Left-wing activists protest Gaza op as 'genocide'
Sharon Navot
Published: 27.12.08, 22:00
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1. Why weren't LEFTISTS imprisoned for SEDITION?
GET REAL ,   USA   (12.27.08)
ALL RIGHTISTS who demonstrate like this are imprisoned for SEDITION!
2. hey leftists
eli ,   jerusalem   (12.27.08)
Hey leftists, why didn't we see you calling your arab brothers to stop with rockets as it was time to prevent fighting? Now they get what they were begging all the time.
3. yes genocide, against terrorists
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (12.27.08)
terrorists should be eliminated, but the term "genocide" does a disservice to the idea of the catastrophe of what a genocide is. in other words, genocide is a bad thing while trying to get rid of terrorists is a good thing.
4. As usual the left care more about enemies than Israelis
zionist forever   (12.27.08)
I have never once seen the left coming out to show solidarity with the Israelis under regular rocket attacks in Sderot. Who cares about Israeli children who are now spending more time in bomb shelters than class rooms ... they are just Israelis. Do anything that upsets an arab though and you get demonstrations protesting the action. The left are the enemy within. This operation which almost certainly wont be repeated instead the government will look to make a deal on Hamas terms will probably benefited Meeretz at the expense of Kadima.
5. uh maybe because Israel is a democracy?
deborah ,   Wichita USA   (12.27.08)
Uh, maybe the protestors aren't in prison or arrested for "sedition," because uh in a democracy citizens are free to protest the actions of their government. That's probably why they're not deported or being tried to treason. While some might want to turn Israel into a fascist state run solely by the army, to the extent that Israel isn't there "yet," it's impossible to hold up Israel as the "only democracy in the Middle East" and then turn around and suggest dissidents should be jailed for protesting government policies. Duh.
6. Why only five arrested and not all 300 of them?
Freethinker   (12.27.08)
Peeznik   (12.27.08)
8. These people are a danger - round them up
Ronald   (12.27.08)
and detain them until the operation is over.
9. Leftists should be jailed
Brod ,   USA   (12.27.08)
They are enemy collaboraters. They are Israel's enemy from within.
10. They should be allowed to protest..but must do it in Sderot
The Business   (12.27.08)
11. Probably paid by the EU
Ralph Levy ,   USA   (12.27.08)
Probably paid by the EU
12. Shame!
Modern day genocide. Where is the world conscience? Is it dead already? Has it been crucified by the same people that were responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus?
13. Its a sad day....
Avi ,   telaviv   (12.27.08)
Today I can say with a clear conscience that I am ashamed to be Jewish!
14. deborah, Witchita
Tahl ,   Israel   (12.27.08)
I happen to agree, a democracy cannot put in jail anyone who says something the government doesn't like. And consequently, indeed none of these protestors has been arrested for sedition. So instead of sounding negative and critical of Israel, why don't you accentuate this as being something positive about Israel? Furthermore, don't you think it's ironic that you hold Israel to such high standards (which it lives up to), yet your country has so much business with Russia and China, both of whom are hardly democracies with free speech? And how about the Big-Brother-like steps taken in your country, in the wake of 9/11? Perhaps human rights are something that only small countries like Israel are held accountable for. If you're strong and powerful enough, you can get away with pretty much anything.
15. Leftists - shame on U
israeli   (12.27.08)
Go demonstrate in Azza ! See how your beloved Hamasniks will treat you [hanging tree...]
16. # 8 - detain them & send them away
to Azza . Alternatively, force them to live in Shderot right now .
17. I served so they could protest
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (12.28.08)
Let them peacefully protest to their hearts' content. I am glad that they live in a country that makes it okay to say you feel that the government is wrong. I too do not care for our government, but since I am a right winger I don't get that right. It is reserved for leftists only. One day I too may have the freedom to protest the government.
18. protest
colin   (12.28.08)
Why have the police not broken bones cracked open a few heads sent some leftests to hospital???These sick traiters are most probabley tourists or foreigners. Get them thrown out of Israel. Let all leftests know they are hated in the democratic state of Israel and will be treated as dirt
19. stupid who think that power will stop us
palestinian .Gaza ,   Gaza   (12.28.08)
yes .. beelive me
20. Deborah #5
shadoil ,   Jerusalem   (12.27.08)
Your cynical quotation marks of Israel being the only democracy in the middle east is well lets say un called for. You sitting there safe in Sedgewick Co. Ks, cruising Douglas Ave. for fun makes one wonder what gives you the right to be so judgmental!
21. Move the 300 to tents west of Netivot!
Yossi ,   Levittown, PA   (12.28.08)
22. Can we get a breakdown?
Arie ,   BaGolan   (12.27.08)
How many of the "leftists" are actually so-called "Israeli-Arabs"?
23. Idiots. Look in a dictionary.
Zvi   (12.28.08)
"Genocide" is not the bombing of a set of military bases to destroy a terrorist army, and the general avoiding of civilian targets. More lies and hysteria from the left. Negotiation has been tried with Hamas. It DIDN'T WORK. Even the PA finds it impossible to negotiate with Hamas. When did the left abandon their brains this completely?
24. Find Them A New Home In Gaza
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville, USA   (12.28.08)
These losers are of no use to Israel or anyone else.
25. olmert's wife and kids
marcel   (12.28.08)
Olmert's wife and kids are part of t his group. They and olmert should stay out of israel's business. got to gaza and live with the heathen arabs who are full of olmerde.Olmert, stay out of the fighting and shut the hell up. let barak and livni handle it and they know what to do. Just shut up.
26. Let them share a cell with a Hamas member
Rob ,   USA   (12.28.08)
Then they will change their mind if they survive the night.
27. #13
JEWISH GIRL ,   ISRAEL   (12.28.08)
28. leftists are the only ones who are not canibalists
me   (12.28.08)
29. Rose Colored Glasses
Kenton ,   Detroit / Rehovot   (12.28.08)
Just like the liberals in the States, those here don't see anything wrong with the wackos who want to kill everyone with dissenting views: i.e; anti-Islamic values etc etc. The irony here is that these protesters will never have the opportunity to thank their government for saving them from Gazan flying tin cans hitting Tel Aviv and killing hundreds, maybe more. The government can't win in this situation. Wait until one of those Russian bought missiles lands in Tel Aviv and be ridiculed for stalling, or take the initiative and be ridiculed for using excessive force against "helpless" Gazans. (Funny, they can't get enough food, but they have 10,000 rockets . . .) But this non-sense of arresting them for treason!! Those who said that might as well change their favorite color to GREEN and put on a black mask for all their fascist beliefs. Or you could wear an arm band and call the police on your neighbors because they have opposing views as yours.
30. Leftists only good for Tel Aviv....
LB ,   Paris   (12.28.08)
Why are these activists acting only in secured Tel Aviv between 2 coffees ?? They should move to the frontiers, live there and take the shots !! Easy to play it politicalty correct and present yourselves as "humanitarians".... show some Koah !!
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