Egypt accused of 'deceiving' Hamas
Roee Nahmias
Published: 28.12.08, 09:11
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1. hamas trying to blame others for their own incompetence
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (12.28.08)
for them, it's ALWAYS someone else's fault. let's face it, hamas was caught with their pants down and there is no one to blame but themselves. sorry terrorists, you were taken advantage of by your own hutzpah.
2. Hamas deceived itself. No pity for them.
JPS ,   Efrat   (12.28.08)
We're lucky that Islamic fundamentalists are fundamentally stupid. All their talk of Israel being weak, Israel being a paper tiger, blah blah blah while continuing to fire rockets at our civilians does nothing more than convince themselves that they can actually achieve something militarily. Well, nothing is further from the truth. Any government whose official policies are to state that a) they will "never" make peace and b) civilians are legitimate targets can reap what it sows. Note that nobody (save, maybe, Iran and Syria) are coming to the aid of Hamas in Gaza. The Arabs don't like them, the EU doesn't like them, the developing world doesn't like them. The USSR is long gone, and these days the despots that support oppressive regimes like Hamas can be counted on one hand. There is no chance that Hamas will change - peace with Israel is simply the opposite of Hamas ideology. Eventually, there will be new elections and the Pals will have to make their own choice again. A lousy choice (between Hamas and Fatah), but a choice nonetheless.
3. Egypt is playing it's own game.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (12.28.08)
Nothing to be surprised about. Arabs deceive each other, deceive us, deceive the West generally, & even deceive themselves. Try to be a little multi-cultural ......
4. The good news is
Dark Side of the Moo   (12.28.08)
I have restocked on popcorn. Everything was closed here, but I live close to the Arab village of Faradis, where everything was open. Apart from shopping for a few items, such as popcorn and chicken wings from the local butcher, I also checked the air pressure of my tyres at the village tyre shop. The merchants were smiling and helpful, as always. The TVs were on everywhere showing Gaza, the mosques had afternoon prayers wailing from the speakers. All pretty normal. When I had all I needed, I said my 'shookruns', got into the car, and drove home. I guess the big news was the simultaneous sharks attacks that happened either side of Australia on the same day.
5. Arab stabs arab in the back !
Ariya Gothelf ,   Gedera Israel   (12.28.08)
Egypt did the right thing by not warning hamas , after all they left egypt with over a million dollars in fake money last time egypt opened their borders to them . If someone stiffed me for 1 million , I would send the Israeli's to take care of them.
6. Sometime, in the very distant future
the grand-grand children of today's Gazan Arabs will blame their terrorist grandparents for all the suffering and humiliation inflicted on them and for all the squandered and missed chances of becoming a nation or at least a group of modern, peace loving human beings. Till then, no such chance is on their horizon.
7. thanks #4, real news!
Fink Ployd   (12.28.08)
8. #3 Yess!, Egypt already declared a field hospital in Rafah
observer   (12.28.08)
Israel said Egypt would help Israel in eliminating Hamas. Abuel Ghait and Abbas are saying now in a press conference: Hamas is preventing the wounded from accessing the hospital, They are appealing Hamas and Israel for a truce. Abbas has not missed the occasion for criticizing Hamas
9. Don't trust Egypt.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (12.28.08)
Egypt is a one sided Arab supporter and should not be trusted. Even today, after all these years of “peace”, Egypt is still the world center of anti-Israeli incitement. It has huge militairy expenses while its generals admit that the enemy is Israel. There is no doubt that in case of a general conflict in the Middle-East Egypt will fight in the camp of the enemies of Israel. Differences between Israel and Arabs cannot be brokered by an Arab country. The solution to the Middle-East conflict is described at :
10. Egypt, Hamas, and Isreal
mr_bellows ,   FW First Nation   (12.28.08)
None of this would be happening if Israel, and the west, had not created an illegal state on Arab lands. Just like illegal the government still functioning in Germany , and Canada from my perspective, they are all nothing but a bunch of fanatical, thieving, lazy, Jack Booted, inbred child killers. And the God they value (money) will be their demise, along with their self-pride. Singing Bird
11. "Be NOT deceived,G-d is NOT mocked,what you sow is what you
will reap".hamas de- ,   ceived it's own self   (12.28.08)
12. #10 Illegal state???
Cynthia ,   USA   (12.29.08)
Israel is not located on Arab land. The Jews of Palestine were indigenous to the land.
13. Its good to decieve Hamas
Egyptian3569   (12.29.08)
Hamas share the same idology of moslem brothers as well as Hezbolah, Iran. Egypt fights the military wing of moslem brothers so its makes lots of sense to fight Hamas. Isreal has the right to exist in peace in a secure boundaries. It has the right to defend itself. I wish arabs learn from Isreal Democracy and Human rights. and real Free Press.
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