Livni: Israel tried to secure calm without force
Roni Sofer
Published: 27.12.08, 17:55
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1. Don't back down under pressure this time
Marcel ,   Florida   (12.27.08)
The world hates to see Jews fight to defend themselves and so the pressure will come agaisnt ISRAEL and not the terrorists. You need to stay tough and not move because this is the only language Islam understands.
2. Wiisen up Israel; you need american english speakers for PR,
Jae ,   Lynn US   (12.27.08)
to address the world din common english. enough of the israeli "" bumbling barbaric responses. Israeli PR is weaker than any countries. and the meida/PR is stronger than any bunker busting bomb. the media is more powerful than whole armies. Put some black jews, put some arab looking sephardic jews, put some women, put some americans in place for your PR. Let the world see your diversity and your ability to speak well. these populations are the cultural personalities that are wanted in the world, these are considered the oppressed of humanity and will represent israel the best. Wisen up israel and do this.
3. Terror against Israel must stop
Average American ,   Texas, USA   (12.27.08)
This is very concerning to me. I believe it is indicative of a larger conflict to come; the terror missile strikes into Israel are being executed with an incorrect assumption about the position of the incoming U.S. Presidential Administration. Joe Biden, the VP elect, warned of a conflict to arise early in the Obama Presidency where the American Citizen would think Obama reacted wrongly. Many conservative Americans, as myself, have taken this to suggest an Obama Presidency would fail to support Israel in a pending time of trial. The recent increase in Islamic terrorism against Israel can be read to indicate that the Islamic terrorist also believe Obama will not support Israel and this is emboldening their aggression. Please, make on mistake, the people of America DO support Israel and WILL aid in their right to exist. If things do pan out in the above scenario as described it will be a mortal mistake for said Administration in that the American people will force support for Israel even when the Administration is too limp-wristed to act. Israel is our great friend and must be allowed to exist in peace and security. When these terrorist are finally irradiated there will be peace and we as citizens of the world must aid Israel in securing peace...
4. Well done Isreal
Egyptian3569   (12.27.08)
Well done for the raid on Hamas. Sorry though for innocent human lives. But its so clear that this scope of violent raids is the only way the barbaric Hamas understand. The MOSLEM BROTHERHOOD- HAMAS- HEZBOLLAH- IRAN - SAUDIA WAHABI- alaiance need badly this kind of brutallity. Please keep on the force on them.
5. #4-Thank you.
Michael ,   New York, USA   (12.27.08)
Thank you Egyptian for your comments. I suspect that there are many more who think as you do in Egypt and across the Arab and Muslim world, but are afraid to speak openly for fear of retribution. Thank you for your courage.
6. #2 Ehud Olmert did the job perfectly
Anne   (12.27.08)
this evening. Without 'american English', he spoke excellently and clearly. Gd bless all our soldiers. Ms Livni spoke superbly this week in Egypt, and Ehud Barak is in the right place ant the right time, with the support of all of us HERE, HERE HERE.
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