Home Front Command issues emergency instructions
Published: 31.12.08, 13:57
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1. Homefront Command Instructions
Roxy ,   K.Haim   (12.28.08)
How I remember these instructions when we were under daily rocket fire from Hezbollah during the summer lebanon war,however I remember a few times when we heard explosions before any warning sirens. So stay close to home if you have a shelter because I was caught outside a few times traveling on the road to Rambam and believe me, it is scary when those siren wail and you have only minutes to find a safe place! May Gd protect you all in the South!
2. Thanks to the Road Map
Marcel ,   Florida   (12.31.08)
Before the peace process there were no rockets and mortars fired at Israel and it was out of question that rockets would hit Ashkelon and Beersheva. Has Israel taken the time to thank their close friend and peacemaker for al he has done for Israel ?
3. Instructions to those living in
Guy ,   Nahalal   (12.31.08)
cardboard homes( that we gave you when we smashed yours) in Nitzanim and opp. Ein Zurim :- Run to your sewage tubes.(But don't expect us to do the same, we're not freierim). Love, Your home front .
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