240 targets attacked in IDF operation
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 28.12.08, 15:36
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1. A Few Days Ago Hamas Taunted Israel For Inaction
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (12.28.08)
Got what you were looking for?
2. fight
smith   (12.28.08)
congratulations ! you are fighting back
3. keep going
marcel   (12.28.08)
Barak, keep going in spite of protests, we need more time to accomplish goals. Livni handle foreign protests, shift it to the criminal naza hamas murders who are killing their own people.
4. Gaza
jeremy ,   hula valley kibbutz   (12.28.08)
This has been long time coming and must not stop until Hamas cries uncle
5. We Will Fight Till the Last breath ,   Gaza   (12.28.08)
im from Gaza near the border , and i have SMS for Barak and Olmert.... stupids if you think that we will fall or cry becuse of casulties , till the last child of our generations we will resiste you. we ready for being all in the heaven with Muhamad PBUH .... come on and we will give IDF our special dragon Kiss
6. This was just a little love-tap.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (12.28.08)
Don't get carried away - this was not the Battle of Stalingrad. Just a very mild & restrained mini-operation. As such, it was very well executed. But what counts is the follow-up. Don't forget, this is the same bunch of bunglers from the Lebanon fiasco. They did everything they could to avoid any action & their basic instincts are to avoid risk & limit effective action. We get carried away at seeing any action because we did nothing for so long - so anything gets us enthousiastic. The media plays this up which basically is exactly what our politicians want. All the noise from the usual collection of Israel-bashers exagerates the scope of this action. But they have the same response to every action. We should not be satisfied with a limited operation that stops in the middle.
7. keep up the good work
efi ,   los angeles, USA   (12.28.08)
until Gaza strip is FLAT
8. #5 - This is how you want to live???
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (12.28.08)
Don't you want to live a normal life? Go to work? To school? Raise a family? Why do you continue to let Hamas ruin your chances at normalcy???
9. to No 5
fish israel   (12.28.08)
You are ready to be in heaven& Don'worry - you'll be in heaven. And while you're at it, stop watching godless american movies from which you borrow your knowledge of English, Muhammad may be highly displeased by this profanity. You miserable lot...
10. Mr Palestine (last breath fighter etc...)
Ehud ,   TA   (12.28.08)
Please send your e-mail to all networks, so the public opinion will understand us even better!
11. Go get Ismail Haniyeh
12. To "palestine" 5
Robocop   (12.28.08)
Poor pally repeating the taught lies of your boss. At least they know that there is nothing for you in "heaven". When you are ded, worms are eating your body. And that 'it. Hamas fight against Israeli with your childrens. They are fat and rich of Iranina money and are perusing the goal of foreign failed power. Ther ewill be no plaetsine since Hamas will be in power in Gaza, if you don't like the truth you can drink the water of the sea !
13. #5-heaven???
Levi ,   Lod - Israel   (12.28.08)
you think you are going to be in heaven with Muhamad? you are guys are going to be in between hell & heaven you idiot! why yr leader is sitting in damascus & asking for 3rd intifada? why he is not in so called Palestine, because he & all these so claeed leaders are cowards/dogs. Wake up palestine people, stop these missile attacks on israeli cities & live in peace & let us live in peace. think of living a normal live atleast for the sake for your children.don't follow your fanatic leaders who are handling your life from far.
14. Fight and eliminate Hamas now!
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (12.28.08)
The lull in Gaza, like the Oslo Accords with Mr Arafat, is proving to be a fiction, but the Israeli government doesn't understand that yet, and neither does the world. There will never be a "good" time for fighting Hamas. The ability of Hamas to inflict casualties is small. If we can eliminate Hamas, now is the time to do it. Six months ago was much better. As to Hamas grip on Gaza consult :
15. to everyone responding to 5
supermax   (12.28.08)
from what ive heard about all the boarder closings and such they havent had much food let alone electricity and would someone seriously be spending their time commenting ynet when they are getting bombed? im totaly not taking his side im all for bombing gaza im just pointing out that i doubt this guy is actually in gaza. possibly from gaza but deffinatly not there.
16. Palestine 1984, in heaven with Muhamad ???
Walt K ,   Sherbrooke, Canada   (12.28.08)
or in Hell with the Hamas ?
17. #5 Lover of Palestine
vit ,   usa   (12.28.08)
'Ready to fight to your last breath' while sitting on your couch in Detroit, Michigan no doubt.
18. #3 marcel
Marcel ,   Florida   (12.28.08)
Please give us your location so that readers do not mistake you for me. The more marcels' the better ,but lets not confuse people. ------------------- I hope Barak has the wisdom to hunt down Haneyiah and other top Hamas terrorists and set an example with them for all. If he allows them to remain it will be another lebanon type failure. They will rebuild and regroup if you let them.
19. ynetnews talkbak
John ,   Norway   (12.28.08)
According to what comes through on the talkbacks - the people at ynet sure has alot of censoring to do. But keep up the "good" work - the truth is sometimes too hard to handle...
20. Gaza guy in USA for sure
Efroim ,   Giessen, Germany   (12.28.08)
No Internet in Gaza. Good that Hammas is being wiped out as we speak. Israel must be thorough abut this operation. As a European Jew , I FULLY support Israel. Am Yisrael Chai!
GET REAL ,   USA   (12.28.08)
22. #5 Wel Learned from the PAL terrorists
Umm El Kul Naqba   (12.28.08)
I just finished handing out sweets and candy to all the children along with brand new toys to celebrate just as your did after 9/11. I hope you are joying your 9/11 as much as I am. Also just as we were not able to stop your Qassams, Grads, and mortars any other way except for the current operation, you are not able to stop the fighter planes, helicopters, etc. that are destroying all your terrorist facilities and killing your terrorist friends. This is absolutely wonderful and I am glad that I learned from you how to celebrate such an occasion when your enemy is getting pounding but good.
23. Palestinians will resist since they have no other options.
jack ,   richmond, va, us   (12.28.08)
It is as if you blind supporters of Israel have no clue what is going on in GAZA and in the West Bank. How on earth would your neighbors respond if you were basically forced to live in a bantusta (an open aired prison) without medical supplies, sufficient food, freedom of movement, etc. I know that my neighbors would fight. Hell, at the first house demolition, we would fight. You cant take everything from a people, including freedom of movement, their land, etc., and expect them to be OK with it. Israel gets what it deserves in this conflict. I am not saying that innocents are not killed on both sides, but as a group, as a collective, as a nation, Israel deserves war. Israel desrves to live in a constant state of war until the Palestinians receive the full measure of human rights including the vote, assured civil liberties, and freedom of movement. The GAZANS are imprisoned and are denied access to competent medical care. It has the highest rate of death due to breast cancer in the world, simply because Isarel denies importation of chemotherapy, radiation therapy and competent doctors. Those of you who support Israel blindly deny the basic reality of the situation. If someone denied your mother, sister, wife, daughter access to competent medical care, you would also fight. This is the problem in Isarel and Palestine. The Isarelis have not addressed the Palestinians basic civil rights after 1948/1967, and because of this, you simply deserve war. It is basic math: deny liberties to your neighbor and it will ultimately be denied to you. How can you possibly expect anything else? You simply can't treat people the way you treat those in GAZA and in the West Bank and expect them to be ok with it. You repeat the same stupid errors over and over again expecting a different result. It is basic human behavior to fight under these circumstances. What is amazing is the Palestinians ability to show restraint...most remain passivists in spite of israeli atrociites.
24. PS--get real--Palestinians can't create a "normal life"
Jack ,   Richmond, va, us   (12.28.08)
Palestinains have no capacity to lead normal lives if they dont rebel. Get real. They live in a walled in sandy prison, with the lowest per capita access to food and water in the world. They are not permitted to leave without Israel's permission, which is denied far more frequently than it is allowed. Don't you people have a clue? Palestinians have no power to stop the conflict. If they refrain from attacking Isarel, they are still trapped behind a great wall, denied everything from water to medical care. No human beings on this planet would live in such a hell as Israel has created withou revolting. It is simple human nature. What is so amazing is that you supporters of Israel don't seem to be able to grasp the Palestinians basic situtation. Would you revolt if your women-folk were denied access to medical care especially for cancer? Would you revolt if you were forced to remain in a place? with little access to water? food? At what point would you fight back? The raining of bombs on your fields is enough to get you to want to fight. What would you do, and how would you respond, if those bombs blew up medical supplies? You are a bunch of blind hipocrites. Your rights and comfort are all that matter. It is easy to ignore that the Palestinians in Gaza have been dieing because of Israel's actions all along. I expect that the Palestinians will revolt until they are either dead or have equal rights. It is basic human nature. Recently studies were done on animals regarding rewards for behaviors: both dogs and chimps get upset if they do not get the same (or similar) treatment (rewards) as other dogs and chimps for the same behaviors. Humans are no less desirous of equality. The way to stop this stupid conflict is to provide the Palestinians with a full measure of JUSTICE plus civil liberties either in their own country or within a greater Israel. Anything less is a prescription for continued conflict. I find it so hard to believe that the Israelis aren't sick of the situation, and aren't willing to provide the full basket of rigihts to each and every Palestinian. It is the only way. (Of course, you could try Genocide, but that would be a step too far and no doubt would result in the destruction of Israel by both her allies and her own citizenry. Remember Gaza is one of the interment camps for many of the folks ethnically cleansed from Israeli territory circa 1948. You call them "1948 refugees".) You reap what you sew. Peace is the fruit of Justice.
25. Go! Go! Get 'em!
Rivkah   (12.28.08)
26. Finally
Shimon ,   Cincinnati, USA   (12.28.08)
Airforce is doing excellent job, but it can't take and clean out areas which is the policy which should be followed without fail. I wish I were there to help.
27. #5 Ah,it looks like you who is getting the dragon kiss.As
ususal,you idiots ,   offer your children.   (12.28.08)
28. ANALYSIS: Benefits and When will it all end?
meir elazar   (12.28.08)
Now is a great opportunity to test new weapons in Gaza and check their effectiveness. The successes will be able to be marketed as "Battle Tested" and the orders should start coming in for millions of dollars of materielle to cover the costs of the Operation. When will it all end? An obvious signal is the cessation of Rockets fired against Israeli Cities and Citizens. As long as the rockets continue so should the Punishment. Nasrallah said that had he known the Israeli reaction, he would never have gone to war. That occured just 3 weeks after Israel punished Gaza last time. Hopefully the punishment this time will continue until all objectives are fully met. Also, it would be good if the Hamas terrors start paying more attentions to reality rather than the fiction of their rants and raves of killing govt. leaders and Israeli blood running as a river throughout Israel. Your threats ofter become a reality only against you in your backyard in punishment for YOUR CRIMES. Please continue your ranting and raving and threats. I am laughing so hard I can't contain myself.
29. #5 be carefull for what you wish for
Don Saliman ,   Nahal Oz, Israel   (12.28.08)
30. #5Till your last breath&the last breath of your children?
Really?Great!Soon ,   you will ALL be gone   (12.28.08)
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