel should not go house to house. Here's what to do -- 1) Always you need the right timing 2)Use arab human shields to flush bunkers--surround villages and march villagers and fush bunkers 3)Use speciaal bombs, also fuel air bombs against hard targets. 34) set fire to villages 4) Attack the iranian embassy in beirut. 5)Drown opr gas bunkers 6)Knock out every gas station and fuel depot in the area 7)secure the coast against silkworms and borders against infiltarion 8) soften the villages with massive rocket fire 9) when ready, invade on mass--80,000(not the 8000 the coward olmert permitted) and kill all the enemy.
18. Hi
Mohspir ,   London   (12.21.08)
Thank you for the informaton, we greatly sypathise with the victims and offer out deepest sympathies, however, i am surprised you dont mention in this paper the 2.5 million victims of genocide being currently practised in darfur, or the nearly 60,000 people in zambia who have died in the continuing cholera outbreak since 6th december. You guys are amazing, u consider jews and palestineans lives as more important than the rest of the human race. jews and palestineans are not the most important peoples of the human race in this planet. considering then constitue less than 0.0017 of the human population. The world media just foccuses on just the conflict of palestine and israel when there are more serious and complicated problems in this planet, that a serious person must take into account. Kind regards.
19. Israel is a psychotic entity!
GET REAL ,   USA   (12.21.08)
Every day Israel supplies hundreds of truckloads of free food and supplies to hamas gaza. Israel supplies ALL the electricity and water and fuel to hamas gaza. ALL WHILE HAMAS GAZA SUPPLIES ISRAEL CIVILIANS WITH ROCKET ATTACKS!
20. #8 Believing Your Own Propaganda
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville USA   (12.21.08)
You have no idea what the IDF can do to Gaza. You think it's tough now? The cesspool that you live in will become a parking lot - devoid of all life - if Hamas continues on its present course and the sad thing is that nobody (including the Arabs) gives a damn.
21. Does that mean that ,....
Gideon Reader   (12.21.08)
,...there is a Lull in the Lull? Stupidity only a kadimacrat or a Laborious Lout could appreciate, or try to justify.
22. PALESTINE: You have The Right to Defend
Yarkum ,   Somalia   (12.21.08)
Palestinians have the right to Defend themselves. I dont see any positive advance from the side of the Israels
23. Tel Aviv???
Matthew ,   U.S.A.   (12.21.08)
If this happened to Tel Aviv, Gaza would be an empty piece of land. This proves that Israel will have no future. I am saddened by the lack of will Israel is exhibiting. Iran will one day destroy Israel. It's a matter of time. Nuclear weapons do not frighten the arabs because they know Israel will never use them. For this reason, and this reason alone, Israel will disappear.
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