Man lightly hurt in rocket, mortar barrage
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 21.12.08, 21:27
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1. Evict West Bank Jews - Problem solved!
Lefty ,   Israel   (12.21.08)
It's simple, our government is able to tackle the real danger against Israel that is illegal Jewish settlements, much more than bullying our Arab neighbors who really want peace with us. So the answer is to evict the trouble makers from their homes, that way the rest of us can get to live in peace with the surrounding Arabs!
2. #1 Are you for real?
linda   (12.21.08)
Be'emet? Ma atta omer!! Our neighbors want pease? Realy? That's new for me!! I hear them speaking of killing us and not accept Israel as a legal state. So I don't know where you live, but in neverland I think, the land of tales and smolaniem. We gave them Gaza and see what happend, we pulled back from Lebanon and see who is sitting there now! The settlements are not the problem, we are the problem, we are to soft and nice. In Gaza are no settlements, so if you are right we must have pease now not? Pull back from the shomron also? And maybe also from the Goland? Why not give them all of Israel and get it over with? pfffffffff We need to start fixing the economy and let the Arabs for what they are. We are wasting our time with them, let them think a few years and when they are ready for pease let them call us.
3. to Lefty #1
Gregg ,   Israel   (12.21.08)
I completly agree with you ! It's good to see people who thinks like you do ! I feel less lonely
DAVID ,   ISRAEL   (12.21.08)
5. #1 and #3
Matityahu ,   Slovenia   (12.21.08)
I'm sure you two would find many people who agree with you, say, in a mental ward.
6. Linda .. you must get real
What shows that you are not for peace that you don't know how to write it it's with C not S . you have no choice and future in this area if the situation stayed like this ... like lefty said you are serrounded with the Arabs from all sides and you made them your enemies and soon or later they will get stronger than you plus the international support for Israel is almost nothing anymore and if once one American president will not be afraid from the Jewish loby in America means no support at all and you will feel lonly in this world .. isolated ... not welcome anywhere and all this already started since long time and alot of the Israelians will go BACK to their real countries and the the amount of the Arabs inside Israel will be more than the Jewish ... it's horror movie but it will be true .. and don't forget you made this movie by your hands or by the hands of your old Zionists ... they dreamed but their dreams are falling one after one ... their dreams started falling after 1973 then the countdown started ... before you took always and after you give back all the times .... and it's not yet over .
7. # 2 Sarcasm Dear,Ever Heard Of It?
Lawrence Tendler ,   Safed Israel   (12.21.08)
#1 is being tongue-in-cheek,sarcastic.
8. RE
TOM S   (12.21.08)
Suggestion : 1) all leftwingers to live with pals 2) shoot back , retaliate 3) get rid of he lillylivered kadima and the former brave soldier Barak it has been said before : Israel is now the laughing stock of the world
9. Hamas must be crushed.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (12.21.08)
Not breaking the resistance force of Hamas today means that hundreds of thousands of Israelis will be brought within range of Hamas rockets later. A ceasefire agreement with Hamas means that we will soon receive a stronger, more protected, better-armed and better-trained Hamas. Cities such as Ashdod, Be'er Sheva and Kiryat Gat could soon be in Hamas-rocket range. Several Hamas leaders have declared: "We will strike beyond Ashkelon…" More about Hamas and Gaza :
10. #6
Linda   (12.21.08)
Oi, oi oi I made a mistake writing English, That is what is important? I am not born in the states, so I make mistakes. Shoot me ok?!! People like you point the finger only at the Jews and Israel. The Arabs did it great !! right? The only country of the Jews IS Israel and not all over the world. Where did the Jews came from? Alaska? Iran? Germany? The Arabs are from SA and took over half of the world, so let they go back. I am for peace(joepi, got it right this time) but for real peace, and not the peace we have with Egypt. A country calling for killing a imam after giving a handshake to Peres. Not my kind of peace you see.
11. To Lull or Not to Lull,...
Gideon Reader   (12.21.08) THAT a question? Oy. Slings and Arrows. And that Momser Yorick. Do you see him here in Sderot getting pelted by the non arriving rockets? No. He's in New York looking at Rockettes. Another OY!
12. #2, Linda
lefty ,   Israel   (12.21.08)
Correction Linda, we did not pull out from Lebanon, we were pushed out. Had we not gone in there in the first place, things would have been different.
13. #10 Linda
Moshe ,   telaviv   (12.21.08)
Sorry to have to say this Linda, but as long as we stick to arrogance, we will never know what real peace feels like.
14. #8. Suggestion....
oscar ,   buenos aires   (12.21.08)
.... 1) enlist orthodox in IDF 2) attack Gaza 3) fight 15 days 4) make a new poll among orthodox.
15. To#7 Lawrence Tendler
Lefty ,   Israel   (12.21.08)
Nudge, nudge, wink, wink!
16. #6: "..Israelians.."?? oh, please (or is that 'pleace'?)
Dark Side of the Moo   (12.21.08)
17. #6 will the arab countries give back all the properties they
rachel ,   usa   (12.21.08)
stole from the 1 million jews they kicked out ?
18. i agree with linda and gregg
evon ,   USA   (12.21.08)
i hope all israelis cold think like you . the excessive force has made nothing for israel .
19. #13 Moshe
Linda   (12.21.08)
We are arrogant Moshe? I think we know that real peace is a two way street. For now I feel that we are driving an one way street going nowhere.
20. This headline is full of BS!
Editor ,   USA   (12.22.08)
What the hell does "lightly hurt" mean? It sounds like the victim has a hangnail. Ynet should stop mincing words and just say the person was hurt. Period.
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