IDF preparing for Gaza op
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 25.12.08, 01:13
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1. I can hear them "Civilian, civilian, babies, children"!!!
Ronald   (12.25.08)
2. This is what FATAH terrorist leader said about 60 rockets:
GET REAL ,   USA   (12.25.08)
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called Wednesday's violence "unfortunate and difficult" and encouraged a renewal of the truce. "Our people are facing attacks and blockade, we are making all efforts for a full truce and for the security situation to calm down," he said.
3. Escalation
I´m sure the IDF and IAF can hit back at HamaSS in Gaza, and they will fire back once again to Israel. Get´em hard. I wonder why Israel always is to blame. I mean Egypt can make a good living out of the palis, but they keep the border closed as well so? Why all the hard talk vs Israel?. I´m tired of it. Long Live Israel. Hit them Hard!
4. Inform the media, the UN and all the world
Ram ,   London   (12.25.08)
...that you are going in in and why and just do the job!
5. Israel preparing Gaza op.
Manny ,   NY, USA   (12.25.08)
Anticipated start date is April 1, 2015 for orders to be issued, with actual commencement to begin 7 years later. Livni & Barak have it in their calender.
6. Bomb them, don't endanger ground troops.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (12.25.08)
7. To Israel: Get On With It Stop Playing
Dav Lev ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (12.25.08)
This is all absurd. Anyone with a 2nd grade education could have predicted it, prior to, and during the so-called cease fire. It has been apparent that the lull gave Hamas time to reequip itself and increase it's military capabilities. So what else is new? The so-called Israeli blockade as an Arab argument is equally has a border with another Muslim State (Egypt). Would Lebanon or Syria close it's side of the border too? Planes cannot end Hamas domination of the Strip, nor erode sympathy for it by the Palis. Israel has to expand it's border into the Strip, after punishing those who equip and aid the launchers. If this means destroying parts of Gaza City, so be it. Haven't we heard all this before?
8. In other words...
yehuda ,   Holit, Israel   (12.25.08)
"We are going to make the same mistakes we made in Lebanon and lean too heavily on airpower to solve our problems." If we are to win we need to hit them as hard, as fast, and as deep as necessary to get the job done. The military yo-yo game just doesn't work.
9. It is just a joke
Hamuda ,   Gaza   (12.25.08)
we have heard this many times and there is no reason why we should beleive it this time.
10. as long as traitorous gangster olmert is PM
chaim ,   brooklyn ny   (12.25.08)
nothing will be done,citizens of israel get rid of this criminal swine immediately or else you will lose your country
11. Why Don't We Tell Them When & Where we're Going To Bomb Them
CIA ,   NYC   (12.25.08)
Stupid Israelis
12. preparations
Arie ,   BaGolan   (12.25.08)
That will be canceled tomorrow by the 1%ers when hamass declares another "one day lull." The cycle of self-destruction will end February 10th. The residents of gaza need to prepare their evacuation!
13. what I don't understand: why telegraph every move?
Zvi   (12.25.08)
14. All Talk, No Action
Yoni   (12.25.08)
15. gaza
hawk ,   New York   (12.25.08)
It's about time.
Marcel ,   Florida   (12.25.08)
More empty building and fields to be attacked by the little girl Barak and his group of retreat and surrender specilaists of Kadima and Labor
17. In Other words a Half Way Operation
Ralph Levy ,   USA   (12.25.08)
In Other words another Half Way Operation
18. elections first then action
19. olmerde out-election show
20. Opportune time to strike was 2 years ago
Jewish Refugee ,   U.S.A.   (12.25.08)
when Hamas was weak, when they did not have Iranian generals training them by thousands, when Iranian weapons heavent reached Gaza. Oh I forgot this is a good campaign advertisement for Barak and Livni since the elections are around the corner. That is why Israel should change its government structure so Defense Minister only defense minister not a politician, where Foreign Minister is foreign minister not a politician. After all politicians will do anything they can in order to save their sits. Oh yeah sacrifice country if necessary. KNOWLEDGE, KNOWLEDGE, and KNOWLEDGE, that is how we can defeat our enemies. When KNOWLEDGE is being distorted.
THEN 6 MOS AGAIN ,   ..............DACON9   (12.25.08)
Jan   (12.25.08)
This article leaves me somewhat leery, IE: " Almost " inevitable --- " unless " THEY cease fire --- " There is " a wide tool selection --- IDF officiers felt " helpless " --- Our politicians will ask the " UN's permission "--- We have reached a decision," BUT " a change in THEIR stance -- Perusing via Google in order to see some of the " men of action " who decided to crush their enemies, I picked a few from a list of 100. Annibal - Genghis Khan - Napoleon - Rommel - Zhukov - MacArthur - Patton. Now, all it's left from our leadership in order to emulate those " men of action ", is to notify the enemy WHEN, WHERE, HOW., at their NEXT round table discussion....Soon
23. Israel should uproot Hamas once and for all.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (12.25.08)
Under the circumstances, what is needed is not negotiations with Hamas, but strong military action against it. Israel should not undertake a brief incursion, but a major invasion of Gaza to uproot Hamas once and for all. If the Israeli leadership doesn’t take such action, it risks Hamas growing into an even greater menace to the State of Israel than it is today as described at :
24. I can't help but laugh
David ,   USA / ISRAELI   (12.25.08)
This generation of Israelis became the laughing stock of the world. yes, maybe, if, wonder, possible,afraid, concern, the UN, Egypt, The EU, those are words used by cowards, and not by leaders who care for their country and citizens. LOL. LOL. LOL......
25. The soldiers want to fight.Their officers forbid yawning.
ProMeretzArmyLeaders   (12.25.08)
26. JUST DO IT!!!
Petra ,   USA   (12.25.08)
27. Yawn...Wake me up when this govt. puts another recorded tape
in for the press ,   corp to hear.Rueben   (12.25.08)
28. saber rattling
Miriam ,   Canada   (12.25.08)
why announce the pending strike- does the world have to be inform of every step of the operation? Why not open a website so we can all add our suggestions too? What happened to confidentiality? IF Israel is serious about this op- why not prepare in silence- and then go for it?
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