Abbas: We won't agree to Israeli invasion of Gaza
Roee Nahmias and AP
Published: 23.12.08, 16:51
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1. abbas "won't agree"
Arie ,   BaGolan   (12.23.08)
Obviously olmert and the 1%ers agree. But come February, our security will come before the desires of the appeasers and terrorists
2. The Gazan Clobberfest Is Inevitable
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (12.23.08)
Our Gazan Arab neighbors are among the stupidest peoples in the world. They taunt us, but fully realize that, ultimately and inevitably, we will be forced to respond with force. It is the only way to shut them up. They are also aware that they will be clobbered big-time and suffer badly. Yet, they are willing to inflict pain and hardship on their own people with no appreciable gain in the offering. Nothing. It will just set them back further. Does this make sense? It certainly makes no sense to a rational human being. But, if they want a clobberfest, then they will get a clobberfest. How sad that we live among such imbeciles.
3. Abbas doesn't agree!!!
Ricardo Macher ,   KarneiShomron Israel   (12.23.08)
Do you really believe that somebody cares or takes notice of what you agree, like, want or whatever? Somebody in the Israeli government should explain to Abbas that he has no right to interfere in Israeli internal affairs. But unluckily we have a government with no guts!!!!
4. Two Jew Murderers don't want Israel attacking Jew Murderers?
Yoni   (12.23.08)
Only in an Olmert run government can two blatantly pro-arab terrorist despots have a say in Israel's war policies. Of course this is the Israeli leader who gets millions off his apartment cost, cash envelopes from everyone and steals donations twice and three times so he and his family get free airline tickets and hotels. With his mad dash to give away the land and let arabs dictate Israel war policies it makes me wonder if he has a nice bank account hidden in Syria near his new home?
5. Who cares?
Danny   (12.23.08)
6. What IS that odor. the Cat sick?
Gideon Reader   (12.23.08)
<> The Balestinians won't agree to a Gaza Op? You must be sh--ing me! These guys are the same a--holes that are involved in the daily planning of murder,assault, kidnapping and other somewhat lesser, but just as corrosive acts of rapine and mayhem against them pesky Jooooz, and they won't agree to an Op? Give me a break here. Who asked them? Oh.Wait. It just struck me. Someone probably DID ask them, and I have a sweat sour whif of the Parfum de Joie, of the "Mossad Beauty".
7. Well dear Mr Abbas your agreement is not relevant
Daniel ,   Amsterdam   (12.23.08)
You are jusp a puppet in the world hand but if you agree to a stable peace plan with Israel you have a chance to do something great to your people, I hope Mr. Abbas loves and care over his citizen better than Hammas.
8. Abbas
Jeremy ,   Hula Valley Kibbutz   (12.23.08)
Who cares if you agree or not, no one is asking your permission to do what your Fatah gunmen couldn't do. Run to Egypt, hell, run to Yossi Beilin, and his freaky leftest friends. When the time is right to take out Hamas we will. You won't agree, since when are you Abbas, a member of our Kenesit or protecting Israel from your hated of us
9. Abbas will not agree BECAUSE..
Susan ,   Israel   (12.23.08)
Fatah and Hamas are the same. The only ones who PRETEND otherwise are the left in Israel and much of the West including the U.S. One terrorist wears a suit and the other a freaking beard. One wishes Hell on Israel out in the open and the other who says nice things in English, wishes Hell on Israel in Arabic. If Abbas had half a ball he would come down hard on Hamas. This rift by the way with Hamas is just an act. The fact Abbas wants to protect Hamas proves it!!
10. Mr Abbas I don't remember asking your opinion!!!!
Sheila ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.23.08)
11. Where would Abbas be without the IDF?
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (12.23.08)
Maybe thrown off a ten-story building like his Fatah pals in Gaza? This irrelevent nonentity only exists because of our mistaken support. He evidently doesn't understand the reality of his position. Who gave him the idea he was someone of consequence? Talking with Olmert & Livni or maybe Ms Rice - it's kind of gone to his head. But soon, very soon, Olmert, Livni, & Rice won't be around any more. And Abbas might not be around either .......
12. Abbas wont give permision so geuss we cant do anything
zionist forever   (12.23.08)
I know Olmert is obsessed with kissing arab ass in the hope that one of them will just sign a quick treaty even if it doesn't work he wll be garunteed his place in history and Nobel Prize and let the next PM pick up the pieces. Abbas though he is not an MK and he doesnt't have the influence as the American president, he is a nobody even amongst his own people he is a nobody and just like Olmert & Bush he is on his way out and not standing again. The Olmert / Livni / Barak regime is made up of crooks and cowards who put their self ambition before the country. They will probably back out of any military operation because the three of them have individual ambition based reasons for not wanting an operation so what Abbas wants will be the probable outcome but Abbas should also remeber if there is no military operation its not because he didnt give his permision its because Israel is run by a bunch of cowards & crooks.
13. So, the "mayor of Ramallah" won't agree. BFD!
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (12.23.08)
Since when does Abbas have a veto on Israel's right to defend itself? He's only relevant if he's made so. But Abbas is a lame duck, just like Olmert. Soon they'll both be gone. And Obama/Clinton will have to find Israel another "peace partner" to be strengthened.
14. Talking head speaks, has no common sense.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (12.23.08)
15. If Israel's "peace partner" cant condemn rocket fire
Eliminate him.
GET REAL ,   USA   (12.23.08)
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