Hamas says at least 150 killed in IAF strikes in Gaza
Ynet and agencies
Published: 27.12.08, 16:06
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1. Life is good
Roman ,   Uk   (12.27.08)
Liverpool FC on top of the league, and now this news..... I tell you life is good.
2. good
Andy ,   Melbourne, Australia   (12.27.08)
looks like finally security cabinet got a brain
3. eye for eye
Calyxcrater ,   Vancouver,Canada   (12.27.08)
You asked for it. "Israeli air strike" Has the ring of freedom. Happy Chanukah
4. Go all the way
Ken ,   Edinburg, TX   (12.27.08)
All right Israel, now that you've opened the can on this one... Be prepared to go all the way with no half measures.
PETRA ,   USA   (12.27.08)
6. How does the saying go?
Vicky ,   Ashkelon Israel   (12.27.08)
Do as you would be done by! Its about time, and dont listen to the rest of the world, carry on until not one house is left standing. Tit for Tat
7. The Gazans can only thank Hamas for this.
8. final stage of operation: remove kadima
9. Finally the nation shows it is sane
Orli ,   Raanana   (12.27.08)
If your neighbor throws stones into your apartment on a daily basis, you'd be considered either stupid or insane if you jeopardised your family's welfare in order to show that you are compassionate towards your enemy. Israel has exercised the utmost restraint in the last 8 years of constant attack on its southern towns. It has begged for quiet; it has warned; it has negotiated, but the Palestinians are obviously mentally blocked to any such moves. It is known that intense hatred causes madness, and that is exactly where they are at. The door for peace is always open in Israel; we are a peace-loving nation, always have been. The choice is yours, dear Palestinians: us or Chamas! You choose or lose!
10. Screw'em some more!
The Business   (12.27.08)
11. The graduation ceremony must have been a blast!
12. IAF attacks
Roy ,   UK   (12.27.08)
Its embarrassing to see the elite IAF pilots kill so many innocent people in response to amatuer home made rockets. Does Israel not see the link between the Polish freedom fighters of warsaw v the Germans and the Hamas fighters v the IDF
13. very good
Richard ,   The Hague Holland   (12.27.08)
Great, its about time. I wish IDF all the strength and pray for the soldiers.
14. Mazal Tov! someone has to pay the price!
Israeli   (12.27.08)
15. Israel Hits Gaza
Spencer ,   Israel   (12.27.08)
At last! Now keep hitting these terrorists until they beg for mercy and then hit them again.
16. merry xmas, happy chanuka ISHMAIL!
Abraham   (12.27.08)
17. whack em!
people of the book   (12.27.08)
gloves off - take the terrorstinians out - do not stop until the job is over!
18. bwahahahahahahahahahah!
19. shed no tears, lefty tree-huggers
right as rain ,   zion   (12.27.08)
they literally have been begging for this!
Rich ,   Raanana   (12.27.08)
.......and send these big pussy hamas fighters into hiding which is where they wanted to be in the first place.
21. lets hope its the beginning of the end
jan   (12.27.08)
AND that Lebanon will be warned that any attack/firing from their army (hezbollah is part of their Govt)into Israel will be considered an ACT of WAR -- with a forceful immediate reply.
22. its about time
jan   (12.27.08)
AND lets not repeat the stupid behavior of our leadership during the last disastrous war. Get the Fu...n reporters out of the war zone...
23. 'bout time
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (12.27.08)
fight the war, and win. there is no other choice.
24. Not enough .....
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (12.27.08)
All day, all night, non-stop for the next few months. 24/7 - just keep bombing.
25. evolution interuptus
Steve   (12.27.08)
I love the photo of the Palestinian men standing around the destroyed vehicle, mouths agape, trying to comprehend the series of events leading to the destruction of their confederate, almost certainly chanting and yelling. If any anthropologists wish to get a peek at life during the Paleolithic period look no further.
26. Sderot nights
Ibrahim   (12.27.08)
Sderot should be ready for a long period insomnia
27. Israel-the bravest country in the world. we salute you.
debra ,   usa   (12.27.08)
28. More rockets, then fire 60 missiles...
Mark Kerlen ,   Canada   (12.27.08)
..they still fire rockets, then fire back 120 missiles, and so on... No ground invasion is necessary. Everything from the air. If rockets don't stop - drop leaflets - and prgressively obliterate Gaza - from the air.
29. to those who celebrate
Don't forget that you are celebrating now and blessing what's going on ... when they revenge and kills some of your civilians don't play inocents and remember what you do now .... you will never learn
30. #1 Roman
vit ,   USA   (12.27.08)
Yeah, but I bet Chelsea will overtake them and be at the top of the table in the end. NO ?
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