Trial begins for Yemeni accused of killing a Jew
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Published: 22.12.08, 20:03
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1. Israel uses same excuse relating to Jewish Terrorists
Rami of Nazareth ,   Oddly enough, israel   (12.22.08)
Oddly enough, Israeli authorities used same excuse to describe almost every JEWISH TERRORIST Who attacked innocent arabs. The Jewish terrorist who killed 4 innocent civilian in shfaram, and the jewish terrorist who killed the Arab taxi drives (because he felt like killing an arab), both were describes as mentally ill
2. I hope the Jews still living there come to Israel soon.
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (12.22.08)
3. #1 Rami, know the most amusing aspect of your reply?
Roman ,   Lod, Israel   (12.22.08)
The fact that two Jewish terrorists is not that far from being "almost every Jewish terrorist", at least when compared to the numbers on the other side of the fence. Oh, and just a few reminders... Right after the Cave of the Patriarchs attack by Baruch Goldstein, he was openly and utterly condemned by state officials and the general public alike. He wasn't described as insane - merely a murderer. Same with Natan Zada in the Shfaram attack, which you mentioned. Zada was called a bloodthirsty terrorist by Ariel Sharon just as the events unfolded. Later investigation led to discovering his ties to Kahanists. Julian Soufir, the man who murdered the Arab taxi driver in Tel-Aviv *was* taken to psychiatric evaluation, and found to be a completely and utterly insane. But you know, I find it noteworthy that two of the three I mentioned weren't even alive to stand trial. Both were lynched rather than arrested, even as they were disarmed and taken completely under control. And yet Arab terrorists are taken alive, if and when possible. Sometimes, I wonder why.
4. Killing an innocent man and flimsy excuse
Irani ,   Iran Town   (12.22.08)
This is not right. Killing an innocent man with so many innocent kids and family members dependent on him is not right. No matter what your religion and your ideology. No matter how much you hate Israel and Zionism, Israeli politician, its policies and its treatment of Arabs, killing a man for being Jew in a land that his family and forefathers have lived for centuries is not right, not rational and not warranted by Islam or any other religion, it is madness pure and simple. This killer has to be punished according to the law of the land. I am sorry for the victim’s family, for his children, for the grief they have been subjected to and for irrevocable loss. Irani
5. # 3: I disagree with you on some points
Zada was also called insane and hailed as hero by many right wing jews.. Goldstein still till this day hailed as hero by settlers and they even erected "andarta' in his memmory... Even Rabin's assasin is hailed as hero and many asking for his release...
6. Yemen - a Haven of Terrorism
Hinda ,   SF Bay Area   (12.22.08)
For #1 Rami, perhaps you should stand up more in regards to those who commit acts of terrorism in the name of Islam and for Arabs. Perhaps you should condemn so we can all HEAR the condemnation instead of seeing the parties thrown in honor of someone who had committed bloodshed on another Kaffir. Why not move to Mecca and become a Matyr for Allah?
7. Why are his wives wearing an Islamic veil?
Phil ,   NY   (12.22.08)
Is this the law in Yemen? Unofficial law? Jewish women including Yemenites do not wear such veils in Israel....
8. Islam drives faithful followers insane & makes them inhuman
Genuine Tosefta ,   Most Odd, Tveria   (12.22.08)
90% of armed conflicts in the world today involve at least one Muslim side. This is what I've been posting on JP, Ynet, Haaretz numerous times and it has been publish a couple of times only.
9. Arbs are parasitic and create nothing of substance
Genuine Tosefta ,   Most Odd, Tveria   (12.23.08)
Arbs have saddled the world with a parasitic and pathologically suicidal movement that has proven its capacity to destroy and its incapacity to create anything of substance to human civilization. Arb societies have immersed themselves in a culture of denial. They emphasize struggle, quash competition and reject alternate approaches or ways of thinking. Arb governments live in a state of internal fear that avoids investigating their failures or acquainting themselves with or opening their societies to the cultures of others. As a result, their societies cannot hand down positive achievements to future generations or overcome their secretiveness, their isolation, and especially their compulsive need to blame others for their own failings. For 1000 years Arbs have watched in horror and humiliation as the Christian civilizations of Europe and North America have eclipsed them militarily, economically and culturally. External conflict is the lifeblood of the Arb society , conflict in the Arb world is not seen as a problem that requires a peaceful solution. A society whose allegiance is to the tribe rather than to the nation, that does not believe in democracy enough to institute it, shuns female intellectual contributions, allows polygamy, insists on patriarchy, institutionalizes religious persecution, ignores family planning, expects endemic corruption, tolerates honor killings, sees no need to vote, and defines knowledge as mastery of the Quran ... is deeply pathological. The painful truth is that the acts of violence and barbarism occurring at present are nothing but the natural consequence of generations of Muslims having been misled and force-fed speeches filled with hostility and hatred for others over the course of decades, which deepened the backwardness and the ignorance in the Arb and Islamic worlds. The sad truth is that the fantasies portrayed in "Arbian Nights" have long since become an Arabian nightmare. This because the Arb world has no real consensual governments; statism and tribalism hamper market economics and ensure stagnation. Islamic fundamentalism, the absence of an independent judiciary, and a censored press all do their part to ensure endemic poverty, rampant corruption and rising resentment among an exploding population.
10. #1: Because Jewish terrorism is an abberation, oddly enough.
Etoile ,   Montreal, Canada   (12.23.08)
The instances that you mentioned probably covered about 99% of the history of Jewish terrorist attacks. It is only natural for some people to believe that these individuals were "mentally ill" because such heinous acts are not acceptable and are even strongly condemned by the vast majority of Jews. However, the same cannot be said about Islamic terror. You have to admit, it would be kinda silly to dismiss the thousands and thousands of Islamic terror attacks as a mere "mental illness." Dear dear Rami, perhaps after about two thousand years of the same story, it is time to clean up your house?
11. He is a sane member of an islamic terrorist cult.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (12.23.08)
12. He murdered his wife 2 years ago. No big deal
Liliane ,   Brighton, UK   (12.23.08)
The guy murdered his wife 2 years ago but it's no big deal in Yemen.
13. Forced apostasy in Yemen/Aden - the more things change...
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (12.23.08)
Maimonides penned his Epistle to the Jews of Yemen in 1172 to console those being pressed to renounce their faith and accept Islam. Jews in Aden were similarly forced to convert en mass in 1198, but many were subsequently able to return to the Jewish fold without being deemed "apostates" from Islam. One remark caught my eye. In reviewing the history of false prophets in that land, he wrote "Later there arose a madman (hameshugah) who followed his [Jesus'] example since he paved the way for him. However, he added a further object, namely to seek dominion and complete submission to himself; and what he has established is well known." Indeed. How ironic that the lawyer for this murderer claims his client is "majnun" - the same epithet used by the pagans of Mecca against the first prophet of Islam.
14. To #9. Creates Blind Followers.
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (12.23.08)
You say :”A society … (that) defines knowledge as mastery of the Quran”. Regarding the Koran : it is written in classical Arabic, which is VERY difficult to understand , EVEN for highly educated speakers of Arabic. Although it is the same Koran Book used by the Sunnis, the Shia’s -- but the translation of it into Persian -, Turkish -, etc. languages shows a WIDE variety of explanations. The clerics of EVEN the same group (for example, the Sunni group) don’t agree with each other over the meaning of the classical Arabic Koran texts. CONCLUSION : Because of those disagreements the clerics fight with each other, up to the point of killing each other, destroying each others Mosques. Because of those disagreements, the followers are NOT allowed to question their own clergymen. The followers just have to SWALLOW whatever (nonsense) their clergymen says. SO, this creates blind followers. And blind followers are causing the religion to have a BAD name. BTW when the blind is leading the blind both will fall into a ditch, and will hurt themselves VERY badly.
15. #7 it's the Yemenite women who break the law
observer   (12.23.08)
Muslims are instructed to wear differently from non-Muslims.
16. Ben Ladens were Yemenites
observer   (12.23.08)
al-Abdi is an ex air-craft pilot. It seems that Yemenites have affinity for aviation!
17. #5 You are generalizing and magnifying issues to an extreme.
Roman ,   Lod, Israel   (12.23.08)
If 1% of the reactions claim that Zada was insane, that is not a reason to focus on them and ignore pretty much everything else. Neither is it right and proper to generalize on the Israeli right-wing population, or the settler population. Goldstein is "hailed a hero" by a minority so tiny that they're looked down upon even in their small Hebron community. And while many in the Israeli right-wing didn't agree with Rabin's policies, very few approved of his murder. And any idiot who calls the assassin a hero is just that - an extremist idiot. You paint the 99% with the same brush of the 1%, and that's plain wrong.
18. Maansingh and Islamic disagreements
Genuine Tosefta ,   Most Odd, Tveria   (12.23.08)
Disagreements in Islam for the most part revolve around Quranic interpretations of how to inflict harm, mental, physical, spiritual Some examples are what would be the correct way to execute someone by hanging, burning or decapitating and which punishment applies in different cases (as if it matters to the poor victim. Another one is cutting off of limbs on opposite sides, the dispute is which sides, left hand and right leg or right hand and left leg, again there is a whole body of written disagreement here. One other is what is the proper way to enter a toilet, with the left or right foot. The quality of the virgins awarded to the "martyr" are in dispute too, are they yellow skinned with slanted eyes or black bright eyed with dark skin and covered with natural luscious hair like fur all over, or these are just a metaphor for 72 white grapes appropriate from Aramaic mythology Yes, there are many disagreements in Islam, but even the most "humane" Muslim opinion leads to unspeakable violence
19. To Observer #16. GOOD Observation.
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (12.23.08)
Quote :” Yemenites have affinity for aviation!” GOOD observation, Observer.
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