Barak instructs troops to open Gaza crossings
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 25.12.08, 22:58
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1. we have a mad leadership
2. Barak!, what's fighting in starving?
observer   (12.25.08)
3. Barak dropping hints to Hamas I accept your conditions
zionist forever   (12.25.08)
Now Barak is hinting to Hamas we have accepted your terms for continuing the tempory hudna. Probably for the first time in history both Hossani Mubarak & Meeretz are supporting a military operation. Most the public is coming round to thinking that a military operation is needed. The defense minister though he is trying to cut a deal with Hamas askiing them for another tempory hudna which they will use to rearm and stockpile supplies so when that operation eventualy does come whoever authorises it be it this government or the next the casulties will be higher. WE ARE TIRED OF FIGHTING WE ARE TIRED OF BEING COURAGEOUS WE ARE TIRED OF WINNING WE ARE TIRED OF DEFEATING OUR ENEMIES Olmert never spoke truer words, it represents this regime perfectly .. SELL OUT
4. 100 rocket attacks in last 24 hours and psychoti barak gives
GET REAL ,   USA   (12.25.08)
"humanitarian aid"! ISRAEL IS DOOMED!
5. Love your enemies and you get the clap
Gideon Reader   (12.25.08)
What a stunning Putz of unimagined proportions(and I do not refer to his personal equipment, but rather to his personna) Ehud Barak. "We do not want to create a humanitarian crisis." Buzzzzzzzzzz! Wrong!! A humanitarian crisis is **EXACTLY** what IS required. Shutting ALL crossings, sealing the border as best as is possible; cutting off all facilities;i.e., electric, water, food, medical supplies, certainly anything that has a "dual-use" element to it, is absolutely what should be cut off with no hope for resupply. Barak either has forgotten how to wage war, or was a military/political "etrog" who as a perfumed prince and favorite of the left had his path smoothed for him. Try peeing off and making your enemies miserable and then kill them and break their remaining stuff. That may be a bit better manner of fighting.
6. Perpetrating the Crime of Deliberately Starving
R Hitchings ,   Methil   (12.25.08)
Many Many Good People... in order to punish a few who do not conform to Israeli will.. is a crime that should not only shame the people of Israel now... but will shame the people of Israel long after a solution is found and Palestinian and Jew will live together in peace.
7. barak has the enmeny shaking
Arie ,   BaGolan   (12.26.08)
8. Starving an attacking force as a tactic
Gideon Reader   (12.26.08)
,...or interdicting the supply lines of a hostile firebase. Dear Doofus#6, Seige warfare is an **OLD**, tried and tested as well as effective tool. hardly a crime by any standards, of the USA, the UK, the UN or the EU(IF the member states of the EU ever had the courage to wage warfare against a valid enemy, other than unarmed men and women and children) A solution is **NEVER**going to be found to the war between twenty two Arab/Islamic fascist states and Israel/Judea. They will never live in peace because the "Peace Plan" of those twenty two nations is for Israel to suicide, surrender and leave or to be absorbed as dhimmi. However, you do have my deepest sympathies for your callow and naive state of mind; and I wish you sanity in the near future.
9. Snort, chuckle, gasp,Bwhahahahahahah!
Gideon Reader   (12.26.08)
Arie blGolan Lucky#7 ,...Ken! Shaking with laughter.
10. 8 Avoid the Shame of Starving people to death. Food Not Bu
R Hitchings ,   Methil   (12.26.08)
Im so glad you reply with the brutal honest answer of a Zionist... "Never" .. I will see a solution to the Israeli/Palestinian problem in my life time I am sure, one way or another of course. There has never been "Political Will" from Zionists to want to have a solution. But the world has changed now and it is in the interest of he Zionist to make peace and get along with their Palestinian cousins.
11. As rockets pound Negev
Lior ,   Israel   (12.26.08)
Livini seeks international support while Barak opens gaza crossings (to appease Hamas and world opinion) while we wait for declared LIMITED gaza incursion. (ha ha) Did you know our IDF were ordered to wear tutu's and pretty kid gloves on hands...IN THE EVENT THEY EVEN GO GAZA? Heaven forbid civilians are killed as Hamas uses them for human shields as the tutu kid glove wearing IDF will be in hot water.. and one wonders why many refuse to serve these days. Only ones laughing are in the shameful picture of Livini and Hosni baby from yesterday when Livini ran to him for advice!! Hamas knows just where they have us. International community joyous. This is Israel today. I bow my head in shame, worry and complete angst against my impotent government. ...and so it goes.
12. is Husni Mubarak supporting a military operation?
observer   (12.26.08)
and who is supporting Husni Mubarak?
13. Barak is feeding the enemy that wants us destroyed!
Freejew2 ,   Israel   (12.26.08)
Does that make any sense? A strong resilient Israel would shut the borders permanently, till Hamass at least ceases its aggression and changes its Charter....which they will never do as thats the only reason they exist!!
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