Iran: BBC reporters in Tehran are spies
Dudi Cohen
Published: 22.12.08, 12:36
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1. BBC spies
DT ,   TA Isr   (12.22.08)
...but for the radical Islamic UK residents
2. We could only Wish !
Gad ,   Israel   (12.22.08)
We could only wish that the anti-semetic , Israel hating BBC is really a double agency . Faking their hatred of Jews and Israel to "fool" the Iranian Regime . Yeh , thats it !
3. That's why they're called "reporters", duh ;)
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.22.08)
4. couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch of people!
israeli ,   israel   (12.22.08)
5. Iran doesn't understand. The Beeb are their best friends.
6. Iran must detain them
Siad ,   Muslim world   (12.22.08)
Bobby ,   Canada   (12.22.08)
The blind leading the blind Iran gets more idiotic,day by day
8. Suspecting the BBC is probably wise..
P ,   Philadelphia   (12.22.08)
The US and UN were willing to use nation-undermining espionage against Iran in the past, in moves that eventually caused Israel to lose a regional ally (Iran and Israel had joint military exercises and strong economic ties before the Islamic revolution), all in the name of American/British ownership of oil reserves.
9. So what's new? They been spying on Israel for years.
Bennie ,   Jerusalem   (12.22.08)
Caught one BBC spy freak trying to look at me winkie in a Tel Aviv toilet one day.
10. Oh sure... Spies
Aharon ,   Israel   (12.22.08)
Incidentally, the BBC and Iranian TV are probably also working on a co-production of a TV series called: "Wiped off the Map - a world without the Stanaic Zionist entity." The BBC is one of the most hostile TV stations to Israel in Europe. A few years ago it even released a film that presents Israel being as the most dangerous coubtry in the world. Evidently. tit seems the clowns from Teheran never lose their sense of humor...
11. bennie: he was probably just researching
oferdesade ,   israel   (12.22.08)
come to think of it, this whole thing is so off the wall that it could only have been concocted by Jews. is everyonse sure that the cohen bros or some other holywood entity are not in on it? wots the guys name? ahi meni janokovsky?
12. alan johnson reporter of the Palestinian people
rachel ,   usa   (12.22.08)
remember him ? wonder if he learned his lesson?hahahahahahahahah I love it .....the chickens will come home to roost
13. #6 Siad
Dark Side of the Moo   (12.22.08)
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha thanks, the funniest of a bunch of boring TBs! (& to know you meant it, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha)
14. #12 daniel pearl
Jane   (12.22.08)
remember him? wonder if he learnt his lesson? hahahahahahahaha I love it . . . . . (sounds pretty vile doesn't it? But that's the sound you are making)
15. #14 are you defending the decapitation of an innocent man ?
rachel ,   usa   (12.22.08)
Who's disgusting now even mention this man who lost his life to pathological killers ?....Alan johnson was writing and defending his captors ....that's the diference must hate jews with all you might !!!!!
16. #14 Jane, you are in need of help !
Fred Nerks   (12.22.08)
#12, rachel, writes of a misguided fool. Dan Perlman was creuly beheaded for being Jewish - no other reason. That was stated by his murderers. The anti-Semite johnson spent his timein ront of cameras bending facts on a one-sided propaganda mission before his friends captured him, and the whole thing blew up in his face - and then survived (because of not being a Jew). What is your (mental) problem?
17. #16
jane   (12.22.08)
What? How do you know Alan Johnson was anti semetic? What evidence do you have? What facts did Alan Johnson 'bend'? And why would his 'friends' capture him? Alan Johnson was reporting from a war zone and risked his life. To laugh at his experience is just as repugnant as my laughing at the fate of Daniel Pearl (to highlight the ignornace of #12) Stop pretending to be so indignant. Show you indignation at #12 whose petty comment I imitated. Or does Alan Johnson deserve his fate because a) he worked for the BBC and b) he wasn't Jewish.
18. BBC= British Anti-Semitism
Mark ,   Boston   (12.22.08)
The BBC is constantly bashing Israel. Their reporters weep at the death of Yassir Arafat. They donate money to charities that funded the 7/7 bombings.
19. he is right!!!!!
smith   (12.22.08)
Iranian are persian and BBC is an arab media. So, he is right! BBC is arab spies
20. BBC News so slanted Israel should confess they are spies.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (12.22.08)
With their heads chopped off maybe the new ones would be more honest.
21. The Biased Broadcasting Corp
Silvana ,   Glasgow   (12.22.08)
As far as I am concerned, this just might be a very steep learning curve for the BBC. There is an old saying in this country (Scotland) "What goes around, comes around". As much as I am against the barbaric beheading of people, it is obvious, albeit that Johnson was held captive, that the BBC have not learned their lesson. Perhaps, this time they might just get the picture. BTW it is 17.17 and nothing reported on their website.............f
22. Jane
ilan ,   israel   (12.22.08)
you are right, the islamofasicts think Alan Johnson deserve his fate because a) he worked for the BBC and b) he wasn't Jewish. get treatment - urgently.
23. 21. Silvana , Glasgow please explain
tony   (12.22.08)
"BTW it is 17.17 and nothing reported on their website.............f " Can you explain; 17??? (I got the 'f')
24. 17 people (reporters) - is that it?
tony   (12.22.08)
25. #17"What facts did Alan Johnson 'bend'?"hahahahahahahah
rachel ,   usa   (12.22.08)
That's a good one .....don't make us all laugh .....hahahahahah
26. the BBC needs some spy squirals
zionist forever   (12.23.08)
I thought that the spies were zionist pigeons and squirals that the heroic Iranian soilders risked their lives to capture while they were in the act of spying. Could it be that the Iranians are worried that BBC journalists know a little bit about using Photoshop and so all the grand schemes that we are constantly told about will be exposed as nothing more than speeches and Photoshop.
ReadMore ,   Scotland   (12.23.08)
ARE YOU KIDDING? Thankfully its not been COMPLETELY taken over by the Pro-Israel-Everyones-An-Anti-Semite-That-Questions-Its-Crimes Brigage BUT there is TOTAL bias TOWARDS Israel in its shoddy reporting. We ALWAYS hear about an Israeli death, but Palestinian ones which occur daily are generally hidden away, unless its something even you lot should be ashamed of - if its in your vocabulary. Lets face it, which country has defied over 100 UN resolutions - think you are right and everyone else is wrong?
readmore ,   scotland   (12.23.08)
29. #20 - BUNNIE MEYER
readmore ,   scotland   (12.23.08)
Excuse me? You think because you are a jew you can get away with saying things like that? You know, people are waking up - yeah thats right, they are. Cant wait until this kicks off for real, maybe then you'll learn a little morality - I'll be the first to show you matey-boy.
30. #27 I think you should read more and inform yourself a bit
rachel ,   usa   (12.23.08)
more because you seem to lack infomation . these are facts.
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