Woman, 8 men executed in Iran
Dudi Cohen
Published: 24.12.08, 12:12
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1. God they are so primitive!!!!
2. Primitive, yes.
Alan ,   Ashkelon   (12.24.08)
And yet how ironic that YNet caters to readers (Americans, that is), who live in a country where capital punishment is legal in 34 states and carried out regularly (an average of 60 executions take place every year). Primitive? Yes. But check yourself before you name an entire nation's population nothing more than a bunch of savages.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (12.24.08)
At all.Murderers,drug dealers and terrorists should be trearted exactly the way Iran is doing.
4. Yes......but what about....Important things
ME ,   USA   (12.24.08)
like a fair trial? Presumption of innocents? Proper representation anyone? I sure would like those things before I got strung up by a piece of construction equipment.
5. #3 They NEED a FAIR trial THEN hang them
Nothing is fair in Iran.
6. #3, What about adultery, homosexuality, and robbery?
Jake   (12.24.08)
All these are punishable by death in Iran. Does it seem civilized to you that robbers and gays are given the death penalty in Iran?
7. #3 Primitive Plus
Cynthia ,   USA   (12.24.08)
Murderers, drug dealers, terrorists or innocent people set-up to establish the Regime as supreme ruler? Bringing a crane to the center of town so townspeople can watch their brothers, sisters, fathers hang and die a slow, painful death isn't primitive? How do you explain the public execution of 16 year old Atefah Sahaaleh accused of "crimes against chastity"? Primitive public executions have increased under Ahmadinejad's rule.
8. #1 Israel's 'Targeted Killings'...
Wanda ,   Montreal   (12.24.08)
...wherein the capital punishment is extrajudicial, and kills 3 to 5 innocents for every one 'guilty'. Because THAT's sophisticated!
9. #8 The difference Wanda
Cynthia ,   USA   (12.24.08)
Iran executes their own people as a reminder of who is in power. Some are executed because they're misfits under Sharia Law. Israel targets known terrorists involved in acts of terror or enroute to carry out a terror attack. Palestinian terrorists shield themselves within civilian populations hoping the IDF will not target them. Which unreliable anti-Israel publication provided your "3 to 5 innocents" calculation?
10. #9 And the difference lies where?
Wanda ,   Montreal   (12.24.08)
Israel executes 'terrorists' (a subhumanizing, posthumous appellation intended to morally justify the extrajudicial murder) at will, and without accountability. Their death is then used as proof of their terrorism, and a reminder that Israel can do whatever they like. The 'human shield' thing might be true.. OR these resistance fighters could also have families and loved ones around them because they are PEOPLE, and Israel has no compunction against striking at the most vulnerable and valuable of human privileges: the family. In fact, it's likely that it is calculated for that effect, as a means of stating: "collectively, you will be punished". While terrorism is deplorable, I really do not see how using gunships and firing missiles into civilian spaces differs in the slightest, other than officiating and absolving the ethical fractures inherent to the exercise because of governmental 'oversight'. Terror is a psychological condition, not a flag. Whilst you dispute where I get my information, your propaganda source uses rhetorical language and flawed, elitist logic. And I and many like me intend to challenge it at every step of the way.
11. #10 Wanda, apologist for terror
Cynthia ,   USA   (12.25.08)
38 rockets, 18 mortar shells launched in two days from Gaza. I imagine if these were launched by the Palestinians into Montreal, you Wanda would be screaming bloody murder. But no, you have only disdain for Israel and think terror attacks against Israelis by "resistance fighters" are justified. And I see you could not support your calculations which I'm left to conclude you fabricated. If you intend to challenge supporters of Israel, I recommend you get your facts straight. Targeted killing of terrorists by Israel is effective and Israel has improved the technology to help pinpoint the target. But accidents occur. Israel would not need to pursue this option if the Palestinians stopped terror and booted these terrorists from their communities.
12. Cynthia
Wanda ,   Montreal   (12.25.08)
Facts? Noone can argue against FACTS... I guess I'll just have to keep fabricating. OR I could use a Platonic method ofy just asking questions... Who's apologizing for terror here? Or does the IDF not partake of creating terror? Where's my disdain for Israel? Or is it disdain for its tactics? Do you think perhaps the Palestinians might be just bloodthirsty meanies? Or are they responding to direct/indirect, active/passive violence leveled at them since even before 1948? What calculations can't I support, you didn't call me on any of them...?
13. #12 Wanda
Cynthia ,   USA   (12.25.08)
The Arabs have refused every peace agreement since 1937 and started several wars and intifadas for the purpose of destroying Israel. Palestinian terrorists have nothing to resist. Their goal is jihad. The border crossings close and checkpoints go up in response to terror. The security fence was built in response to terror and the Gaza port is under blockade to prevent weapons smuggling. Hundreds of kassams have landed in Israel this year while Israel's response has been marginal. Which tactics are disdainful to you and why? You stated that for every terrorist targeted by Israel, "3 to 5 innocents" are killed for one "guilty". I asked you to cite your source in regard to this allegation and you did not respond. Precisely when and where did this occur over the past six months and how do you know those involved were innocent?
14. CYNTHIA.....................YOU NEED SOME..........#7
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (12.27.08)
Kind of treatment,you know that?I thought you would appreciate the correct moves made by this Islamic Government.Instead,you join the group who have nothing to do with Iran except to read an article and picke up things to write something against Iran.I feel sorry for you Cynthia but am begining to understand how your mind works.You may keep it up but does not appeal to anyone as such
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