Hamas source: IDF strike unexpected
Ali Waked
Published: 27.12.08, 15:39
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1. About time
SB ,   Melbourne   (12.27.08)
When you shoot rockets daily, you can expect them to be returned with interest Hamas...
2. Go in hard. Nail'em , Dont Stop
Nail The Wasters   (12.27.08)
3. Jews Can Fight On Shabbat But Not Send Talkbacks - Uh Oh
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (12.27.08)
4. They attacked us on Yom Kippur
Arie ,   BaGolan   (12.27.08)
G-d will forgive us if we use the Shabbat to protect ourselves!
5. They still have a TV station for propaganda?
Tony ,   New York, NY   (12.27.08)
Come on IDF, Gaza or Judea & Samaria, they are all the same murdering scumbags. Stop their propaganda machines and attack the foreign news media in Gaza. If it has NEWS on the van it is an enemy collaborator!
6. deluded moslems
Marcel ,   Florida   (12.27.08)
Israel ,the fake peace Road Map was meant to restrain you from dealing with those who seek your annahilation.This is why hamas was shocked by your not so restrained response. jihadfists, It's sad that it takes so much to awaken you from your religious insanity. You and your false god allah cannot defeat Israel .One thing is sure, What you intend for Israel will come upon your own heads as we see a little taste of today.
7. FINISH The Job. NO Ceasefires.
Adina Kutnicki ,   Israel,new olah   (12.27.08)
KILL them all, decapitate the heads of the snake, and then the rest left standing will realize their fates are sealed unless they start behaving like human beings. Barak, do NOT stop until the job is done.NO half measures, no ceasefires!
8. Way To Go IAF!!
Adina Kutnicki ,   Israel,new olah   (12.27.08)
By the way, it was a kiddush hashem to launch this on shabbat. Way to go IAF!! I love these pilots.
9. Yeah....that is what you made of us...
Harissa ,   Israel   (12.27.08)
and we hate you for that. You broke once and once again all lie, you made the thirsty wolf come out of us, and we will claim your blood...till you are dry...
10. Am yisrael chai
Charles   (12.27.08)
11. The element of surprise
Marcus ,   Belfast Ireland   (12.27.08)
Hamas never expected Israeli retaliation on Shabbus. We now have the initiative. Now Israel must enlrage operations to the point of devastating Hamas and finally to grab Meshal in Damascus.
12. President Hussein Obama Is NOT Going To Be Happy
David H ,   Marietta USA   (12.27.08)
This is a long overdue start. Crush them while you can. And take out a couple of Iranian nuclear sites while you're at it. You have the whole world against you-might as well as make good use of the time.
13. #6 marcel, Muslims---It's spelled MUSLIM.You insult us but
can't spell?You look ,   like a fool.Siad   (12.27.08)
14. Hamas
Ben Quarizya ,   Chicago   (12.27.08)
I wonder which part of: "If you don't stop the rockets, we'll kill you" the Hamas leaders didn't understand?
15. Dumb people. Israel didn't expect a war in '73 on Yom Kippur
redmike ,   tel aviv   (12.27.08)
I expected the attack to be on Shabbat for the very reason that they didn't expect it. Mike
16. doh!
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (12.27.08)
stupid is as stupid does.
17. Life is tough...
Kevin ,   Port Elizabeth   (12.27.08)
Life is Tough, but it´s tougher if you´re stupid. John Wayne Heed his advice Hamas - learn to be civilized for once.
18. Calls for Revenge
Chuck ,   San Francisco   (12.27.08)
And when the crowds of ten thousand are in the streets of Gaza screaming for bloody revenge and volunteering for martyrdom, another bombing run will be in order.
19. Neturei karta, Satmar, Beltz etc.
Raptor ,   TA   (12.27.08)
You must condemn the IDF for this blatant violation of the holy and sacred Shabbat.
20. Gaza OP
Eugene ,   Germany   (12.27.08)
better late than never! no unfinished job, set it all up accordingly. Pause only to assess the efficiency and to look for further options. DO NOT cease the OP untill the objectives are attained...
21. Message to Israeli Arabs
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (12.27.08)
STAY PUT and nothing will happen to you. Start making trouble and you'll get a similar treatment too. It is unaccaptable that you support terror and on the other hand expect us to shut up. Be aware that ANY trial to make trouble is unacceptable anymore. What you got in 2000 is nothing compared to what awaits you now if you raise the ugly head of terror and calls to destruction of Israel. Stop your reps in the Parliament from inciting and destroying your future too, as Hamas destroyed Gaza's future. If you're making trouble again, remember that you will only lose customers, jobs and contracts. When that happens, remember that we do not owe anything to those who stab us in the back! Your terror will only make our resolve stronger and our decision to leave you to your misery and poverty will be final.
22. To Arab countries
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (12.27.08)
You either solve the palestinian problem you've created and maintaned since '48, or prepare for a wave of refugees which will make your lives a living hell. Tell your palestinian terror proxies that it is all over and that Israel is a fact which cannot be undone. You either accept this or condemn the palestinian terror proxies to living hell. We know that you do not care about the palestinian terror proxies so my guess is that they can either decide to change their ways and work for peace WITH Israel or decide to commit national suicide. If they chose the second option, we don't want to hear ANY moans and whines from your direction if we solve our own problems the way we see fit.
23. To Seth #3
Ricardo Macher ,   KarneiShomron Israel   (12.27.08)
Please Seth, try to not show your ignorance loud! You find no talbacks because religious Jews don't use the computer in Shabat! Please read carefully what we all say, this is the start of the end of Hamas (with G help!)
24. Good Job Boys.
Dr. Wolf ,   Berlin   (12.27.08)
Be thorough and do the job well. Watch the northen border as well...
25. #13 Siad - there are TWO spellings for "terror":
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (12.27.08) is "moslem" and the other "muslim"... I wonder however if your name is "Siad" or "Said"... I guess you look like a fool now!
26. Shabbat Shalom, mother....
Hebrew Hammer ,   Cooperstown, NY USA   (12.27.08)
Thus sayeth the Hebrew Hammer, Shabbat Shalom motherf....
27. Islamic Terrorist Organisation Hamas wanted war....
ALLAH   (12.27.08)
The Islamic Terrorist Organisation Hamas wanted war wit Israel. Now they have it. They shouldn't cry now! Israel should kill as much as Islamic terrorists as possible from all groups. Not only Hamas, but also Islamic Jihad and Al Aqsa terrorbrigade. Teach them a lesson. God bless Israel!
28. garbage
ari   (12.27.08)
people who cry for blood miss the point. there will not be any amount of bombing that will stop missiles. gaza has to be occupied. barak and olmert won't do it. this is already a failure. congratulations alraedy
29. Planting and cultivating terror!
Rules will change now. I am God and I say that you should never feel safe. When you sit in a cafe do you ever wonder if your coffee will blow up in your face? Or when you are in a night club, do you ever wonder if the person you are socializing with has an explosive built under his or her clothing? When you ride a Bus, do you ever wonder if your final destination is going to be hell? When you plant terror, its terror that you will cultivate.
30. Congratulation IAF...Terrorists Deserve such
craig ,   USA   (12.27.08)
Finally, these terrorist cowards who target civilians reap what they have sown. May God grant Israel great success...the the Islamics people will learn that violence begets violence. You Islamics need to think twice before cheering Hamas operatives with approval and encouragement at the next round of rockets which land in Israel...Islamics Hate, Jews try and live in Peace.
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