How Israel led Hamas into false sense of security
Roni Sofer
Published: 27.12.08, 19:03
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1. Hamas Funerals
Marcel ,   Florida   (12.27.08)
How big a deterrent are you looking for ? A few weekls worth ,a few months ? Why let Hamas survive to fight again as you did with hizbollah ? It would be a powerful message if the surviving Hamas were so fearful that they would hold their funerals in hiding out of fear that these large groups of mourning Hamas would be targeted. You don't win a war by being easy on the enemy or living in fear of what you phony friends think of you.
2. More like "by way of election"
Arie ,   BaGolan   (12.27.08)
Thanks to barak livni and olmert, the residents of the Negev have been subjected to YEARS of terror assaults eminating from hamasstan. This same subterfuge could have been accomplished months ago when the islamonazists immediately broke the alleged 'lull' by continuing the qaasam firing. Instead, the three chose to wait to as close to the elections as possible to maximize the return. They placed the lives of Israelis at risk for their own gain and should be punished for it!
3. A stopped clock is ALSO right twice a day
Hymie Zoltsveis ,   NYC, NY, USA   (12.27.08)
I do not believe that the UBER-GONIFF, Olmert, is any wiser and any better leader than he has been in years past. Now, let's see how Israel responds to the guaranteed response by the muslimes. All I can say to Barak and Olmert... WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG--FOOL!
4. kol hakavod le tsahal
charles   (12.27.08)
am yisroel chai
6. 11 minitsters of the security cabinet
Josef L Klein ,   Canada   (12.27.08)
According to this article at least one of them leaked security information to the press, can we expect a charge of sedition against that/ those minister[s] any time soon?
7. sky tv
hadassah ,   cape town   (12.27.08)
the pro pal view on todays events is something that tony blair and his pal wife can take real pride in mr blair's role as a middle eastenvoy. he does what his wife tels him. those naughty, naughty jews,says the ske channel . what a sad nation litle britian has become.
8. Brilliant IDF gaza op.
marlene ,   Philadelphia, USA   (12.27.08)
Way to go Israel! G-d is with you. Ignore the US bull. First they appease your en emies, then they tell you to be "restrained" and now that the enemy is being RIGHTFULLY and BIBLICALLY attacked, they tell them to stop the rockets. Keep it up Israel. Can't win if you don't fight.
9. 2
Rosie ,   Israel   (12.27.08)
Olmert has nothing to do with elections.
10. A futile selling attempt a cowardish air strike on civilians
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (12.27.08)
killing 200 human at once, is this your surprise, military success? During Lebananese war you killed more than 1000 and they were all by air bombing of civilians and when it came to land operation face to face strugle Israeli soldier were crying like babies, they were complaining of insufficient equipment, they had no steel vests to secure them from hizbullah fighters! Marçh March let us see your land operation, certainly without using palestinian children as shields!
11. Tayfun you are fomenting at the mouth too much
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (12.27.08)
Honor the 30,000 Kurds you massacred and the genocide of 1.5 million Armenians Give the Kurds Eastern Turkey, Anatolia to Armenians and Istanbul/Ionia back to Greeks. You invaders, occupiers, settlers go back to Central Asia where you came from and caused so much destruction an misery in the Middle East/Asia Minor/Europe/North Africa for too long. The current Middle East conflict is all your fault because you did not allow Jews to return to their country and did not uproot the Arb squatters form there when you had the power to do it
12. humility
shadoil ,   Jerusalem   (12.28.08)
Please try to respond to our success's with some humility.We do what we must do, but we should not gloat. Haughtiness brings to self importance which always distorts our objective and rationale which leads to false security and poor decisions. Thats how Barak was as PM. Lets not le him get away with this behaviour again.
13. To #10
Tali ,   Israel   (12.27.08)
There is no evidence that Israeli soldiers have ever used Arab children as shields. However, there is plenty of visual and written evidence that Muslim Arabs often use Muslim Arab children, hospitals, and schools as shields.
14. #10 tayfun-turkey
dan ,   Europe   (12.27.08)
Don't waste your words on Israel, little tayfun. Your country Turkey is doing much worse with your Kurdish fellows ...
15. #10 - They are rotten terrorists - only those like you care.
Ronald   (12.28.08)
16. Oh, yes, lets do what the Arabs want, that is....
shneerhere ,   usa   (12.28.08)
1. Allow Arabs to continue to bombard Israeli communites with rockets and mortars at will. THAT'S not a massacre, is it? 2. Allow them their daily attempts to launch suicide bombings on cafes and other civilian targets. THAT'S not a massacre, is it? 3. Give the Arab-Hamas leadership aid, comfort, money and weapons, and above all, diplomatic Kavod with the fair and honest EU (or UN). That's the Arab-Hamas Agenda. Here is a Jewish Agenda: A) Preserve the safety and security of All Jewish communites by terminating Arab rocket fire against civilians. B) Act FOR ONCE to defend Jewish lives and interests, regardless of Arab, EU and US hypocritical talk of 'restraint' and 'disproportinate response'. C) Somebody shut Sarkozy up. He's an annoying little lightweight who cares more about appeasing his Muslim future-dominators then applying common sense.
17. Beat the Shalit out of Hamas!
ArmageddonThruToYou ,   La Jolla, CA USA   (12.28.08)
Way to go IDF and Israel! God Bless you!
18. How nice, the newspaper actually helped the IDF for a change
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (12.28.08)
19. To 13 and others who defends air massacres of Israel
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (12.28.08)
First let me reply to 13, I read this newspaper and I saw both photos and news how Israeli forces placed Palestinian children in front of their cars during small operations-you may find here or let me look for from archieves. Secondly my reply to futile tries resembling Turkish forces to Israeli : There is no single event that a Turkish war planes(We have F16s as well ) bombing civilians, have you ever heard a Turkish bombing killing 200 civilians? Never. Turkish forces discriminate and distinguish between terrorists and civilians and if there is likelyhood of civilian causualities TURKISH FORCES PREFER TO LOSE 200 SOLDIERS FOR A SINGLE TERRORIST. Not like a cowardish israili air bombing, bombing from far showing how they are afraid of Hamas!. No courage to come face to face, and when face to face there must be palestinian children as shields Besides our Kurdish citizens are accepted TURKISH and we know they are TURKISH origin from past Turkish tribes only heavly effected under persian language and alienated to US. Therefore Kurds can be President, Prime Minister, Chief of General Staff and everything without questioning their ethnical origin? Do you still want to compare our brothers kurds with pals in your country?
20. Gaza and Arab outrage over this.
RICHARD ,   New Jersey, USA   (12.28.08)
The recent IDF strikes in Gaza against Hamas are causing outrage in Arab nations according to news reports here in the states. Where was all this arab /muslim outrage when the Hamas rocket attacks were taking place against Israel?Like the atrocities on 9/11, there wasn't a real outpouring of Arab/Muslim outrage and condemnation over those attacks. These nations orchestrate these demonstrations against Israel & America, knowing full well that our feckless, liberal, politically correct, leftist/socialist mainstream media will splash this garbage all over the TVs, radios and newspapers. Here is a simple analogy: No rocket or other attacks on Israel by Hamas from Gaza-no more retaliation by Israel. Can anyone figure that out?
21. Israeli Air Strikes
Mike D ,   Oregon USA   (12.28.08)
A country has the right to defend itself. Islamoterrorist rockets launched by Hamas is an act of war. The Pals must understand that electing a terrorist group to govern, and letting that terror group conduct terrorism, they should only expect to feel retaliation. Perhaps next time the Pals should elect a peace loving government rather than terrorist organization? Do you not reap what you sow? Too bad civilians die in war, but that is why countries should do their best to not provoke war. If Hamas cared about Pal children, or any children for that matter, they'd quit provoking war.
22. Gasa and Arab Outrage over Israel.
Steve Laws ,   Vancouver, USA   (12.29.08)
I am so tired of people complaining about people wanting to retaliate to aggression. An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. Live by the sword and Die by the sword. Need I go on? On a further note, I don't think that the Arab's are our friends!
23. Israel
Steve Laws ,   Vancouver, USA   (12.29.08)
What say I, Go Israel, they will not stop until you stop them. The US is sitting on the fence, much to my dismay!!!
24. bombing
slappywhite ,   pgh, usa   (12.29.08)
hey you elected get what you pay for so now deal with it !!!
25. Palestinian children as shields
W.Andrew ,   USA   (12.29.08)
Tayfun_Turkey , Istanbul wrote: "No courage to come face to face, and when face to face there must be palestinian children as shields" The only one using Palestinian children as shields are Hamas and Palestinian terrorists who hide behind and inside the homes of civilizans...or expose their own familes to risks then complain when their acts result in those "loved ones" being killed by their own stupidity. In their obsessive hate they would rather use the propaganda of their families and friends deaths than to make peace. The blood is all on the hands of terrorists that insist that Palestinians be the front line for Islamic jihad aggression and dominance over other religions and countries.
26. About time Israel
Detroit Diesel ,   Detroit USA   (12.29.08)
About time some1 gut some ballz. How can you live under the threat of death everyday by falling rockets from the sky? I and my family stand with you. What a great friend the US has in its fight aginst terrorism. I say let Israel alone to handle its own survival. UN should be mad at little hamas for not renewing its cease fire. These hostile arab countries should be thankful that Israel didnt go ALLOUT on them because we know they would be totally eliminated.
27. to #19 (used to be #10, ranks went down, huh?)
me ,   usa   (12.29.08)
speaking about face-to-face... what are you doing here on the PC? go to Gaza, and FACE IDF! and start wearing diapers now! your type is next!
28. No Quarter
Robert Gonzalez ,   NY, NY USA   (12.29.08)
Hamas is getting its well-deserved spanking. Israel should kill them all. They brought this upon themselves. I have no sympathy for Hamas or the Gazans, who elected a bunch of terrorists to power. Enjoy eating cast lead.
29. Genuine Tosefta, BRAVO!!!
Rob ,   U.S.   (12.30.08)
That's "Telling it like it IS"!!!!
30. War against hamas
Deborah Jacobs ,   Tarpon Sprgs Fl USA   (12.30.08)
Go Israel don't stop this time
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