Egyptian FM: Hamas didn't receive arms through us
Roni Sofer
Published: 25.12.08, 11:52
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1. When did Mubarak become my PM? Oh thats right
If Livni is elected in February expect her to declare herself Vice-PM and Mubarak PM. Go home Loser Livni!
..............DACON9   (12.25.08)
3. Pharoah Mubarak has spoken.
Terry   (12.25.08)
You can imagine how forceful Livni was before the mighty Pharoah of Egypt. ''Oh great Pharoah, can we poor Jews defend ourselves?'' ''No Zibbi, Jews don't have a right to self-defense, it's un-Islamic.'' ''You mean I shlepped here for nothing?'' ''Don't get uppity with me, Zibbi. How could we destroy you if you defend yourselves?'' ''We want you to give in to all the demands of Hamas like good little dhimmis.'' ''Oh yes, mighty Pharoah, now I understand.'' ''Good little dhimmi, now go home & give my profound disrespect to those two putzes, Ehud & Ehud.''
4. Demands?
Ricardo Macher ,   KarneiShomron-Israel   (12.25.08)
G!!! This is good! Maybe now dear Tzipi and her friends will know this word that is not forbidden for Israelis! We demand stop to aggressions, we demand stop hate teaching and inciting, we demand Gilad back home, but most of all we demand a government integrated by people who are proud to be Israelis, who now why we are here and that are sure that we have the full right to be here!!! What about this demands?
5. Mubarak is a liar! And Gazza IS part of Egypt!
Freejew2 ,   Israel   (12.25.08)
6. the master call the dog come
cordier   (12.25.08)
he master call the dog come. Nobody can believe than Egypt doesn t known that hundreds of tunnels exist and than thousands of TONNs of materials go to gazza from egypt. Sinai is a desert with no port three small airport and just one tunnel to pass the suez canal. Livni is a "couille molle"...
7. Just a question...
Marcelo ,   Eurabia   (12.25.08)
I really want to understand, what would happen when Israel afer winning the next war against hammastan, fatah comes and says that gaza belongs to them? why should jewish blood be sacrified when afterall leftist will give gaza away? I think the delay in the response is to ensure that egypt takes gaza again and it allways belongs to egypt....someone can help me undertand?...thanks
8. Egypt not responsible for weapons...
Miriam ,   Canada   (12.25.08)
a miracle: the weapons are brought in on Mohammed's horse? a magic carpet, maybe? where else but Egypt could the weapons come through.... how many borders with foreign countries does Ghaza have..... politicians must think everybody is stupid.
9. Mubarak a liar but worse...New commander
Lior ,   Israel   (12.25.08)
and chief of Israel. Worse still, Livini goes and grovels to him. This whole continuing episode of weakness, deception and lies makes me sick. Anyway, how would Mubarak know arms are not taken from his 3rd world country to the hell-hole of Gaza seeing he has done nothing to stop them all these years it has been going on? What the hell are they smuggling then? Avocados? The smirks of laughter and the obvious S*it eating grins on both their faces prove the crap we are up against seeing we in Israel are not laughing at all. ; -(
10. Right, the arms were delivered through hyperspace
Moshe   (12.25.08)
11. rockets
soupy ,   gloucester, MA   (12.25.08)
Santa brought them!
12. will someone turn on the lights for Aboul Ghiet
rmallin ,   tampa, usa   (12.25.08)
Please enlighten me, Mr Gheit, how are weapons going into Gaza if not from Egypt ?
13. That's gratitude for ya- Egyptian style
davidM ,   Rhode Island   (12.25.08)
Egypt attacks Israel 3 times with it's gang of arab thugs. Israel gets Sinai. In exchange for "peace" Egypt gets Sinai back with the Alma oil field that Israel developed and an estimated $100 billion in oil reserves. Of course the Jews who lived there had to be evacuated. I remember Israeli citizens vacationing in a cabin cruiser being machine-gunned by a brave Egyptian soldier and Egypt citrizens applauding. When a boy grows up into a man, he is supposed to take responsibilty for himself. At one time Egypt was Christian- what happened? No one ordered women to dress a certain way, and now? Why is America funding Egypt? Hussein Obama will straighten things out. :)
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