Livni: Israel will act against Hamas
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 24.12.08, 21:23
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1. Livni, Stop It ......
Dan ,   USA   (12.24.08)
...I'm laughing so hard it's killing me.
2. When???
Karrie ,   US   (12.24.08)
Your country has been attacked since you came to power, when do you plan to defend your citizens???
3. "Act" is right
Gideon Reader   (12.24.08)
Actually it would be somewhat better if the "response" were NOT an act. A genuine reflexively response towards the enemies of the citizens of Israel would be much more preferable, than having to endlessly replay Hamlet, over and over, after being screamingly dragged: pummeled and kicked into defensive action. The Kadima government's palid taps and feints against the assualtive Hamas are viewed widely as absolute "political" minimums offered with an eye towards doing as little as possible militarily whilst getting the best bang for the kopek vis a vis the impending shadow of Likud, standing in the wings, whistling the theme song from "Jaws".
4. Israeli government is a shame
D   (12.24.08)
I think Israelis should leave on masse. No country in the world would tolerate this.
5. Canned Already, Zip
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (12.24.08)
You've been sitting in this government since the beginning and have been a party to every decision it has ever made. And you have the Chutzpa to say that you "will" act....! Why haven't you done anything until now? Listen, Zip: As far as I'm concerned, you get a Zero on the credibility scale, and a Zillion on the chutzpa scale.
6. More empty words from empty people.
LEE ,   NY, USA   (12.24.08)
7. Livni should heed the warnings.
Steve   (12.24.08)
'Israel should know that any decision to attack Gaza will open the gates of hell." These people mean business.
8. lets admit it
alexi   (12.24.08)
its difficult to admit ths,w e keep blaming barak and olmert and livni(although she is talking tough lately). Why not admit that haniyeh and zohar are better leaders, are resolute, have staying power and are brighter than what we have. What do we have? We have Olmert, am scared of his own shadow,is a big talker who loses wars and who has zero understanding of security today and tommorrow. That is why he cannot understand the risks of giving the golan to syria.He is mentally disturbed. Livni is fresh, clean, talks more bravely, but she comes across as a bit stupid, a dumb dora with no bottom line ability. Barak is either an arab spy, or missing in action. he has seen too much in Beirut on his mission and is shot to hell, he has no fight left. He suffers war paralysis. Take your pick. He does nothing except boast, brag and leave our enemies happy.The arabs have better leaders with guts.We have losers with no guts.
9. Livni to Hamas: "We long for peace"
Steve   (12.24.08)
"We want peace. We seek peace. We long for peace. We will do anything to achieve peace with our enemies, but don't delude yourselves!"
10. get in your kitchen and bake their cookies quickly
livni kill them ,   with kindness   (12.24.08)
ask for olmerts advice-he is quite the cookie monster?
11. One Has To Admire Strategy Of Hamas
Lawrence Tendler ,   Safed Israel   (12.24.08)
Just goes to show,one should never under-estimate anybody,especially ones' rivals.Chapeau..The Arabs are actually the victors.Israel is screwed whatever it does.If it Retaliates it will either be not effective or will be too effective and will be totally counter-productive.If it does nothing it also loses.The arabs may fight "Dirty" by using civilians as human shields for example and cleverly manipulating the media but they are Master strategists and run circles around the Israelis with their fancy hi-tech gadgets costing millions of dollars.Israel will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars by sending out an air force jet or two to fire a missile costing a quarter of a million dollars at an empty field or shack.Let's face it,Israel has lost..time,numbers and fate was always going to be stacked against it...
12. act against Hamas
Moish ,   Jerusalem   (12.24.08)
by sending them fuel, and cash Livni can't solve this; she is part of the problem
13. And then....and then....and then...and then...WHEN?
14. Wait for Iran,please.
Siad ,   Muslim world   (12.24.08)
Gaza is nothing,wait for Iran.
Adam Hummel ,   Toronto   (12.25.08)
16. You can never have too many clowns.
Manny ,   NY, USA   (12.25.08)
If I had a dollar for every time Livni, Olmert, Barak, Mofaz, etc. actually followed up on their empty words, I still couldn`t afford a stick of gum. Bunch of neutered poodles. I guess the IDF = I Don`t Fight.
17. Livni deliberately blind and deaf
Jerrold Cohen ,   Seal Beach, USA   (12.25.08)
Simply adopt the Saudi peace initiative and Hamas will practically give you their guns. Face it, the Israeli government wants land, not peace.
18. It's true that Israel will act against hamass.They will act
like COWARDS against ,   hamass. Rueben   (12.25.08)
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