Israel seeks international approval for Gaza op
Roni Sofer
Published: 26.12.08, 00:53
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1. restraint in the face of fire
chaim ,   miami beach usa   (12.26.08)
if Israel wants to avoid civilian casualties or needless suffering the only way it can succeed is by, creating a swath of land deep into the Gaza Strip the has the depth of the distance that the rockets are being fired from, replenish the basic human needs outside those areas and decleare that the entire is going to be a free fire zone any living thing found there will be destroyed, nothing else will ever work and will only cause needless causalities
2. international approval
elliot ,   usa   (12.26.08)
will come -IF AT ALL- when israel asserts its right to defend itself which does not require anyone to feed his enemies before defeating them.Defeat them first-then feed them after....who are you kidding!
3. Approval?
Brod ,   USA   (12.26.08)
Israel does not need approval from the international community that is already contaminated and manipulated by Islamist-Jihadists. No such approval is needed. Israel should defend herself immediately from the first rocket that was fired at her and not wait for hundreds and thousands of rockets to be fired at Israel. It is time for a new and competent government in Israel.
4. So stupid it was expected earlier..
Gideon Reader   (12.26.08)
Well THAT should help assuage the situation. My conclusion is that in their heart of hearts, EACH and EVERY member of the Kadimacrat-labor cabal must be stark raving bonkers and stupid as well.
5. olmert in war plans
alexi   (12.26.08)
israel must keep olmert out of any warplans because he will screw them. He has zero aptitude in security matters as winograd confirmed or as his jeruslame mayor experience caused unnecessary death to idf soldiers in the underground wall incident. Kasdima will lose the election if they don't formally dissociates itself from this moron and coward and loser of wars.
6. One-sided humanitarian concern
Fabia C. Fiortina ,   Haifa, Israel   (12.26.08)
Has ANYONE expressed concern over the humanitarian crisis on ISRAEL'S side of the border? While the long-term psychological damage to children growing up under the constant terror of random rocket and mortar attack is hard to gauge, much developmental damage is, however, already apparent with bedwetting, speech delays, panic attacks, sleep disorders, inability to focus and learning problems common. Many of our children are suffering from PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). According to researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine and Lucile Packard Children's Hospital, "Severe stress can damage a child's brain." They found that children with post-traumatic stress disorder and high levels of the stress hormone cortisol were likely to experience a decrease in the size of the hippocampus - a brain structure important in memory processing and emotion." In other words, the damage being done to our next generation is likely to be permanent and devastating yet seems of concern to no one, LEAST OF ALL OUR LEADERS.
7. The perfect Gaza Op
Jerrold Cohen ,   Seal Beach, USA   (12.26.08)
I approve of the perfect Gaza Op, immediately adopting, AND MEANING IT, the Saudi Peace Initiative. The rockets and mortars stop immediately. If Israel shows it means business for a year or two, by adhering to the initiative rigorously, Hamas disappears in a year or two. No need for it. It won't happen because Israel wants land, not peace, and the Palestinians know it.
8. Gaza
misaac ,   Reston USA   (12.26.08)
Unfortunately, the IDF will have to attack Gaza, expect the terrorists to hide behind women and children and then complain about woman and child casualties. Before the invasion, Israel should invite Jimmy Carter & his ilk to station themselves a human shields for Sderot as the only way to prevent an invasion of Gaza. When he refuses (he may be vain, but not stupid) make the point that the invasion is due to the fact that the world would not protect Israel.
9. International Approval?
Ralph Levy ,   USA   (12.26.08)
We have to ask permission to protect ourselves? What a disgrace. If this had happened in 73 Israel would not be here now.
10. Hopefully the still sane left will wake up?
David ,   Shilo ISRAEL   (12.26.08)
This is great news. It would be terrible for this non-government to be re-eleceted on the back of IDF militiary action, aimed at showing this non-government is decisive. I extend a greeting to all Jews, 'including the left' to work together to re-unite Israel. Our home in Shiloh is not the obstacle to peace, and deep down you know it!
11. Do u remember 1948 ? the Independance ! an old joke today
F. David   (12.26.08)
shame on Olmert and all his all governement
12. well you already have the international communities support
To be attacked by ,   terrorists   (12.26.08)
13. Israel on her knees.
harel ,   Eshkol   (12.26.08)
We have been reduced to begging and pleading for our government to defend us from terror. We feed and supply the enemy and turn our backs on our fellow Jews. What has become of us?
..............DACON9   (12.26.08)
15. international approval???
Natan   (12.26.08)
Is that how low Israel has come?? Requesting others to approve our right to defend ourselves?? Are you kidding me????
16. Simply incredible! Weak Jews going hat in hand to the world
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (12.26.08)
asking permission to deal with terrorists who are trying to indiscriminately kill Jews. The cowardice of livni is overwhelming. Bomb the terrorists and make no apologies.
17. Fools
robert barrett ,   fort dmith arkansas   (12.26.08)
I am shocked to see the government go to Israels enemies and tell them its plans against the Gaza strip. Imagine if King David went to her enemies and told them of its plans before doing it. The Arab countries, United Nations and many world countries hate Israel and you go asking them for approval? May G-d have mercy on these fools that rin Israel. Its all based on fear.
18. There is no hunger or humanitarian crisis in Gaza.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (12.26.08)
The "blockade" such as it is, can end any time that Hamas releases kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit, revokes the genocidal Hamas Charter and agrees to recognize the right of Israel to exist and to negotiate peace with Israel. EU and USA financial contributions are being used to maintain a lawless, genocidal extremist regime that persecutes Christians and to finance terrorism against Israel. The problem to the solution in the Middle East is the jihadist ideology to whose followers it is their religious duty to fight the infidels and therefore any peace treaty or hudna can only be temporary. Peace is by definition impossible until we tackle the jihadists". As to human rights let’s be fair :
19. ok by me
Kim Jong Il ,   Pyong Yang, DPRK   (12.26.08)
I hereby give my approval for the Israelis to pound Gaza to kindom come.
20. "Praise the Lord and pass the ammuntion and we'll all stay
debra ,   usa   (12.26.08)
free." this is a song from wwll. americans would sing it to lift their resolve to continue fighting and to keep their spirits up. now we sing it for our beloved israel as she heads into battle.
21. Intornational approval?
Muhammad El- Quassar ,   Nezereth   (12.26.08)
I don't recall israel ever asking approval for destroying lives and occupying territory...
22. Don't forget the picture yesterday YNET..
Lior ,   Israel   (12.26.08)
of Livini and Mubarak smiling. It was shameful at best for no one here in Israel is. That picture spoke volumes!!
23. A perspective from the UK
Tim - Brighton ,   UK   (12.26.08)
This is one instance for a very long time from the 'outside looking in' that the Israeli Government and Livni in particular so far have not been 'wrong footed' in their response to Hamas. Thanks to Livni, the PR offensive is working. The UK public ARE more aware of the situation than ever before BUT THE EFFORT MUST BE increased further. And EACH PR MOVE calculated, each move ratcheted up until either Hamas cease their attacks COMPLETELY or Israel attacks COMPLETELY. Continue to broadcast tirelessly the intolerable attacks day by day. Continue to demand their cessation. Continue to demand that parties such as the UN ACT AS THEY SHOULD. Then if that doesnt work , should it fall on deaf ears Israels response should be FINAL. The elimination of the entire Hamas leadership in Gaza and handover to the legitimate Government of Palestine.
24. International approval!
MC ,   UK   (12.26.08)
When will we have a government who will forget international approval and gain some deterance and self respect? Livni is running around like a chicken without a head! What hope is there for the state of Israel if it depends on 'international approval'? Where are the likes of Menachem Begin? We need leaders who are proud of their people and ready to protect them from the enemies. The present government don't know whose side they are on!!!
Freethinker   (12.26.08)
26. #24. MC. You are living in the past.
Tim - Brighton ,   UK   (12.26.08)
MC - things have changed since Begin Global opinion whilst not vital is a very important element to Israels strategic planning In any case Livni is NOT seeking approval. For once she is articulating to world public opinion all too often denied the full facts the measure of Hamas aggession and provocation so that should the UN and the world community choose to ignore it Israel has undeniable justification of right to defend her citizens and mount a full and vigorous retaliation. For once Israel through Livni is applying rational rather than rash thinkingin the build up to what seems the inevitable full scale war with Hamas
27. #23 I Have To Say Tim That You
Lawrence ,   Safed Israel   (12.26.08)
Made a very convincing argument and you may very well be absolutely right.You are no fool.It seems to me that certain members of the Israel Government,Livni stands out,act like a conductor of an orchestra...a bad conductor.They are looking to the orchestra for guidance and direction when the orchestra should depend on the Conductor for guidance and direction.I hope that makes sense.
28. Gaza Ops
mark ,   canada   (12.26.08)
Maybe it is about time that Israel started reviewing the original MANDATE. That mandate is an Israel from the Mediteranean to the Jordan. I hear there is a group that is strongly advocating this. That means also, the full control and the democratisation of Judea and Samaria. The full application of the rule of LAW and local representation in Parliament in those territories--ever hear of it? The Palistinians don't seem to have heard of that. Maybe they have selective hearing. This I believe was the Mandate. There will be no peace until that happens, and if the country is safe from within, by whatever means is needed, the country will then be defendable from outside attacks. Irans economy is at a breaking point, strike while the iron is hot. Now is the time to hang the lawyers. They are the cause of your troubles--- Israel. Too many opinions from far too many fools.
Hannah ,   Eilat   (12.29.08)
No democratic country in the world would seek world approval to defend itself. Democracy means that a country has its god given right to hold her own. Gaza is run by a gang of crazed lunatics, who would fare much better in a horror movie, than be re elected. If the Palestinians re elect Hamas, then they are either very stupid, or they have no sense of right and wrong. Tragically, the Germans elected a gang of crazed lunatics into power in the last century, but at least they learnt something from that. The Palestinians are just too damned STUPID, and the poor Israeli children continue to suffer the consequences of that ISLAMIC STUPIDITY. I desperately hope the world does not let this continue. Israel has one message, and one message only for STUPID HAMAS. ISRAEL HAS ALWAYS EXISTED, SHE CONTINUES TO EXIST AND WILL ALWAYS EXIST. GET THAT THROUGH YUR STUPID SKULLS.
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