Jewish Home party dissolving
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 25.12.08, 21:35
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1. Big mistake
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (12.25.08)
The right wing parties should stop the squabbling. They should unify and stay strong.
2. the problem
aharon ,   Shaare Tikva, Israel   (12.25.08)
The problem is how should the nationalist and religious parties positon themselves politically. Hershkowitz and Orlev are living in a time that no longer exists when the Daati Leumi were the balance of power and were essentially viewed a cute sidekick to the ruling secular Zionists. Ariel and others like Uri Banks want to lead the nation but also want unity with the other Daati Leumi, so the attempts to reconcile these very different goals, and the failure of these efforts has led to the squabbling and makes future unity difficult.
3. I hope
joe ,   crown heights   (12.25.08)
Ariel and Eldad join up with Marzel such a party would get at least 5 seats and could get more Its simple such a party would get vote from peed-off utj people and from peed-off jewish home people not to mention likued people who are mad about the Feglin thing
4. Agree with #3 and
Gerry ,   Boston   (12.25.08)
they should unite fast. Hershkowitz, the 4th rated very bad mathematician from Ahuza shouldn't be the leader of anything except his Ahuza nbhd.
5. Uri Ariel belongs with Hatikva
Ben ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.25.08)
6. That's the Ticket!
Debbie ,   Israel   (12.26.08)
Eldad, Ariel, Marzel and Rav Wolpe. THEY WOULD GET AT LEAST FIVE SEATS!!!!
7. Last Chance For Unity
ML Bentovim ,   Safed   (12.26.08)
MK Ariel's bold and correct decision to leave the Jewish Home Party (aka NRP II) is the next-to-last step in creating a genuine right-wing Knesset list that all those faithful to the cause of Greater Israel can wholeheartedly support. The only missing element now is the Eretz Yisrael Shelanu Party of Rabbi Wolpo and Baruch Marzel. Every possible effort must be made before Sunday night's deadline for submitting Knesset lists to get Wolpo and Marzel to join the National Union or withdraw so not to split the true right-wing vote. This completely united list can easily win 5-6 seats. Now is the time to act!
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