Lebanese army defuses 8 missiles pointed at Israel
Roee Nahmias and agencies
Published: 25.12.08, 20:23
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1. missles
Natan   (12.25.08)
Don't be fooled. This is coordinated between Hamas and Hizbolah as part of their response if Israel retaliates against Hamas in Gaza. Israel must realize that they ARE in a war and need to strike, and strike hard.
2. Someone above is watching us
Berel   (12.25.08)
Thank Hashem
3. Good start-now find the other hundred thousand rocket launch
Alan ,   SA   (12.25.08)
4. Interesting-Conveniently
clint ,   Belmont-USA   (12.25.08)
Maybe Lebanon is trying to distance itself from Hamas knowing the upcoming military action by Israel will have to be severe to quell the violent acts by the gaza terrorists...Dont blame you fellas for not wanting any of Israels respnse!!
5. Hats off to Lebanese Army!
Cynthia ,   USA   (12.25.08)
Keep going guys. It would be great if you could drive this Hizbullah garbage out of your country and maintain a peaceful border with Israel.
6. Lebanese army finds 8 missles aimed at Israel
Anon ,   Israel   (12.25.08)
I was afraid this would happen.Israel can expect a two front war if it attacks Hamas in Gaza, and low and behold look what the Lebanese army uncovered! It is time to ready the Northern Homefront and have our troops on the Northern Border on High Alert because the Winds of War are blowing stronger every day!
7. Only Israel to believe in arab's lies,only Israel!
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (12.25.08)
Every time Israel makes the slightest move to react rockets,the cunning arabs come with a story showing how" friends "they are of us;how they patrol correctly the borders and do not permit hisballah to approuch.Yeah,right!They are wonderfull! Only Israel to believe in these cunning guys;nobody in the world could fall in traps as Israelis do,NOBODY!!!. Could you wake up,PLEASE?!?
8. #7Thank please guys at Ynet!
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (12.25.08)
9. Dont you guys understand-It is a MALICIOUS WARNING
Alan ,   SA   (12.25.08)
not a hand from a friend who is helping out!
10. #2
Its not your Hashem that is watching idiot. Its was the Lebanese army.
11. Cynthia, usa #5
Cynthia you sure are simple minded. The Lebanese Army did not do this for your sake. They did it because The Lebanese Army along with Hezbollah are against Al Qaeda. Thsi is the deed of Al Qaeda, not Hezbollah.
12. wooden launchers for rockets?
observer   (12.25.08)
13. Miracles And Wonders Is How We
Lawrence Tendler ,   Safed Israel   (12.25.08)
Survive,not to mention a liberal dose of luck.Heaven forbid the luck should run out...
14. #11 Who Is This Alan Qaeda Guy?
Lawrence Tendler ,   Safed Israel   (12.25.08)
For one man he sure seems to cause a lot of trouble.
Naxwell Smart ,   Portland,USA   (12.25.08)
The Lebanese goverment, the Lebanese army, and hizbullah are one. I regard this as sleazy move against Israel. BE AWARE!
16. #15 - Is Right. They are the SAME. Its all BS
17. Surprise surprise
Avital ,   US   (12.25.08)
These 8 rockets are only the tip of the iceberg. Hizbullah has been rearming intensely since after the 2006 war.
18. They found 8 out of thousands?
Bennie ,   Jerusalem   (12.25.08)
Were they looking for them, or did they accidentally trip over them in the dark?
19. #11 Not convinced
Cynthia ,   USA   (12.25.08)
Missiles found in Hizbullah stronghold. Sounds like work of Hizbullah trying to send Israel a message rather than a jihadi turf war. Hizbullah realized it was a bad idea or maybe this whole thing was staged. The timing makes your statement a bit suspect. How did the Lebanese Army suddenly stumble upon the timed to go off missiles without Hizbullah telling them they were there?
20. What about the 39,992 rockets left in Lebanon?
Stephanie ,   Israel   (12.25.08)
21. Must be a lie
Arie ,   BaGolan   (12.26.08)
UNIFIL continuously slams Israel for complaining about 'non-existent' rockets and missiles in s lebanon. They have in fact condemned Israel claiming the Jewish State is doing what it can to create a falsehood on the ground. So, given the expertise of UNIFIL and its command, the rocket find must be a lie fictionalized by those looking to besmear jmmy carter's allies
Arik Silverman ,   Milwaukee USA   (12.26.08)
According to this it's not even known who is responsible for these missiles, and certainly not where they will be found. The result is that if the missiles would have been fired, IAF might have killed innocent people and invited massive retaliation. It's necessary for Israel to use extreme caution. Another possibility: it seems odd that the Lebanese Army just happened to be in the area and find these. Could the incident have been staged?
23. #15
P ,   Philadelphia   (12.26.08)
What kind of an idiotic black-and-white world do you live in? Read up on the Lebanese civil wars and the great toll they took on their country - Lebanon has a very weak government with various strong factions in Lebanese society that strongly dislike each other. Hizbollah is one of the factions, and their conflict with the central government is legendary. Contrast Lebanon to Syria, which has a very strong central government and is relatively modern (even if nonwestern in governmental style). You can't divide the whole world into black/white us-them spheres and pretend that the entire world is conspiring against you and only you. Get over yourself - look at the kurds, at the iraq-iran war, at the struggles in turkish society between secularists and those pushing for sharia. Politics is complex, and you are not the central actor!
24. #19 Cynthia
Dave Wilson ,   usa   (12.26.08)
Unlike your government, Hezbollah does not lie. If Hezbollah was behind those rockets, then they would anounce it with their heads help up high. Hezbollah's weapons are a little more sophisticated than those discovered on a make shift wooden platfrom. If those were indeed the weapons that Hezbollah used while humiliating an IDF that is armed to the teeth with the most advanced weapons on this planet, then I would be ashamed of Israel if I were you.
25. #20 Stephanie
Dave Wilson ,   usa   (12.26.08)
You figures are out dated. The number is more like 70,000 by now and growing by the hour.
26. #22 Arik
You say "it seems odd that the Lebanese Army just happened to be in the area and find these". Have you heard of intel services? They work in mysterious ways.
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