IDF mobilizing tanks in event of Gaza ground incursion
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 28.12.08, 00:20
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1. stop these deaths
jack ,   portland   (12.28.08)
For a moment think that you are an alien watching the world. You can understand the deaths because of incapabilities of human being, like deaths because of hunger or an earthquake. But what about these deaths. They kill innocent because of what ? Human being is merciless. But humans are warned about these before, there will be a punishment.
2. Barak learnt to speak?
Albert ,   Buenos Aires Arg   (12.28.08)
At last, some good words from this man, let us put US and UK where they should be. Stop criticizing and let us do our job.... someone has to clean the world of dirt !!!
3. Israel found her backbone!!
Hinda ,   SF Bay Area   (12.28.08)
Please do not stop -- please continue until Gaza is terrorist free - and may the Kush Katif go back to clean things up. No MORE APPEASING!!! Way to go Israel. A great Hanukkah happening! A great miracle happened -- Israel has a backbone once again!!! MAZEL TOV
4. It's more than that
J K ,   NYC, USA   (12.28.08)
They still haven't dug all those bodies out of the rubble this yet. I've heard estimates of up to 350 people with a huge majority of them Hamas fighters and commanders. I wish Hamas successes such as this for the rest of the campaign. Next up, the tunnel network and the Philidephi Corridor. I feel slightly sorry for the civilians caught in the middle of Israel and Hamas, but not too sorry....they voted them into office in the first place. Good going.
5. Let barak do his thing
Alexi   (12.28.08)
Barak knows what he is doing. Livni and others can do the talking. Olmert, please stay out of the talking as your whole character reduces israeli morale. Just stay out of it and keep your mouth shut. This will take several weeks. Europe will be running around hysterically, the dumb bastards that they are while privately cheering israel on. The russians will make threatening noises. Remember, Israel is not georgia. And the jews have taken it long enough and they won't take it from anybody anymore. it will take time, keep doing what you need to do even if 1000 israelis are killed by suicicide bombers.
6. Israel has the right to protect its citizen!
Maurice ,   Montreal   (12.28.08)
Enough is enough! No other country in the world would has ever accepted such a long duration of rocket ttacks over its civilians. Israel has shown all the patience in the world. Now it's the time to eradicate this terrorist force that is Hamas. The western world fully supports Israel.
EYS ,   Montreal Canada   (12.28.08)
The Hamas was stating it will kidnap a girl soldier, just to reproduce with Gilad Shalit. Now, who's laughing? Rot in hell, Hamas. You got what you deserve,
8. wounded in mosque neighboring Al-Shifa Hospital already hit
9. Please do.
raayuno ,   Syria   (12.28.08)
Im an atheist arab and I believe that the only way to treat this newly developed cancer in Gaza is force. thats the only way they could understand that radicals will bring them only death and destruction. After having hamas overthrown, I deeply believe that israel must return to the 1967 borders. thats the only way out of this mess.
10. Awesome PR from Barak!
Dana   (12.28.08)
Wow.. finally PR has gone on the offensive instead of the defensive.. No need to go into long explanations of why we're so sorry and why its justified and yada yada. He really struck the nail on the head with those replies.
11. Let the Tanks roll!
Beni Blanco ,   Barcelona   (12.28.08)
Finish the job or it will be worse. Israel has no choice but to finish.
12. Only 230? Ken Yirbu!
Besalel ,   Kew Gardens, NY   (12.28.08)
The most moderate estimates say that there are thousands if not tens of thousands terrorists in Gaza so 230 is only the beginning, i hope. We will know israel is doing her job when we see the headline procl;aim "thousands of terrorists killed in gaza."
13. Welcome IDF.. we Praper for you Roses of Death ,   Gaza   (12.28.08)
we will be hard till the last moments of our lives .... we dont hate death , if it come for the future of our generations. welcome Olmert .... to the seconde Failure after 2006 ones.
14. mosque hit
alexi   (12.28.08)
No mosque was hit. Hamas haniyeh is trying to get out of trouble he started, the shmuchk that he is. No mosque hit, no arabs killed. However, haniyeh, take your family and leave gaza along with zohar as you are being targetted,
15. To Jack from Portland
Funkmaster Chris ,   New York City   (12.28.08)
Jack- Hamas decided to end the ceasefire and has fired hundreds of mortars and rockets into Israel in the past several days. If I'm an alien from another world watching this, I'm wondering why it's taking Israel so long to decimate these bloodthirsty savages.
16. send in the troops and Olmert will have earned my respect
zionist forever   (12.28.08)
Just use the F16s achieving nothing but killing people at random so it looks like something is being done so Livni & Barak can go into an election sayng they are tough on terror. They will be nothing but traitors who are more interested in their election campaigns than the security of the Israeli public. Carry out a profesional ground operation with clear goals and objectives carried out in a surgical manner they will have earned some respect for once in the three years they have been in government.
17. @1 are they innocent?
18. mazal tov! what took so long
eli ,   nyny   (12.28.08)
right moe but barak's political aspirations may be a key role here.
19. number one , mr jack
simple man ,   usa   (12.28.08)
dear jack , you may be good hearted man, but out of touch with reality don't you hear to the news? don't you know what is the ideology of hate? haven't you heard the ultimate goat of those islamists? haven't you read the history? don't you know what happened to zoroastrianism in iran, assyrians in iraq, hindus in india, coptics in egypt..., not only to their culture, but also to their language, writing, and... come on do not play naive, the reason that you sleep comfortably in your bet at night, is because some one is doing the "dirty" job.
20. # 1 Jack the Western Wacko!
Semper Fi! ,   San Diego, USA   (12.28.08)
Tell me dude, where you so fast to criticize the attacks when Israel was under the rocket fire/ You know what / You and your wacko lefty friends are very rapid in your bias against Israel or the US Military, but you morons adore the scum of the humanity and of your freaking universe which are represented by the filthy Hamas and their supporters and sympathizers., We know your bias, and we hope Israel crushes to dust the whole Gaza strip. B y te way, why don't you go there to help them? Perhaps you're too coward to face the destiny of your trashy friends.
KACH 613 ,   MEDNAT YEHUDA   (12.28.08)
22. Need to be decisive - destroy hamas
Jay ,   Germany   (12.28.08)
Israel needs to be decisive. Kill as many Hamas members as possible. Do it as quickly as possible. Minimize civilian casulties, but not at the expense of operational effectivness. When hamas is gone, facilitate what looks like an organic realignment of gaza with the west bank.
23. terrible occasion.
idil ,   istanbul / turkey   (12.28.08)
i really wonder about what do the people talk on the streets about this cases in israel. there is a center of istanbul calls like taksim. yesterday there were nearly 2-3 thousands people making protest about this strike.they were burning israel flags...there was nobody to stop them.there was nobody to save the israel flag.there was noone to talk them with objektive opinions.the turkısh people started taking sides.the politicians re also use these cases because of the votes.but actually the jews re our prime minister 'erdoğan' s best friends.its such a terrible occasion. here must be more things about jewish than the bussinesmen or politicians or the people who prefer to stay only at the cheap 5 stars hotel rooms. a 15 years old turkish girl from istanbul.
dennis kedas ,   Denmark copenhagen   (12.28.08)
Israel have my support. Israel must stop the terror fra gaza strip God bless Israel and welcome to year 2009
25. #23, I wonder how many came out to protest
Danny   (12.28.08)
The non-stop rockets on civilian areas for the last three years.
26. Man-up, #1, you sweet, gentle soul you.
Cameron ,   USA   (12.28.08)
27. #23 Idil
Cynthia ,   USA   (12.28.08)
Don't worry idil. You tell these people that if the tables were turned and Palestinians were launching kassam rockets into homes in Istanbul, the Turkish military would go after them. They would not hesitate to crush them. No country in the entire world would put up with this. Many people all over the world love Israel and support Israel. You can read the posts from people who ask why it took so long for Israel to respond. The answer is simple....Israelis care about human life and they did not want to resort to a military option. They repeatedly asked the Palestinians to stop but instead, the Palestinians increased attacks and finally gave Israel no choice. It's good you're concerned and ask these questions. Don't worry about the Israeli flag and don't get scared by these primitive people who remained silent while Israelis were being terrorized.
28. Zionist
Cawards ,   Al Quds   (12.28.08)
Zionists, I don't think the people of Palestine will let you live in peace after today. You are repeating 2006 mistake with Israel.
29. Next Generation
ZAID ,   PALESTINE   (12.28.08)
If you want to defeat Palestine, give it your best shot. But, you won't succeed because you will be disappointed. 5-years old ZAID
30. Looking for an exit, here is one
publius ,   usa   (12.28.08)
It seems that the primarily aim is to force Hamas to stop the firing of rockets into Israel. Most people understand the reality of terror groups actions from Gaza to be a means to an end. The end being the destruction of the state of israel. Is it not high, high time someone avocated a position of the exit stratergy to be one of forcing Hamas to rewrite its charter and remove all instances of language defining the goal of Hamas is the destruction of Israel. Now that would be a worthy goal, worthy of the sacrifice of young men and women of israel. as it stands, hamas provides a so-called moral umbrella that enables those firing missiles into israel and in the same breath speaks of peace. Hamas seeks at every opportunity to cast Israel as the aggressor, start treating them as the official sanctioned will of the Palestian people not as isolated terrorists, and the reality will soon dawn on the Palestian people that the actions of Israel is being forced on them as the result of Hamas charter, that is if it stated in no uncertians terms the this campaigne will end when Hamas sit down at a table to annouce they are elimating all language from their charter spelling out their aim is to make war on israel. well if that is Hamas goal, they got it, does hamas think it can provide lip service to peace and suck at the dick of war and expect israel to do nothing. Can I say it any clearer, make this operation the start of an operation that ends in the unconditional removal of all language in Hamas charter, the unambigiously goal to wage war against irseal, not some intangable goal of stopping missiles while leaving hamas the formally chartered will to regroup and fight another day.
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