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Tel Aviv recruits gay athletes for 2009 World Outgames
Yoav Zeitun
Published: 26.12.08, 15:14
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1. What a sad commentary on Israel!
Baruch ,   Boston, USA   (12.26.08)
The screwed up GLBT crowd is honored and revered by the secular Israeli community, while religious Jews living a righteous life with stable heterosexual families, moral values, and Torah study are disdained. Is this why HaShem brought us back to Eretz Yisrael?
2. it soooo ridiculious .....
3. gays show that they don't want to be regular citizens
5. I wanna join the Zionist Lesbian Team!
Rachid ,   Gaza   (12.26.08)
Let me in!!!
6. Greco-Roman wrestling must be a popular sport
Elder ,   USA   (12.26.08)
Right up there with the ballroom dancing.
7. I'm Morbidly Interested In Jewish- Hellenistic Wrestling
David H ,   Marietta USA   (12.26.08)
Is it included in the venue? And would lesbians be included on the men's teams? Just a thought... Messhuggah!
8. Athletic and Fabulous
Gideon Reader   (12.26.08)
Coming to a public restroom near you.
9. How timely - on Chanukka - helinism at its best.
Texas ,   US   (12.26.08)
10. Why not ?
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (12.26.08)
Those games are'nt the first such ones . If Tel Aviv , who has certainly a quantity of Gay and Lesbian athletes wants to organise their team , it's great , and shows that there are openminded people in our country . There are the Olympics , the paralympics , the Maccabiades , there were Spartakiades , and maybe many more specific games , now also Gay ones . PS they are regular citizens , they join the IDF , pay taxes , have a family . What's special ?
11. Baruch , "hashem" did'nt bring us back
and certainly not you who lives in Boston . It were the 6000 mostly seculars , if not anti religious , who gave their blood for MY , not your , Country .
12. We had a saying back home .....
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (12.26.08)
If you drop the soap in the shower, don't bend over to pick it up. Lighten up, people, it's no big deal. There won't be any earthquakes, the world will not end, G-d will not strike us all dead with lightening. Some people will be staging a sporting event, nothing more. Save your righteous wrath for something of more consequence, like missiles falling on our heads.
13. Here is a list of the events competitors will training for.
L Boogie ,   United States   (12.26.08)
Mens Division: 1. Hundred yard dash in heels. 2. Nude water polo 3. Slap boxing 4. Poll Jumping or mounting. 5. Competitive House decoration.
14. # 11 to this Baruch is from me
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (12.26.08)
15. Jewish kebabs the hottest in the world...!
Baruch Marzel ,   Jerusalem   (12.26.08)
Mmmmmm. Tasty tasty tasty. Who says that to be Jewish you have to grow funny ringlets and wear milk-bottle thick spectacles! The guy sitting on the chair looks like Daniel Craig. Yummy. That's what makes Israel a great country. Not the mad freaks "defending" Israel by squatting on hilltops and attacking women and children: it's the fact that we are going to send a team to the Outgames and they are going to look hot. Not many Arab states can say the same - true Israeli Pride! You go girls!
16. No you have to stay in Gaza nr 5
Alexander ,   Herzliya, Israel   (12.26.08)
You are "oppressed" and "occupied" - you have no food and no water and you must continue to hate Jews and you must initiate terrorism against us - you don't have time to fool around with Jewish women. And they are lesbian so you still won't accomplish anything. But I have an idea: we can dump all Arab women from Israel in Gaza so that you will have many bed partners. After all - you need more warrior for your little jihad.
17. Get the KY
John the Fister ,   Miami   (12.26.08)
This would not happen in a muslim country! Gay BUTYBOYS!!!
18. G_D Will Be Pleased :o(
Eyes Wide Open ,   Australia   (12.26.08)
Israels slide to destruction is nearly complete... depravity, criminality, inhumanity, all the ingredients are there. A new age Sodom and Gomorrah is on show for all to witness. A Jew laments "Why does G-d allow us, his chosen people to suffer so?" G-d listening replies " I allow you to suffer because I have given you the ability to choose......I have laid down simple laws for you to have not chosen well" "
19. G-d Forbid
Eyes Wide Open ,   Australia   (12.26.08)
This will be a true indication of the measure of the State Of Israel. Given that in the non-gay olympics Israel managed to achieve the following result Gold - 0 Silver -0 Bronze - 1 (sailing) Hello Sailor LOL!!! Maybe this is Israels way of trying to show they are good sports-men after all :o( "KY" Proudly The official lubricant for the gay-games
20. Secular v Torah Jewish State.
Akiva ,   Miami, Florida U.S.A   (12.27.08)
May Hashem forgive our brothers and sisters for making such "progressive" moves under the "Jewish State" banner.
21. with all that 's going on....
oded   (12.27.08)
this is news worthy?c'mon already...i'd be embarresed to even publish this, in the modst of life- and- death- crucial times for us........ynet-- you are off your rocker big time!
22. Very sexy young men. Yammi Good luck
Yaakov Sullivan ,   NYC   (12.27.08)
23. I would like to compete with those young sexy men but
Yaakov Sullivan ,   NYC   (12.27.08)
my husband wouldn't let me.
24. BEAUTIFUL. Good luck to all gay brothers
Yaakov Sullivan ,   NYC   (12.27.08)
25. what's the big deal...
miri ,   yavne   (12.26.08)
get over it and worry about more important things like kassams, grads, mortar attacks....
26. It's No Big Deal
NYC Girl   (12.27.08)
The earth isn't about to fall off its axis as a result of the gay athletes. If that were the case, NYC would have been gone a long time ago. Not only that, but Israel is continually faced with an existential threat, and it's coming from radical Muslims...not homosexuals. Just remember that it's the Iranian regime that talks about annihilating Israel...and we all know there aren't any homosexuals in Iran.
27. Homosexual "pure" Games
Pierre ,   Paris, France   (12.27.08)
It seems that heterosexuals are not allowed. Isn't that discrimination at its best?
28. Suggest holding "gay games" in Iran or Saudi Arabia
Jack ,   San Diego, USA   (12.27.08)
29. #1 so jaded
Mike ,   Tel Aviv   (12.27.08)
Baruch, you say religious jews living a righteous life? you are so jaded if you think all religious jews are righteous. As gay man, i cant even tell you how many "righteous religious jews" I have seen coming out of the bushes near the gay beach in tel aviv, from their "one night stands" with homosexuals. Open your eyes man.
30. gay athletes, 09 outgames
Philo ,   Nashville, US   (12.27.08)
Now, I guess we all know what it means to be "chosen".
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