Gaza group: We'll abduct female soldier
Sharon Roffe-Ofir
Published: 26.12.08, 20:04
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1. The only solution ...
AlbertoGA ,   St. George UT, USA   (12.26.08)
Crush and destroy Hamas. The sooner the better. There is no Hope with that kind of mentality. They are worse than the Nazi
2. The problem is
Eynav Benjamin ,   nyc   (12.26.08)
That Israel in run by liberals and liberalism is the ideology of appeasers
3. Thank you Israel.
The government is so weak that its' enemies feel they can't even protect their woman. Israel is too busy preparing for the Gay world games and transgender film festivals.
4. Arabs are great at saber rattling, we still shoot them dead
Yoni   (12.26.08)
5. Well, at least they *admit* they're crazy.
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (12.26.08)
Says Abu Abir, "Should Israel enter Gaza, our madness would grow tenfold." Given their current mental state, one must assume that if Israel *does* enter, his head will explode. I'll give Hamas and this idiot one thing: They do know what they want, as they're focused on Israel's destruction. Does Israel's leadership know what it wants?
6. their stupid threats make me laugh
Jb   (12.26.08)
7. You're so clever with threatening Tel-Aviv
The bastion of Israeli Anti-Israeliness, the place where support agaisnt any kind of operation and continued absorption of missiles is, the place where most people support lifting of the siege, and basically the pro-Hamas/PRC/ Insert terror group here center. Yes, please do attack Tel-Aviv, stop the party where the 'party never stops', assault the peaceniks... And then watch them transform into blood thirsty killers, who will make it there business to have Gaza wiped off the face of the earth. You should have learned the most important lesson...when you stop the party in Tel-Aviv the bombs start falling.
8. I hope when Terrorists groups talk about attacking Tel-Aviv
They're talking about these guys,7340,L-3644819,00.html
9. The Gaza Candidate
Abdel Karim Salim ,   Jerusalem -ISRAEL   (12.26.08)
Let Gilad Schalit become another brainwashed person, just like the Manchurian Candidate of the 1950-1953 Korean War.I am fed up with putting up with your cruel injustice.I am looking forward to gloat at you with a very wide grin...
andy ,   orlando.u.s   (12.26.08)
11. IDF Female soldier would be the best looking woman in Gaza
chezki ,   NY   (12.26.08)
12. crush all hamas members...
no mercy to hamas
13. Israeli leadership has gone too far left
dov ,   canada   (12.26.08)
They may as well go and protest along with other activists around the security fence, since they have allowed Hamas to be elected, and have armed them to the teeth accordingly. I am not sure why the people of Israel do not overthrow these tratorous thugs. Hamas has launched hundred of rockets at Israel Proper without one response from the IDF. How humiliating. I am ashamed of what is going on at this time. Olmert and Barak, you are a sheer disgrace, you phat kats.
14. Some folk's kids need a major killin'.
Gideon Reader   (12.26.08)
As everyone knows, there are some folks in this world that simply have a serious **NEED** to be killed. So it is really necessary that each and every one of the Hamas A__holes, with great particularity, but not limited to the entire leadership is offed. The full Jim Thompson- James Elroy Grand Finale. Fartig. Kaput. Expirato. Zap-o-rama. A trip to Sunny Mozambique where Ragster Gobblins recieve their just desserts times three, and I do not mean Creme Brulet. The recipe calls for all ingredients to be added and the dish completed as soon as is possible. The only slow down or hold appears to be some faulty wiring in the heads of the Labor-Kadima leadership's equipment, which favors a very low heat and never puting the dish in the oven.
15. A, B, C, D : very simple plan.
EYS ,   Montreal Canada   (12.26.08)
A - take a IDF Boeing, a 747 or some huge plane; B - Fill this plane with all the dirty diapers Israeli babies are producing in a week (must be more than 500,000) C - take off D - once the plane is at the vertical of the hamas compound in Gaza city, open the plane's cargo and drop the diapers on them.
16. Soiled nappy thinking.
Gideon Reader   (12.26.08)
Well Gol-Leee #15, in picturesque Montreal PQ Yours may be the totally stupidest comment about anything that I have ever read. The content is as full of goodness as the diapers you suggest air dropping on Gaza City. You are a Kadima functionary correct> No. A labor MK, then? Whichever, you get the Shocking for it's content Award.
17. Horny is as Horny does
Gideon Reader   (12.26.08)
Maybe they would settle for a "Mossad Beauty".
18. Like Muhammad's horse that flew to Jerusalem!
redbourn ,   tel aviv   (12.26.08)
They have no idea that they are viewed as half crazed by the non-Islamic world! Like rabid dogs. Abbas is not much better, " I will not agree to Israel attacking Gaza', "I demand that Israelis leave Hebron now because it belongs to us". Abbas can hardly order a pizza and expect it to be delivered. Mike
19. "our madness would grow tenfold" Tarty Mashma!
Shua K ,   NY   (12.26.08)
20. Thanks
india ,   India   (12.26.08)
I wish Isarel goverment will always help us as we are also facing same problem. I always Isarel is the only country who knows the value of their people we are all supportive to you.
21. GAZA
Howard ,   Seattle, USA   (12.26.08)
Religion of Peace??? No other religion has the word "JIHAD" or "INFIDEL". They can't be bargined with or reasoned with and they will never stop until Israel is gone. I say glass parking lot to those so called chosen ones.
22. #1 through and including #6 are very right
Avraham ,   los angeles   (12.26.08)
23. Comment on #18 "Abbas can hardly order a pizza..."
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (12.26.08)
So true. I read a report of a poor fellow in Ramallah whose car was stolen. He turned to the police, who told him they'd reach out to the thief and negotiate a price for its return. Outraged, he went "to the top", directly to PA higher-ups. They offered to do likewise, plus a "fee" for acting as intermediary. Tell me again how these people deserve to run a state. Those calling Abbas the "Mayor of Ramallah" are giving him too much credit.
24. Pony rides. Cheap.
Gideon Reader   (12.26.08)
Mu had a horse? Hmmm. Not Barrack by any chance. Must have arrived on a "Federation Mission" via El Al Cargo. I wonder if he got one of those Gold Lion pins they give themselves, for eating Hummus on Dizengoff or one of those five star hotel that serve more food each morning than the average family eats each quarter?
25. I wonder if the Geneva Conventions ever thought of this?
Mladen Andrijasevic ,   Be'er Sheva   (12.26.08)
26. They sure need an Army of Psychiatrists-they are mental
Alan ,   SA   (12.26.08)
27. The Sherman Doctrine=the only solution
mike cato ,   USA   (12.26.08)
The cowardly Israeli "leaders" must now finally come to grips with the reality of war, as aptly described by Gen. W.T. Sherman, Grand Army of the Republic, American Civil War, as follows; "War is cruelty. There is no use trying to refine it.The crueler it is, the sooner it will be over." " EVERY ATTEMPT TO MAKE WAR EASY AND SAFE WILL RESULT IN HUMILIATION AND DISASTER." RE; Gaza, take heed "leaders" of Israel.
28. PRC lucky to kidnap female goat
Cynthia ,   USA   (12.26.08)
They make threats and play upon emotions out of fear.
29. in the end
Palestinian ,   Son of Lydd   (12.26.08)
your coward forces won't dare invade having Lebanon 2006 in the backs of their minds, they even opened the border crossings, you bloodthirsty warmongers. :D :D :D :D :D
Jorge ,   Tegucigalpa   (12.27.08)
If it had one, it had to be ashamed of its incompetence in protecting the lives and well beign of its citizens, on its inability to stop the endles firing of rockets and motar shells with the sole purpose of killing and maiming Israeli civilians, on still providing the ones firing those rockets, with fuel, food and electricity. On having lost in their eyes all deterence.- Terrorists underestand only overwhelming force, the knowledge that if they attack, the response would be so painful, and that any breachh of peace would be answered with that kind of force, that the pain inflicted on them woul be unberable, Israel had that kind of goverments in the past, I hope it gets them back, Hammas has to be destroyed, the sooner the better, it will save Israeli and Palestinian blood and pain.
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