Report: Egypt sanctions Gaza military op
Roee Nahmias
Published: 24.12.08, 13:51
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1. Where is the TOGO vote?
Gideon Reader   (12.24.08)
Well I for one certainly feel better, knowing that Egypt sanctions a military operation by Israel against Gaza. <> A real confidence builder, that. Now if Albania and Uruguay can pressure Fiji into supporting Israel's actions to defend it self, I know that MY day will be a happier one. This crap aught to be good for another three of four weeks of dithering and inaction by the Kadimacrats, <>buying time for doing nothing before the general elections, and lessening the chance<>of the "Mossad Beauty" and the soon to be convicted "Corrupt-o-crat" screwing the pooch. Again. And again. And again.
2. Now we need Egypts permision
zionist forever   (12.24.08)
Mubarak might aithorise Israel to take acttion but sadly the Israeli leadership is almost certainly going to say thanks for your support but we want another 6 month hudna and allow Hamas to bring in more weapons and dig in deeper so the eventual inevitable military operation which will come after the election will result in higher Israeli causlites. If we had done this 6 months ago when Hamas were on their knees it would have been an easy operation and Gilad would be with his family. Mubarak should also take note of these new sharia style punishments Hamas are introducing on their own doorstep, things like that are only going to raise the morral of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. If Hamas can do it why cant we, These things have a habbit of spreading like a cancer and it might just spread to Egypt if something isn't done soon. If anything Egypt should be leading an operaton. Well thanks for your permision Mr Mubarak but we probably wont need it because we are to cowardly.
3. #1 Gideon. Pharaoh Mubarak says yes.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (12.24.08)
You would think that so many years after the Exodus, the words of the great Pharoah would not matter. But, evidently, for some Jews, Pharaoh is still our Lord & Master. I hear Livni will be going to Burkina Fasso to ask their permission as well. That only leaves another hundred or so countries to ask for permission to defend ourselves. Of course, our insecurity cabinet requires an unanimous approval or they cannot act. I don't think Iran will give us their permission. Olmert actually wants to get permission from Hamas but is afraid to offend Abbas or is it the other way around? Mid-East politics is so complicated I sometimes get confused. Of course, I could never be as confused as our gov't. ........
4. OK
Jake ,   US   (12.24.08)
Seems like Kadimwits dither more and yet help give Gaza to fatah.
5. Egypt has problems and does not need Gaza radicals
Rivkah   (12.24.08)
to destabilize the government of Egypt. President Mubarak is 70 and the banned Muslim Brotherhood (MB's) are getting elected under the banner of being "Independents" which indicates many Egyptians are leaning toward radical Islam's agendas in the long run. If Egypt opens its borders to Gaza and the armed Hamas attack Egyptian targets, that will further destabilize the Mubarak government. It was at the cost of his life that Egyptian President Sadat signed a peace treaty with Israel. So, I hope the Israelis understand the limitations of Egypt in the Gaza problem, and go in there are do what they do best. It will cost lives, but that has been the price for Hebrew freedom since the days when Abraham the Patriarch delivered Lot from abductors with his servants who were trained by Abraham in warfare just as Moses trained the Hebrews who came out of Egypt. Go, go, get 'em, unh!
6. it's Fatah's PR
observer   (12.24.08)
Egypt would never say that even if the US gave the green light for limited operation. The US is the Pharaoh for Israel, not for Egypt. Mubarak has other plans for his sun; heir of the throne
7. We must also check with Lords Resistance Army in Uganda
Alan ,   SA   (12.24.08)
8. #7 well!, Jewish democracy alone has to detemine Arabs' fate
observer   (12.24.08)
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