Report: Ahmadinejad squandered $140 billion
Gil Feiler, Doron Peskin
Published: 24.12.08, 15:36
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1. Just like North Korea, build the bomb,neglect the people
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (12.24.08)
2. time everyone learned
fish israel   (12.24.08)
that any politican who promises peace brings war. Any politician who promises help to the poor, don't give a damn about the poor once elected. Politicians who openly say - we're in trouble, we're in a mess, I'll do my best to clean the mess and we all need to stick together - they should be elected. But not in Israel... look at the billboards with Barak.. one would think that this clown will disappear forever, but ehere he is again, threatening to straghten up settlers...
3. FAR FROM IT.........................JUDAH....#1
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (12.24.08)
You seem to be in the dark altogether.In a way it is good for the readers as it appears that you know nothing about the Iranians and comparing it with N.Korea shows how poor your knowledge is.
4. #3 afraid you are full of yourself...
Ann ,   Bolder USA   (12.24.08)
The stranglehold in Iran is why so many immigrate to America and never look back. If most Iranians had their choice they would get out too. The filthy regime of persecution and daily humiliation to where a person can not be human to unjust propaganda fed 24/7 to having no money or basic freedoms is what Iranians endure and this is a cold hard fact. Forget N. Korea vs Iran. Which one is worse is immaterial. Both regimes stink to high hell. Both violate basic human rights. Get in touch with some Iranians living happily in the USA and they will tell you exactly what I have...but then I have the feeling you don't want to know. Heaven forbid anyone in that part of the world find truth because if it happened I would feel very sorry for your sorry leaders.
5. #3 Mahmoud
Cynthia ,   USA   (12.24.08)
We know more about Iran than we ever wanted to know. Ahmadinejad and Khamenei have certainly made a mess out of Iran. Ahmadinejad was elected on a platform to fight corruption and improve the economy. Oops!!!
6. The Big Spender (Ahmadinejad)
Lawrence Tendler ,   Safed Israel   (12.24.08)
The minute he walked through the door,I could tell he was a man of distinction a real Big Spender ,Good looking so refined,I can't get his nuclear bomb out of my mind.So let me get right to the point, I don't pop my clog for every Iranian I see...Hey Big Spender spend a little time on me...
7. Mahmood, Question For You ?
vit ,   usa   (12.25.08)
Mahmood, Question For You ? Do you have a contingency plan for what you are going to say when Obama bombs Iran next year ? ;)
Ben   (12.25.08)
Hashem protects Israel through this fool.
9. Achmandinejad is like Kim Yong, Iran like North Corea
robert renders ,   belgium   (12.25.08)
10. He's trying to compete with Arafat
Cynthia ,   USA   (12.25.08)
dp   (12.25.08)
the needy must find other means, maybe they should overthrow their suicidal rulers instead of relying on them for a hand out
12. Ahmadinejad has run Iran's economy into the ground.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (12.25.08)
Non-oil sector production is stagnant. Factories may remain open but many do not pay workers. On Oct. 2, for example, tire factory workers staged a protest in front of the Ministry of Labor seeking six months' unpaid wages. In recent weeks, wild cat strikes have occurred in Tehran, Isfahan, Qazvin and Sanandaj. Purchasing power has plummeted.To mitigate such trends, the government has imposed price controls. On June 11, the daily Resalat reported that the paramilitary Basij, a subdivision of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, would enforce low prices. Over subsequent days, the Iranian press featured photos of Basij beating merchants whose prices were too high. More about the economic situation of Iran :
13. We must increase economic pressure to change Iran's behavior
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (12.25.08)
Ahmadinejad strategic challenge and nuclear ambitions has run Iran's economy into the ground. On Oct. 11, just a day after Ahmadinejad declared prices in decline, the Central Bank reported inflation above 30%. Such figures are still likely low. Both Shahab News and Aftab-e Yazd have noted the tendency of Iranian officials to pull numbers from thin air. More about the economic situation of Iran :
14. #3. Mahmood. What a fund of knowledge you are ..NOT!
Cy ,   Reading, Berks   (12.25.08)
It is estimated that OVER 75% of Iranians want to se the back of that walking disaster AhMADinejad We would all like to see him directing traffic rather than directing the economy or the country Currently in excess of 35% of GDP is being sqaundered on miltary spending through the totally corrupt system based on the RG Its now a joke in Hezbollah circles that ANY MONEY they want they will get. Hezbollah live BETTER than the majority of Iranians If you know anything about AhMADinejad, his treachery, his corruption, his off the scale extreme views on Islam and most of all his private belief that HE is the twelvth Imam you will understand that whilst you might adore him the overwhelming majority of Iranians are DESPERATE to see the back of him before he tears Iran asunder So Mahmood YOU are welcome to AhMADinejad with our blessings
15. As a proud American,I take great comfort knowing that 1.32
Jan ,   Proud American   (12.25.08)
for a gallon of gas will bring the likes of this pathetic monkey to his knees by cutting off the wealth from his oil exports. His other monkey friend Chavez, is also facing the same crisis in his country with Venezuala losing mega bucks in the loss of oil sales. Teach them to come to my country and make speeches at the UN about my country I tell ya. Who has the last laugh now???
16. Pres.Bush should address the UN Assembly this way:I smell
the stench of stag- ,   nant oil in the air!   (12.25.08)
17. Ahmadinijhad invested with Bernie Madoff....
Michael ,   toronto   (12.25.08)
18. iran's finances
elliot ,   usa   (12.26.08)
conserve energy to screw iran--sounds like an even better idea than just saving the polar bears!
19. AHMADINO.....!
jan   (12.26.08)
This " Pygmy " is bringing Iran to it's knees.--- nuclear ambition, spending billions $ on a huge arsenal (for what ?) feeding/training terrorists, are his main achievements since his ascent to power. RESULTS: poverty, unemployement, out of control inflation,corruption (as usual - reminds me of the USSR). Ah," la folie de grandeur " is going to his head -- kissing jews on the mouth, castigating the UN on it's behavior, tacking Queen Elizabeth head on. Unable to find the time to "wipe" Israel of the map. Helas.....
20. 3 mr. mahmood
i don't know where you live, but i do live in tehran and am a student at university majoring in engineering. my english is strong because i have family in los angeles and have studied english all my life since a baby because my grandmather left when shah was desposed. i stayed behind with my parents. no money to leave. now, please do not mislead the public in this forum. we all are in very bad situation here in iran and you do not know what is going on here. yes, there are some rich people but mainly elite with connection to regime. most are poor. hanging in public square near mosque in tehran is daily and is sick for me to see. homos, prostitutes, young females, young boys and students like me who disappeared in ewan prison and later executed in public square for NOTHING. some were 16 years old! poverty is wide spread. dissent by students is wide spread. there are lines for food and not always available in markets. bread is very expensive and so is milk and basic necessaties of life. people disppaear over night and families do not know what happened. regime soldiers and baseji come to collect them. no explanation. no free speech, no democracy. police state with repression and total fear. my friend is gone for 2 years now and family don't know where is he. the rg took him from home and never said where is going. family is never allowed to question or visit. when you are with police as female, they rape you then give you 100 lashes because they call you prostitute against islam. but they were the ones that raped her. we have so many heroin drug adicts walking on streets in tehran and many homosexuals and lesbian feal fear for their lives if they are catch by government police. poverty is incredible. many people on street begging. no jobs, no economy, no kindness in eyes of any body. no smiles, no future, no good education. education is joke. only islam is education. most education imported from russian professors coming to iran to teach engineering and mathematics in my university. the economy is so bad that even garbage on street is not picked up in poor areas. the city smells bad all the time. the people are always afraid, always look behind the back to see who follows them. is this a way to live? we have no money and the oil price now that is very low is creat a huge economy deficit. people feel the bottom of the pit here. but we can't do any thing because if we say something, we go to prison. the polution is 100% and the city don't do a thing about it. ahmadin ejad was elected to bring better economy, but he brought basiji and the bomb instead. why we need the bomb? who is going to attack iran? why we need to support hizbullah and hamas? what we have to do with them? not our concern. this is between israel and arabs, not us. ahmadin ejad is very bad for everyone here and we can not wait to see him go...maybe to hell for all iranian good people that hope everyday he go to hell. he is terrorist. number one terrorist. he is not human being that cares for anybody but power. what for to have atomic bomb when 75% of cpuntry is under age 30 years old and no jobs? give universities the money, create good economy and jobs. we do not hate israel. iranians are educated and good people and we never hates israel. we do not suport the accusations and crazy words of ahmadin ejad about israel. israel never hurt us at all. so, why the hate from ahmadin ejad to israel? because he hates jews and siraelis we isrania should sufer? please know what you are talking about before you lie to everyone here. you know nothing about iran. you just know hate for israel. but this is not enogh to lie to everyone, is it?
21. #3
before ahmadinejad, iran was not like n.k.. however, this individual made sure iran will be heading this way. 38% inflation 50% unemployment police state ruled by fear and sharia law poverty of unimaginable kinds 10% of population hooked on drugs and heroin no jobs, no industry except for bomb making and support for international terrorist organizations. should i say more?
22. #20 thank you for the truth!
Petra ,   usa   (12.26.08)
let's pray the mad monkey will be voted out of office before he brings Iran into a war they cannot win. I pray for you and your prople who are held hostages by a state sponsered mad man. You are a prisoner to this 'religious' monarchy and as Iran begs to fight Israel, they may get their wish. So very unnecessary. But, then, so was the American hostages by Iran many years ago. Iran's in a world of trouble. Any people who curse Israel are cursed by God. Very serious business.
23. # 21 Iran makes America look very rich
Petra ,   usa   (12.26.08)
the only good news about the 'recession' is that the warlike oil states will have to rethink their idea of ruling the world. With oil down so are their ambitions. That can't be all bad. These despots are half witted after all. Americans WILL find and use and sell alternative fuels and these lame bastards will end up either starving or begging. Such predictable ends to such unpredictable madmen. They should have read Genesis 12:3 "he who blesses you I will bless he who curses you I will curse.'
24. A Tad more than Madoff... just ..
R Hitchings ,   Methil   (12.26.08)
and what did the Jews get for their money?
25. Assorted points
Devasahayam ,   Washington DC, USA   (12.26.08)
One of my dad's (retired math prof from UCalgary, Canada) grad students had done a long stretch (1975-1979) of work at Shiraz. He stated that during that time, Iran was relatively prosperous. Post-1979, Iran became like Stalin's USSR--with those whom Khomeini disliked being purged and/or executed; also, during 1980's over 10,000 refugee-status applications were accepted by India from Iranian applicants (that's an excessive number seeking refuge in a POORER nation than their own). For Cynthia--Ahmedinejad is more akin to Mahmoud Abbas than to Arafat; the dishonour of "competing with Arafat" is held by Ali Khamenei, the real misruler of Iran!
26. Iranians have prayed to allah for so long & it's not working
Now pray to Hashem& ,   see QUICK reults.   (12.27.08)
27. Wow! Jimmy Carter must feel soooo proud of how he turned a
once prosperous ,   nation into chaos.   (12.27.08)
28. Iran going the same way as Zimbabuwe
Anon ,   Johannesburg SA   (12.30.08)
so sad, could of been a success story
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