Ministers demand change in Gaza policy
Roni Sofer
Published: 20.12.08, 22:19
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1. After years of rockets into Sderot, now we must act?
Tony ,   New York, NY   (12.20.08)
The Shas call girls suddenly have a conscience? The Vice sexual predator Ramon wants action? Where was Shas when Sephardic Shuls in the Gush were being evacuated. We know where Vice sexual predator Ramon was. Barak will retreat all the way into the Mediterranean sea like he did in Lebanon if given half a chance. I bet these “Leaders” will bring thousands of troops, not to attack Gaza but to evacuate Sderot before it is all done.
2. Tounges are wagging
Gideon Reader   (12.20.08)
Hiam Ramon. Hiam Ramon? Talking about moral imperatives? Are you pulling my leg, here? Skulk back into your dark corner and hope that everyone forgets that you are playing a role, ANT role, no matter how insignificant, in this political purimshpeil, created by the Krazy Kidz of Kadima. Do NOT talk about "moral duty". You created the problem with this not for real political party. And it's not real purposes. You cannot BeeEss your way out. The stains are on your hands and they are as permanant as any owned by Lady McBeth.
3. No one cares
ben Ish   (12.20.08)
No matter how much restraint Israel shows. No matter how many "gestures" are made. No matter how -what- the government does; pacifists, peace-at-all-cost... pullouts, land giveaways, ad infinitum... NO MATTER WHAT The world will never recognize or appreciate a shred of it. No matter how tiny or appropriate a response is made to these attacks, the world will harshly condemn. Period. Get over it. There is no chance for peace with these people. There is no chance any "measures" will accomplish anything. Just go in and take the problem out. We will be condemned across the globe no matter what anyway. Just do it, because the world will never care for, or appreciate, or even understand what is happening here. Take a hint already. Just go in, and take the problem out.
4. gazaAction
Yaacob ,   Toronto Canada   (12.20.08)
It is terrible to see Israel appear impotent in the face of the constant barrage of rocket fire from Gaza. By doing little to stop it, Israel is creating a precedent in which this fire can be regarded as a normal situation. Stop the activists' boats from entering Gaza. They break the blockade and further weaken Israel's position.
5. Yishai sending other's sons to war
eli ,   haifa   (12.21.08)
It''s easy to Yishai to send others to war . There are not black-kippa Shas soldiers in Tzahal.
6. Ramonn joins the other hypocrites in the 1% gov't
Arie ,   BaGolan   (12.20.08)
For years, he has promoted the do nothing approach. Now with elections only 2 months away, he is scraming for a response? We will remember in February where you really stood and vote accordingly!
7. Rocket Attack
Richard ,   USA   (12.21.08)
To the Army of Israel. Have you forgotten your mission? To protect the people of Israel and keep them safe. Have you forgotten what we did in the yum kipper war? Where is your sprit. The country is loseing the backing of alot of countries because they think we are cowards. The question is are we? We can't wait for the Feb. Election to do something we must do it now before it's to late. Time is running out. May God Keep Israel Safe.
8. War with gaza
Mark Katzman ,   USA   (12.20.08)
Politics end when your country and families are threatened, and presently that situation exists with the current war with gaza-repeat-WAR-just like the Battle of Britain. And, olmert and co.'s actions are in fact criminal negligence. Israel should do what it has to do in order to defeat the enemy in this WAR.
9. There is no government at Jerusalem
Norman ,   France, Eurabia   (12.21.08)
nor in Israel. Your political system is completly obsolete, a system with too many (ir)esponsable "deciders". An example : Barak, just one pawn in the government can decide a military option... or not. CHANGE
10. Interesting
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (12.21.08)
The ministers are now attempting to act like they are in the opposition. Where the hell have you people been - YOU are the government and YOU have done nothing.
11. Bin Ish, you almost sound like your really care... Your a f.
Just watching ,   from afar   (12.21.08)
unny guy. I know why Jews are so afraid of Christians and cult followers, they are afraid of war and we desire it because, well it don't touch us here safe in America. Many Americans like ben ish we are part of the death cult. we have our hopes for the end of the world as we know it. Israel I would kick their asses if I could, but I can't and I am not the one surrounded by armies (incompetent ones) but armies none the less. As far as I can tell with your leaders your screwed anyway so protect yourselves. An Air force can be a handy thing, knowing who you vote for and what they stand for is even hander. Boy no wonder we scare you....
12. Ministers demand change in Gaza policy
Yonatan ,   Jerusalem   (12.21.08)
what a bunch of neuro-cripples running the country
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